Is this lockdown bringing down your spirits?


Quarantined away from the outside world sure can leave one feeling anxious, drained, and bored staying indoors. 


So come on let’s use creativity as a tool to escape all the boredom and frustration. 


Make the best use of this self-isolation period to create more content and explore new areas of interest. 


Tap on to your creative side and explore new skills or get back to old hobbies you had put away. Get yourself engaged to boost that creativity within you. 


With MyCaptain you can access a number of creative workshops and courses of your choice.

Read on to make the most out of this situation.


Stay creative and sail smoothly this lockdown period!

Some fun ways to induce creativity within yourself during the lockdown

Get creative with some music

Music is a true enhancer of your mood, it also improves your performance and mental activity. 

Music often gets you in the mood to get things moving and helps you channelize all that energy into your activities. 

This quarantine, discover new music. Make a playlist for all your moods and keep them ready. Or maybe make some music yourself. 

What better time to take out your guitar from your loft and start off with some strumming and play some covers. 

Use music to slip away from the repetitive days of lockdown and get to know how to use music to improve your creativity.

Invest in your hobbies 

Hobbies are one of the best ways to relieve stress as you keep yourself engaged in something different from your routine. Rediscover your passion, get productive by getting back at building it with your hobbies. 

We could really use up some time this lockdown to work on a few hobbies and hone our skills in that field. 

Take off your mind from work stress and house chores with hobbies to feel some creativity.

Moreover, hobbies help you get rid of your boredom and at the same time, you can work on your skillset. 

So this lockdown period, get yourself into baking some bread or some indulgent chocolate cake maybe. 

Take up art and craft activities – Art can be a great escape from stress and can really boost your creativity while doing so. 

 Pick up some gardening tools and set up a plant corner in your balcony or home. Brush up your photography skills get into some indoor photography

Hobbies give us a sense of validation and improve confidence over a period of time. 

If you are able to dedicate a good amount of time you will really be able to get better at them and come out mastering the skill post lockdown. Use this period to spend your days with hobbies that really challenge you and bring you happiness while doing so.


Join a creative community

Becoming a part of people with similar interests and ideas can be so much fun. Being a part of a community, helps you grow and connects with like-minded individuals.

The community orientation will help you to develop and provide you a constant dose of inspiration as well as become a source to draw your daily motivation from.

Ideate some cool ideas with like-minded people.

It could be any professional community, a photographer’s professional community, a reading community, or even a baking community. 

Having some real talented people around you will surround you with talented folks who will give you plenty of opportunities to learn from. 

Don’t limit yourself. 

Also, these communities help you stay connected with current trends and help you cope up with situations. Though we are all quarantined, virtual socializing sure is possible. 

Indulge in a new skill 

Push yourself to learn new skills to stay creative! Any new skill we try out is initially challenging.

Our human mind likes anything that is challenging and it builds curiosity more and more. 

Use up this opportunity and time to upskill yourself and try out new skills. 

Learning a skill will put our minds on super active modes inducing us to be creative and learn it. 

Add in some skills to your sleeve this quarantine and get more creative while doing it. 

Check out some skills that might add to your resume too, try your hand maybe at some tech skills this quarantine or go with designing or photography maybe. 

Start with a side skill that you always wanted to do and have been forever postponing to get into. 

Look out for workshops and courses online to gain something new, MyCaptain provides a wide array of workshops to learn a new skill. 

Pen down

Writing is a great source to inspire some creativity within you. Through writing, we generate ideas, express those ideas, and self-reflect through writing your heart away. 

Any kind of writing works to induce a creative breakthrough. 

Some express their creative ideas through poetry while others do it through penning down their thoughts and emotions. 

Writing regularly can boost your creativity by keeping your creative muscles active. 

With writing every day, you create a flow of ideas and you improve the quality of your work. With all the benefits writing gives in-depth ideas on various items.

So this lockdown, indulge with words as much as you want to bring out all that creativity and writing will even help you in being more creative in your activities.  

Get yourself enrolled with online courses that boost up your writing skills – with creative writing or some blog writing.

Use some writing prompts to get you started with.

Move around, exercise regularly

Keep off your screen and get in touch with some natural elements. Stay indoors but do a little stretch or follow a workout routine to get your body some movement. 

Facts state that a little bit of moving around does help creativity as we tend to think and be more creative when we focus less and try to not think much. 

So if you’re someone who’s been working on some project and suddenly feel all drained out, the best way to rejuvenate yourself would be to go for a walk and distract your mind.

Also a little bit of physical activity does boost your motivation. So get some fresh air and get some creativity induced too. 

Have a workout routine that you can follow and stay fit with.

Embrace boredom

Aren’t we all bored of staying indoors and living the same monotonous lifestyle for a month now? What if we could use this boredom to our benefit.

Yes, boredom is a terrible state of mind to sit with but it is the same place where ideas pop out of our minds. Stay bored for a couple of minutes and we start thinking of ways we can change our room decor or mentally start preparing a diet chart for ourselves.

Getting creative is often possible only when we aren’t preoccupied with the same set of activities again and again. 

Boredom sets in when things get predictable and monotonous and our human minds are wired to snap out of such situations, that is exactly why we get so restless and want to break away from that state of mind.

So the next you are bored, try channelizing your mind to some imagination and problem-solving activities to think about.

Well apart from these tips to induce creativity with you, spontaneity is the most effective. 

A sudden thought might just strike your mind and you are super motivated to do it, so don’t wait, go for it. Stop not till you’re done.


In times of pandemic, every bit of motivation and creativity can be used to make our stay at home comfortable and feel productive.