As a writer, you need certain tools when you start that can help you improve your writing.

It’s really the best thing about writing, there’s always room to grow.

While it’s always a challenge to see how long you can keep reworking your drafts, it’s not always practical or time-efficient.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there that can help speed the editing process up and make you more confident about your work.

What are writing tools?

To express the importance of using tools to improve your writing.
You can find various tools online to help you write.

Writing tools are software that is developed to help people write. It also helps writers improve their writing and helps them become better communicators.

It also improves your reading, which is an essential job skill.

Why use tools to improve your writing?

Tools can help you improve your vocabulary and make sure you don’t make any silly mistakes.

High-quality and engaging content is now an essential part of any digital marketing and SEO plans but it takes time and a lot of effort to create.

Paid advertising, blogging and SEO all depend on content for discovery, engagement and conversion.

Since everything largely depends on writing, it’s good to use tools to upskill yourself every now and again.

How can tools help improve your writing?

With content rising as fast as it is, tools can help make you a better writer.

With the rise of ebooks, moving your writing to the digital world first makes a lot of sense. It also saves you the extra work.

Why commit yourself to write longhand in the 21st century?

Though writing longhand has its own therapeutic benefits, typing on a keyboard is much faster and way more time-saving.

Writing has never been easier, be it a beginner or someone experienced, there are tools available for everyone.

So now, it’s time to make the writing process even smoother with the list of the best writing tools available on the market today.

Tools to help improve your writing.

Premium tools are mostly paid for, but there are free tools available.

Let’s start this list with free writing tools that are available for everyone with an active internet connection.

1. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly helps you catch errors before they go live. Its contextual spell-checker will save you from mixing up common words so that you don’t embarrass yourself.

2. Hemingway

Hemingway helps you become a bolder, clearer, and more concise writer. Another feature is that sentences that need different types of editing will be colour-coded accordingly.

3. OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus 

The Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus work like any other thesaurus. While a thesaurus is a must-have in any writer’s toolkit, this offers some new helpful options. Like you can filter the results by a part of the speech to see only nouns, adjectives, adverbs, or verbs.

4. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is the best free writing software for creating and checking your headlines. It gives you the tools you need to craft compelling headlines by scoring yours and giving you tips to make it even better and it also gives other suggestions on length, word placement, and sentiment.

5. Yoast

Yoast SEO boasts is one of the most trusted SEO plugins out there. It offers a lot of features that help improve your content and make it search engine friendly. it also includes features like the ability to add focus keywords, meta descriptions and more help in optimizing your content and increase your chances to appear on the first search page.

These are some of the free tools that you can use to improve your writing whether you are just starting out or if you are a working professional.

You can find more resources by searching for them on Google.

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