What do you do when you are stuck indoors due to a terrible global pandemic outside?

Firstly, stay indoors and relax. You can do all the things you want to do right from your house with just a laptop and a good internet connection.

You could use up this unexpected holiday to binge on Netflix and tick off your movie bucket list. Or you can indulge in some super relaxing activities like baking cakes and banana bread or maybe read that book you put away six months ago. 

Or you could use up this break from outdoors to up your skill and talents for the post corona period. 

Soon the lockdown will come to an end and by the looks of it, things seem to be pretty bleak in the immediate future. Right from your job to your travel plans, we guess you might want to redo your yearly plans and goals. With the huge downsizing of the workforce, the pressure to be above all is more than ever. 

Well, one good thing about the lockdown is you have plenty of time in your hands. Also in today’s digital world, almost everything is available online.

It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college or already employed or planning on higher education, you could always develop some extra skills that might be beneficial to you in aspects of education or career.



Pick a ‘high-income skill’

On looking at what skills to take up, just remember there are a million things you could master yourself but you need to pick those skills that will add value to you as an individual. 

The skills that make you more valuable and always in demand are called high-income skills

High-income skills are those set of skills that do not run out of demand. Regardless of the times, they will always hold an essential place in today’s world. 

This lockdown is an amazing time to pick, master one of the high-income skills, and work on your potential. You could even discover your true calling through this project and develop yourself in it. 

Not to mention – you can even make a lot of money. 

While doing so also pick a skill that interests and inspires you to become more and also those that will look good on your resume. 

Focus on not just any skills but high-value skills that are aligned with your work and career growth. 

Here are some skills that will help you go a long way in the post quarantine period, so do check them out and look at developing your niche there.

Web Development 

Regardless of the numerous websites online, there will always be plenty of opportunities for one in this field. This field of programming and codes allows you to express your creativity on the internet through your computer knowledge and skills.

Web development simplified – The method of designing and setting up web pages using different programming languages. 

If you are someone who wants to create and develop web applications or websites and be engaged in the servicing of these applications and pages, you could give web development one solid shot

Why should one pick up web development?

Firstly, there will always be a demand for developers. 

Almost everything we deal with and associate with, in today’s world, is all digitalized. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for qualified and authentic developers. If your work is neat you will never have to worry about jobs.

Can you work from anywhere? 

Yes, freelancing web developers is a thing. In fact, freelancing developers specializing in a particular process are always sought after by small and medium-sized companies. 

The earnings made as a web developer sure motivates people to pursue this field. Web development can be a self-taught skill just that one identifies the right place to learn from.

To start off your Web Development journey with MyCaptain – Click Here

MyCaptain’s LIVE development workshops allow you to directly interact with field professionals as well as experts. Moreover, you get a chance to network with other mentees taking up the course with you!


If you have an eye for marketing and want to put use to your creativity in the field, copywriting is the thing. If you are already in the marketing domain you would know how copywriting falls into as one of the valuable skills out there.

So what is Copywriting? 

Copywriting is the art of writing content that attracts customers and promotes business. It is super valuable as it drives profitability and helps in convincing the target customers for the product. 

Well, to start off with, you being a good writer have nothing to do with copywriting skills. One just needs a decent grasp over language to be a good copywriter. 

Copywriting is the art of communication and persuading the targeted customers. It concerns itself with more of understanding the formula to what your audience wants and accordingly giving it to them. 

Your copy needs to catch the reader’s attention as well as inform them about the product.

Copywriting is a lucrative career and with the right aptitude for writing and creativity, one can land a lot of success. 

You can look up to these online courses and start off with your very first copy soon:

Data Science

Ever wondered if there is a study that helps you understand data, where it comes from, what it represents, and how it can be a valuable resource?

Well, data science is all of the above and is mainly used in creating business strategies.

Data Science is a field in which you use 

  • scientific methods, 
  • scientific algorithms, 
  • systems, and processes

Your reason behind doing so is to extract data in addition to insights from both structured and unstructured data.

The field of data science is huge! 

Also, data science includes a number of topics like Statistics, Machine Learning, as well as programming languages… Where Python and R programming seem to be used the most. 

With automation on rapid growth, data science is here to stay and will have numerous opportunities to develop into. 

Here are some of the online courses you can enroll in now:



Digital Marketing

In simple words, digital marketing is performing the act of advertisements and marketing using the means of the Internet. It can include social media marketing, search engine marketing, as well as email marketing.

Digital marketing is replacing traditional methods to designs that cater to the needs to reach today’s consumers. 


Why is digital marketing a sought after skill?

Well, think about who is looking at the billboards right now? There’s no way to measure your success neither do on-ground marketing efforts make sense during a pandemic. 

Also, because it allows you to go global and expand your market space.  

Here are some online courses that you could take up and get started on your digital marketing journey-


There are plenty of other high-income skills you can venture into as well, just that the skill should be valuable to you in the marketplace. 

Skills like graphic designing and photography can also be high-income skills if you develop a niche in the field and craft out your services well.

Invest this lockdown period to create content,  learn a new skill, try out new things, make money, or even set up your own online business to come out of this quarantine with something added extra to your cap.


It’s ok to slow down but not ok to stop!