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Career options that you didn’t know existed.

When entering the job market, most people end up considering more traditional career options such as teacher, doctor, police officer and lawyer normally.

But there are many careers options that you might not know about.

Some of which you might even be qualified for based on your degree, skills or areas of interest.

Why is it important to know about different career options?

to know the importance of different career options.
Start your career right by doing your research.

While you are starting out, it’s important to research different options so that you have more things to choose from.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions any of us have to make in our lives but it is about so much more than deciding what you will do to make a living.

It’s something that you will have to enjoy doing, day in and day out.

Some people just know what they want to do, while the rest of us are left confused.

Many don’t put a lot of effort into choosing their careers or they pick them for the wrong reasons. 

Some choose careers that seem secure or pay well. Others choose jobs that make them happy.

The best way to make sure that you don’t end up unhappy with the choices you’ve made is to have a well-thought-out plan.

Career options that you probably didn’t know existed.

1. Chief Listening Officer

Listening is a job skill now.

Being a good listener is a job skill now.

As a chief listening officer, you scan different social media sites for feedback, tips, complaints and ideas about the company.

You will then have to direct what you find to the correct teams.

For example, a customer tweets something negative, flag it to the customer service team for a follow-up.

2. Heritage Officer

A heritage officer educates the public about the importance of a historic place or landscape.

The responsibilities of a heritage officer can include talks and tours, leading events, answering questions, organizing the archives and developing new conservation policies.

A person with a background in history is the perfect fit for the job.

3. Food Stylist

Food stylists make food look better than they do in real life.

If you’ve ever wondered why food always looks better in commercials?

It’s probably because there was a food stylist behind that shot.

They use colour, shape and texture to make the food look as good as possible for restaurants, magazines, photographers, caterers and other companies.

Most food stylists have a culinary arts degree.

4. Flavour Technologist

A flavour technologist is the person responsible for making the coffee ice cream that most of us love taste like coffee.

As a flavour technologist, you can help develop and manufacture the flavouring used in the various food and drink products in our daily life.

They conduct experiments, produce samples and come up with processes to keep the flavours consistent across all products to collect performance results.

To become a flavour technologist you need a bachelor’s degree in food science, nutrition, chemistry or a related field.

5. Mustering Pilot

Helicopters are used to herd cattle.

Mustering pilots wrangle, locate and protect herds of cattle using a helicopter.

They fly it close to the ground to ward off any potential threats to the herd and keep the cattle in safe areas.

The job is very common in Australia, so you might have to relocate to begin your career.

6. Sound Designer

Sound designers compose, record, mix and implement music and sound effects for use in movies, television shows, video games and others.

You can either freelance or work full-time for a company.

But to get the job, you must have experience in using professional audio editing tools that help you record, edit, synchronize and master audio.

7. Underwater Archaeologist

Explore underwater shipwrecks.

Did you know that you can get paid to explore shipwrecks as an underwater archaeologist?

This subset of archaeology focuses on sites that are underwater.

They normally can include sunken ships, harbours and docks, or coastal towns, cities that are now underwater.

Even though they have a master’s or doctorate degree in Anthropology, it is required to get extensive scuba training.

8. Visual Merchandiser

We all know the mannequins in the store window but did you know that you’re likely seeing the work of a visual merchandiser?

Retail stores and department stores to create window displays and displays at counters and other areas within stores use visual merchandisers.

Becoming a visual merchandiser requires a degree in graphic design, fine art, spatial design, interior design, business studies or retail management.

9. Art Therapist

To express the importance of art therapy.

If you want an interesting career in psychology, then art therapy may be the right fit for you.

Art therapy is an expressive form of therapy that improves a person’s overall well-being through artistic expression.

It is part of a healing process and can help reduce a patient’s stress and anxiety, improve self-esteem, and provide many other mental health benefits.

Art therapy can be especially useful for those who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

10. Video Gamer

People play video games for a living you have to be extraordinarily skilled at them.

As a video gamer, you will have to spend hours every day practising and perfecting your skills.

Professional gamers can play in front of a live audience, or on live-streaming services like Twitch.

Pay varies greatly by skill level and sponsorships.

Researching different fields and options before joining the workforce will also give you more variety to choose from and will help you do what you love.

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6 Interesting careers in the food industry

The first picture that comes to mind when you think of the food industry might be a chef handling a restaurant kitchen.

As glamourous as the job is, the hard work and dedication you put into it are insanely important. You can be creative with it.

Apart from being an executive chef or a restauranteur or a barista, there is a whole other set of careers in this fancy industry. If you want to make your way into urban farming or like combining food and science, definitely consider this path.

Here we can look at some of the top innovative careers in the food industry:

Molecular Gastronomist

This profession solves your dilemma over food and science. If you love to conduct scientific experiments and cook food, there is no other better way to kick-start your career as a molecular gastronomist.

Molecular gastronomy is avant-garde cooking, which involves physical and chemical processes in creating a dish. This technique manipulates its way into making the dish more flavourful and looks artistic.

To become a molecular gastronomist, one has to pursue a postgraduate program in molecular gastronomy. The qualification to enrol in this course is a degree in hotel management.

Conducting experiments with food.

Vegan Chef

Since the idea of veganism was introduced, many people have switched to becoming vegans for their love for the environment.

Many chefs took advantage of this scenario by challenging themselves into developing plant-based dishes sans dairy products. There are vegan restaurants and cafes in India.

To become a certified vegan chef, one can always join vegan chef training courses which are short term.

The practice of abstaining from the use of animal products.

Craft Brewer

The popularity of craft breweries has been picking up in India for the past decade, especially in the major cities. This art of creating your beer, wine, or cider differs from other breweries.

Craft beer has more nuanced flavours that come out at warmer temperatures. Craft brew has a high demand in bars, restaurants, and local markets. It is never too late to start your craft brewery business.

Formal education in chemistry, microbiology, or even engineering and knowledge on types of beers can help you towards becoming a successful craft brewer if you are going for it!

 Beer made in a traditional way.

Tea Taster

If your love for tea is infinite, then why not pursue a career in tea-tasting?

But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

One can’t only taste samples of tea but must also learn about varieties of tea leaves through years of experience to give expert advice.

Our country has plenty of tea plantations and estates that create job opportunities in the field.

There is no formal degree to become a tea taster.

There are some certificate courses that help you understand tea testing techniques and scientific knowledge.

The process where a trained taster determines the quality of a particular tea.

Food Lawyer

Surprised to hear about this profession? Food is a general topic among discussions and somehow found its way to the law.

We also have food lawyers in the industry whose role is to fight legal battles from the farming sector to food production.

They also deal with issues like food safety, public health, and workers’ rights in the industry.

There are Double Degree Integrated courses that are a combination of the investigation of Law and Science with Honors to practice as a food lawyer.

Create rules to improve the food network.

Urban Farmer

Urban farming is currently the farming trend in urban areas brought by farming enthusiasts. It is the method of cultivating, processing, and distributing food around urban areas.

You get to cultivate in your own space and grow fresh vegetables. This process also helps in supporting biodiversity and improving air quality.

If you want to do urban farming seriously, there are certification courses you can take up urban farming.

Dig your way into urban farming.

Apart from these exciting careers, there is more to the food industry that everyone should explore.

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