What do you think when you wake up every day?

That hour of the clock, when the human mind is in the extremes and it’s extremely difficult to calm yourself down. Does your head swirl around with a tsunami of different feelings, or is it one thought at a time?

There are a million thoughts that always play around in the head, some good, some bad, but do you ever get more encouraged by what seems to be scary?

Read the story of Radhika Gupta, who is a person who likes to face the circumstances and strives to shine in every situation, however good or bad it may be.

Introduction to MyCaptain

When I think about how things went, I can, but no better word than a blessing. It is always a pleasure to drive through the old ways again to witness what they usually ignored, our work and the fact that we changed for better.

As a teenager it strikes my memories that I was not a person who sat all the time with a book in my hand and studying but a person who would rather record small clips while talking and pretending to talk to a bunch of people through a lens.

As a child, we all have our happy place. For me, this was it.

After completing my graduation, as a BBA (Hons) graduate from DAIMSR, Nagpur, I was at a place where the things did not seem as clear to me as I was told they would be after getting a college degree. They placed me at TCS after completing my graduation, but I never felt satisfied with my Job.

I always found myself in search of new things which I could learn and gain experience from. It was at this point in time that my inner kid’s urge to go back to what I really enjoyed sped up again. Things were no more the same as they used to be back in the day.

These were the days where an urge to influence people or work with social media was something that could be a career.

As I was searching for resources to fuel my aims and help me grow with my interest, I had my first encounter with MyCaptain.

It was at the Indian Youth Conclave Festival which was held in Nagpur, that I first came to know about MyCaptain, by a representative, who was at the fest. MyCaptain as a platform instantly caught my attention.

MyCaptain seemed to differ from all the other online platforms, because not only was this a platform with a lot of interaction, but it was the only platform that provided you with work opportunities after the completion of the course.  

After a little while of research, I joined the Digital Marketing course, under my mentor Megha Jain, whom we called Captain Megha.

Have you ever had that feeling of holding on to something just because it feels right and because it all somehow seems to fit? That was the case with me with the Digital Marketing Pro Course. This field was a non-secure and non-professional field, according to some people, and I was told many times that the field I always wanted to be a part of had nothing to offer to me.

Days at MyCaptain

After a long time of thinking, contemplating and being unsure, I said to myself, just go for it!! What do you have to fear about? What do you have to lose? And to this day I thank myself every day for taking that decision. Because if not for that decision, I could’ve been in the same place where I was, not happy about myself, which is not a great feeling to have.

The environment at MyCaptain made me feel every day, like I was in my comfy blanket at home on a chilly Monday morning and there was a friend giving me all the motivation to start and conquer the day.

MyCaptain for me wasn’t just an online platform that I had to use for learning something, but it was always like a fellow friend who helped me learn things, gain experiences and be happy.

My mentor at both the courses were not just teachers who taught their mentees just because that’s what their job was. The mentors were people who enjoyed talking and interacting with us and, in between the happy and fun conversations, depart knowledge that was to be there with us forever.

Captain Megha, who was my mentor at the digital marketing course, made the entire process of studying and learning extremely seamless.

She, like all the other captains, did not believe in the old and conventional method of teaching and learning through prescribed material. The courses focused upon the departing of practical knowledge through different mediums.

My favourite part about the course was the interaction with our captains. There were many things that made up the whole umbrella term of captain interaction.

It was not like the captains interacted with us only during the mentioned time of the live sessions, yes that, of course, was there but the mentors (Captains) never limited to that. The captains always worked that extra mile and replied to us whenever we needed. There were even fun activities conducted to keep the mood lightened.

When one enrols into an online course, it is as difficult to maintain the level of initial enthusiasm as keeping your eye from taking a glance at the welding machine just because it isn’t good for the eyes. I mean, it’s beautiful. The sparks aren’t they.

However, the courses at MyCaptain differed from the other courses and, through efforts of the mentors and the interesting course material, it never was a difficulty to maintain the level of interest, enthusiasm and attention. Here, it felt like the moment a beautiful bird catches your eye and then you want to look at it for as long as you can.

The course material and the lessons on the MyCaptain App were also a very essential factor that helped us stay involved with the course. Different assignments and activities helped in discovering and learning the actual practical perspective of the field. Although there were some technical issues, but I always wanted to make the most out of it.

What After MyCaptain 

If I am asked about my entire journey, I would like to present it with a scenario that could explain my perspective

Before enrolling for the course, I was like a newborn baby in social media. The digital marketing course gradually turned me from an infant to a toddler and then eventually into a professional.

The course not only taught us about the course, but it took us further.

MyCaptain was not a platform that abandoned the students, after giving them a certificate for completing the course, but it was like a proper guardian that guided us toward the further steps.

After the completion of the course, they made us to be a part of a placement process. They circulated our resumes to a circuit of companies, which eventually shortlisted us for interviews. Although, the process took a little while; it helped majorly in the entire process.

After applying for the position, when I got shortlisted, I couldn’t help but be extremely happy about the whole process that was made to be like a car ride by the course, as we learned about aspects related to the tackling of interviews and making of the resumes, etc.

When the word interview comes, they’re always is a mixed feeling of happiness, fear and excitement.

I always saw an interview as an opportunity to present myself. I always aimed at letting the interviewers figure out who Radhika is, and by that I don’t mean the candidate-Radhika but the person Radhika.

I always believe that it is extremely important to be honest in an interview and it’s not always necessary to hide your flaws. The thing that one should be concerned about is not ‘how much am I prepared’ but ‘how well have prepared my mental self’

One should not try to make the interviewer notice how well versed he/she is with the answers, but he/she should pay emphasis on making the interviewer believe, how eagerly is one ready to learn and give his/her best.

After my first round of interview, I got shortlisted for the second round and after I appeared for the second round, began the period of wait.

Waiting for the results of the selection process was a feeling that one gets when he is taking his car towards the airport for his first sky dive. There are constant butterflies in your stomach, a rhythm of the words what will happen-what will happen goes on in the mind and there is no other option left but to wait.

After a wait for a few days, came the fine day where I got a call confirming my selection and then received my Letter of Acceptance, stating that they accepted me for the position at Ytech Raj. It was honestly one of the happiest days of my entire life, and I just could not stop smiling.

The placement process was not something that I felt uncomfortable with, but it was undoubtedly the most thrilling part of my entire journey, with all the interviews, tasks, to getting placed.

Ending with a Quote

Only with the help of MyCaptain, I could go from a stage of what I like to call an infant in the field to getting a working opportunity in the very field I was interested in for a long-long time. The platform helped me in every aspect, from basics about the field to how to get a job in the field and it is because of the interesting and memorable journey that I could get to where I am today.

For anyone and everyone who might look for a little spark to light their fires up, I would like to tell you.

Don’t think too much and just do it. It is never a wrong time to do something you love. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against every person who says that a decision you’re about to take is only going to do you down, and that can consume a lot of time, which is perfectly alright.

 It took me 4-5 years to get started with my journey, but the moment I started; I knew it wasn’t something I would ever regret.

No one knows what could be the last day of our lives, so why even wait for what is called the right time? Just go for it and believe in yourself. All the success and happiness should come your way. If not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then next week, or next month, but it would. Just stand your ground and work towards what you want to be.

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