Have you ever thought about ditching the normal route, that is engineering and pursuing something you’re truly passionate about? Maybe something like stand-up comedy?

It sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s easier to learn what you love in today’s time as more offbeat careers are starting to take over the professional world.

Stand up comedy is definitely one of those professions!

What is Stand-up Comedy?

To express the art of comedy.
Comedy is a form of art.

Stand-up comedy is a comedy performance where a comedian is on stage in front of an audience and delivers a pre-prepared routine.

Usually, the material used is prepared and tested by the comedian before it is performed on stage and the genre of the material varies based on the comedian’s humour.

But there are some things that are pretty universal when it comes to standup comedy as an art form;

1. Solo gigs.

Stand-up comedy is considered a one-man or woman show. If you’re more comfortable performing as part of a team or ensemble, improv can help you scratch that itch. 

2. Pre-prepared material.

To express the importance of creating a set.
Comedians prepare their sets beforehand.

No, don’t even think about “winging it”, that’s just the best recipe for disaster. The most iconic stand-up routines are the result of lots of practice and precise refinement.

3. Performance is art.

Stand-up is one of the hardest forms of comedy to master. Being able to write out a couple of jokes isn’t enough, it’s being able to find your voice on stage and making sure your presence leaves an impact.

How to Get into Stand-up Comedy?

Since getting started is always the scariest part, here are a few ways for aspiring comedians to try their luck in the world of standup:

1. Standup comedy classes.

You don’t have to take classes if you don’t want to. But if you’re having trouble getting started then a class might help you set your goals and options straight.

2. Open mics. (use them to your advantage)

To express the importance of open mics while pursuing stand-up comedy.
Go out and perform at open mics.

Open mics will give you the chance to perform and tune your set in front of a live audience. They’re also a great place to network with other people in the industry, from fellow up-and-comers to bookers who can eventually land you for more professional gigs. 

3. Find your voice.

As tempting as it may be, don’t try to imitate your standup comedy heroes. Instead, try to think deeply about who you are in real life and who you want to be on stage. You could also come up with an alter-ego to help you find your stage voice.

Stand-up Comedy tips for Beginners.

Get your stand-up career started at open mics.

While getting your stand-up comedy career started is hard, no part of the journey is going to be easy. Stand-up is not for the weak or faint of heart, it takes a certain kind of strength to see beauty in the broken pieces.

Here are a few tips for those strong enough to choose this path,

1. Keep performing as often as you can.

You can write jokes alone, but you can’t actually practice standup comedy alone. Stand-up comedy can only really exist with an audience. The more time you spend performing in front of people, the better your set will be.

2. Take notes.

To express the importance of taking notes.
Always be ready to take notes.

Inspiration can strike at any given time. Don’t miss out on what could be your best ideas just because you forgot to write them down.

3. Give it all you’ve got.

As a stand-up comedian, you’ll soon realize that the audience can sense the energy that you bring to the stage. Whatever emotion you’re feeling, the audience is going to feel as well.

So bring your A-game and charm the room.

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