Even though the English language can sometimes lack rhyme and reason, it is not that difficult to learn or improve your vocabulary.

You can still improve your vocabulary the same way you did when learning your first language. By reading, listening, writing, watching, and speaking.

Read to improve your vocabulary.

To express the importance of reading to improve your vocabulary.
Reading can open your mind to words that you never knew existed.

Reading is a great way to learn new words, meanings and how you use them.

It is a single person activity.

So you can really take your time going through the new words you have discovered and explore the ways they can be used.

1. Newspaper Articles

Newspapers not only give you information about what is going on in the world, but they can also help teach you new words that you did not know existed.

2. Relevant Blogs

Going through blogs on subjects and hobbies that you enjoy is a great way to familiarize yourself with new words. It is also a great way of keeping yourself interested.

3. Popular Books

While classics help you grow your vocabulary, books that are on the rise are more likely to contain storylines that keep you hooked.

They will also provide you with a well-rounded vocabulary that you can use on a daily basis.

Listen to improve your vocabulary.

To express the importance of listening to new pronunciations to improve your vocabulary.
Listening to new words can help with their pronunciation.

Listening is how we all learned our first words as a child, hence it profoundly impacts how we learn pronunciations as well as how we use new words.


Music is a good and fun way to learn new words while keeping yourself up to date with pop culture. By using genres of music you like and listen to, you can sing along for words you know.

Virtual events and classes.

You can attend classes and events like plays, sports matches, and exhibitions, to listen and try to improve your vocabulary. With different people around, you will hear a few new words every time.


Podcasts can help you expand your vocabulary as there will be a variety of people from all over. They might be using words that you may not have heard before. You can pause and google the word or keep a dictionary with you.

Write to improve your vocabulary.

Writing can help you understand how certain words can be used.

In the golden age of the internet, writing has taken a back seat as an essential to learning and using a new language. Because of this, it’s helpful to have a digital writing assistant to keep your spellings checked and make sure your grammar is right too.


Keeping a journal is a good way to incorporate new vocabulary into sentences and check your understanding of those new words that you have learnt that day.

Watch to improve your vocabulary.

Watching Netflix with the subs on can help you improve your vocabulary.

By understanding how a new word can be used and watching someone use it in the right context, you can learn about the different contexts that may surround a new word as well as the gestures and mannerisms that can accompany it. 


Watching movies is a pretty casual way to learn words or pick up a new language.

Similar to illustrated books, you get the perks of visual cues, while also benefiting from hearing how the word is usually pronounced.


By combing the listening and reading skills by turning on the closed captioning on your Netflix shows, you can visualize the words being spoken aloud.


Watch people talking to each other or people around you. Yes, it might seem creepy but by listening to what they’re saying you can pick up new words for you to use. Pay attention to the things they say, how are they using their words? What can you learn about the words they’re using and their mannerisms?

Speak to improve your vocabulary.

Speaking with people that know the language can help you grasp the pronunciations.

Speaking to other people can also help you expand your vocabulary, but most people that are either just learning a language or are a little unsure of pronunciations will prefer learning by themselves at home with people they feel comfortable with.

The best way to expand, improve or grow your vocabulary at home, would be to find a nice corner with a good wifi signal and sit with your dictionary as well as your phone.

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