The global pandemic sure has affected us in more ways than we can imagine and express. 

Staying indoors definitely is relaxing but for the photographers out there it is getting frisky. So let’s chalk out a way to tackle it and make the best out of this lockdown.

Well, firstly, it isn’t just affecting us in health aspects but also has greatly disrupted the economies and giving a hard time for artists out there. 

These are some crazy times especially for budding photographers, with canceled shoots and staying indoors making it difficult. 

Well, that’s the thing about photography, you don’t always need to be out and active. Use this lockdown period to explore more into photography or maybe set up your own photography business or even upgrade your skills as a photographer. Do it all right under your roof!

We’ve got you covered here. 

To help you make the best out of this indoor period and get yourself ready for the post lockdown scene. Use this lockdown to improve your skills as a photographer and add value to yourself. Whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner or just someone passionate about photography, this piece could help you all out.


Tips to improve your photography during this quarantine period

Practice and explore

Outdoor photography is being missed the most but don’t let that stop you from discovering more forms. Don’t limit yourself to outdoor photography.

If you’re a beginner use this period to explore the various modes and features your camera has in store for you. Play with your lighting and shutter setting.

Practice indoor photography aspects and work on self-portraits. Research techniques to make your clicks better and get yourself started on them. 

Experiment with blurry pictures or even take out your old snaps and work on improving them. Make your apartment your field, click and work on new perceptions, try to make the best of indoors.

Edit your work

Now is the time to look back at all the photos you’ve taken and abandoned to be edited later. Take them out and work on them to give your clicks more refinement. 

Yes, editing consumes more time that your shoot itself. Editing adds so much to your clicks, so the one step as a photographer you shouldn’t avoid is editing. Work on your colors and shadows to define your clicks more. 

Check out some of the various editing software, to begin with,

  • Capture one pro
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Remember editing makes your snaps come out more alive. Play with old clicks to maybe improve your editing skills.

Get Organised 

Use this time to declutter your physical as well as digital space. Organize your plans and workspace. 

Moreover, plan out your schedule or plan of action on photography post lockdown and accordingly work on it. Organizing in any field is important as it ensures a hassle-free work environment.

Studies have found that getting organized is one of the best ways for you to become more productive. 

Worrying less about where things are kept does make you more efficient

Check out Video Tutorials

There are plenty of video tutorials for both beginners to learn the basics as well as professionals to level up their stage. Make use of all the content available and come up with better photography skills and techniques out of this lockdown. 

A day spent learning something new is a day well spent!

There is always going to be more to discover as well as to learn out there in the field. Some of the famous video tutorials are listed out here, we suggest you check them out 

Improve your Online Presence 

As you may know how important it is for a photographer to maintain a good online portfolio as well as presence. 

Use this period to update your website or your portfolio or your blog pages. With ample time in your hands redesign your pages and add in more content. 

Develop your social media presence too. Update on your content and bio to ensure your page brings in more business. 

This is your time to maybe try out and decide what kind of themes and designs suit your work and content better. 

If you’re an amateur photographer, why not set up your photography business online. Set up a website or a portfolio to share your work and monetize your photography skills.

Level up yourself with Online Courses or Workshops 

With everyone indoors, tonne loads of online courses and workshops are popping up. Enroll in your desired course depending on your knowledge level and interest.

There are plenty of courses that are available for free as well as for a chargeable rate. There are workshops and courses available that can benefit both amateurs as well as professionals. 

Use this opportunity to engage digitally with field professionals to learn the key tricks and techniques of photography. 

Explore more into the world of photography with online workshops and courses during this period.

Some of the online courses and workshops available out there are listed below

  • MyCaptain LIVE Photography Workshop, one can interact with mentors and work on exciting assignments from professional photographers. 

Connect with the photography community

Well, it’s not just you, but a thousand more photographers are stuck at home as well. This, however, does bring an amazing opportunity. 

Since nobody is on a tour currently and are typically working on editing their projects, you can connect with other photographers and even professionals you wish to connect with. 

Moreover, you can stay connected with the photography community – share your work, get advice, and share feedback from other photographers out there. Appreciate others’ work and broaden your horizons as well. 

Develop networking through your social media accounts or form groups maybe. Times like these bring down all artists together. 

So make use of the collectiveness to upgrade yourself and keep the motivation on in times of such uncertainty. 

Get involved and get creative maybe even by collaborating with local photographers while you stay indoors.

Join Reddit threads, online forums, as well as explore LinkedIn and Behance

Experiment more and more during this period!

Use this time to try out your hands in techniques and tricks you’ve been staying away from. 

It could be Macro photography or toy photography, give them a try this period at home. Discover ways to get creative indoors!  Connect with friends and family to explore new fields. 

Participate in photography challenges to stay in trend and discover opportunities.

One of the popular acts taken up by local photographers out here is the Facetime photoshoots –  Check it out or even try it out with your friends. Get creative and indulge in techniques beyond your scope and learning. 



These are uncertain times for everyone but like everything else, it will pass. 

So don’t be disheartened being stuck indoors this lockdown. 

Photography can turn out to be impressive both indoors and outdoors. You just need to have the right approach and techniques to get great clicks.

Make use of your talents and your creativity to make the best out of this quarantine.

Stay home, stay safe.


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