“Learning about computers gives me a different kind of adrenaline rush, and what better time to learn about it in depth than now? Artificial Intelligence is the future!”

Monalisa Panda, an EEE student at IIIT Bhubaneshwar shares with us the story of her journey with MyCaptain

Monalisa Panda

I fondly remember always being interested in computers and their functioning. It is something that makes my heart race! I believe we’re all moving towards a lifestyle where Artificial Intelligence will slowly take over every aspect of our lives. And, to be able to learn a substantial part of it with the help of MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop, has been one of the best things! 


My Introduction To MyCaptain

I was introduced to MyCaptain when I came across one of their ads on social media. This drove me to check out the different workshops offered on their platform. 

Seeing that they offered over 25 workshops in different fields, filled me with delight. I always had a keen interest towards Artificial Intelligence, so I immediately signed up for the same.

I was pursuing EEE, but lacked proper exposure to Artificial Intelligence to learn anything useful about it.


My Experience With MyCaptain

For the duration of the workshop, Captain Swathi was my mentor. She was always present to clear all our doubts and explain every concept to the last detail.

It is because of Captain Swathi that I can positively say that I understand the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Whenever we are starting out on a path to explore something new, it is important to have someone who will guide


Covering Milestones!

MyCaptain gave me the confidence to work on a thesis under my professor at IIIT Bhubaneshwar, on Biomedical Signal Analysis. The thesis covers topics such as detecting signals of ECG, MRI, etc. 

Another project that I took up was with Dream 11 app, wherein I’m working on the machine learning part of the workflow. The app helps create one’s own Cricket team, and gradually, we’re coming up with a website that will help predict the winners of the IPL Cricket Match. 

All the projects that I’ve worked on so far, have been possible only due the Workshop that I took with MyCaptain. I have received immensely positive and supportive remarks on this journey of following my love for Artificial Intelligence. 


A Little Something For Captain Swathi.

Before beginning the Artificial Intelligence Workshop with MyCaptain, I was trying my hand at self learning. Meanwhile, I was missing out on important topics to be covered. 

Soon after taking up the workshop, I felt even more motivated and interested to dig deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence and the reason, of course, was Captain Swathi! 

To be able to cover the doubts of multiple students in an hour, and teach them from the basics to the best takes great efforts! 


An Ending Note!

The MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop acted as a fuel to my fire; helped me aim and soar higher. I want to take a moment to thank MyCaptain for the amazingly interactive and informative workshops. 

For many of us out here who lack exposure into fields of our passions, MyCaptain is playing a major role in our lives to help us reach our desired goals!


Want to take your first step into the tech world? Sign up for the MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop.