Despite the hardships brought on by the pandemic, nearly 4 Crore students gave their class 12th board examinations this year. And with the global economy in chaos, one question echoes everyone’s mind.

Which career is good for the future?

At the mere age of 17 or 18, students are expected to make a decision that charts out the course of their entire life and career. As such, it is imperative that they have the guidance of those who know more and have seen more, that is, their parents.

This is why, in this particular blog, we hope to enlighten and inform the parents about the different career options that a student can take despite the uncertain times. Along with a few tips on how to choose the one meant for them.



Without exploring all the options available, it’s not possible to make an informed decision. As 12th class students, the children have already narrowed down on one stream of their choice be it humanities, commerce or technology. But there are several higher education options within each. Additionally, there are some fields that one can follow irrespective of their high school stream.

It is imperative that you know which courses a student can pursue depending on the stream they chose in class 12th.

We have listed a few specific to a stream and some that are open to all.


Engineering and Tech Space:

People entering these fields are usually those who have taken up the Science stream. Within this, there are many forms of engineering, from Computer Sciences to IT and mechanical to aerospace to mining and chemical. The specific field here should be chosen according to your child’s interest and capabilities.


Biology-dependent fields

The criteria might differ a little from college to college but in general the following career options are open to students who took Science with biology in 12th. These include but is not limited to Medical, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacology, Agriculture, B.Sc. etc.


Business and Commerce Industry

There are some college courses that are the go-to option for students who took Commerce in 12th. These include CA, B. Com., accounting, finance etc. But the commerce field is way larger than just these. With the boom in start-up culture, subdivision of the field like Marketing and Finance has emerged as specializations. So, if your child has a creative flair or a knack for numbers, these are newer and more in-demand areas for them!


Creative and Visual Industry

The best thing about creative industry is that it does not care what stream you took in high school. It welcomes all with open arms. And the career prospects in this is so vast, it’s difficult to wrap it up with just a few examples.

Within the creative industry you have a literary field through which your child can become a writer, blogger or content developer.

Pursuing visual arts will give them an opportunity to become a photographer, cinematographer, designer, illustrator and more. All of which are in demand fields. 

Other humanities subjects like psychology and sociology have now become an integral part of nearly every industry.

As parents, you know your child and their interest and strength the best. It is essential to explore all available options before you choose the one best suited for them.



Short term internships are one of the best ways to truly understand what working in a particular industry truly feels like. Being a writer and getting paid for what you write might sound like a dream prospect for any aspiring author. But the realities of working in the field are apparent only after writing content after content, trying to meet deadlines and matching client expectations all at the same time.

Hence, it is advisable not to cross a threshold you can’t turn back from in the career selection journey until you have interned in that field.



If an internship is not possible or available, the next best thing to do is to talk to someone in the field. A young achiever of a field will lay down the best and the worst of the field for you. It will be a review stripped clean of any misconception, rumour or unrealistic expectation about the industry. They will tell you the true grind it will take to make your mark and establish your career.

So, if you know someone in the field you want your child to take up, it is important that you have a heart to heart with them.



As young professionals, we at MyCaptain understand the importance of this one decision that you and your child will make. The decision of their career and consequently, of their life.

To ensure your choice is the best one possible, we have specially curated an all-access passport to our 36 workshops across 4 domains. This is to help you and your child explore the different fields and shortlist some. Further on, they can avail the internship opportunity that comes with these workshops to experience the industry from the inside.

And in the end, these workshops will be taken by young achievers of the industry who will be able to tell you and your children all that you wish to and need to know about making a career in the specific field.