You never know what the future holds for you and what you can achieve unless you take the first step towards your passion. Read Shivangi’s story to know how she decided to explore the world of web development for herself. And how she ended up in the top 10 in the National Smart India Hackathon after the MyCaptain Web Development Workshop

Shivangi Goel

“Har saal yaha chaar lakh applications aate hai, isme se sirf 200 select hote hai!”  The words of Viru Sahastra Buddhe rang in my ears as I made my way to Silver Oak College of Engineering after passing the hurdles of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The nervous excitement of a new atmosphere, new friends and at the same time melancholy of leaving behind home and comfort was evident in everyone’s eyes.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

I was graduating in Computer engineering, however my passion wasn’t it. I had come across 6-7 subjects during the first two years, but I had never really loved any of them, except one which had caught my eye -“Web Development”

I would sit around reading blogs about web development and researching on the subject. I was attracted to this field, and somehow felt it was right! One day going through some online workshop programmes on the internet, my roommate called out; 

“Haha, you plan on changing your life, sitting in an engineering college?” 

“Nah, just going through some workshops for web development, I think I’ve developed a taste for it”

“Come on. Such workshops won’t do any good. We’re a herd of engineering students, drowning in an ocean of mediocrity. Let’s order pizza and focus on the submissions next week.”

Just when I was about to give up, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of MyCaptain. I visited its website and was fascinated by the young achievers and their mentorship programmes. I knew this was what I needed to kickstart my journey towards my passion. 


My Workshop Experience

And soon began a life-changing experience – Web Development Workshop under captain Harshith. 

This was what I felt was lacking in our education system. We are taught to cram textbooks without the slightest importance to practical knowledge. Under Captain Harshith, I learned everything about web development including future opportunities and career prospects. He would happily solve all my doubts and queries at all odd hours, be it early mornings or late nights. 

After the workshop, I started feeling confident about my work and started working with all my passion. 


My Debut as a Front End Developer

I was working on a project called Instagym. It’s a concept of revolutionising gyms, where a single membership can be used across all the gyms of the country. We were a team of 7, and we designed an android app for the customers and a web app for the gym owners and admins for the same. 

I was the front end web developer in the project. I had given my everything to this project, and we decided to submit the idea in the upcoming National Smart India Hackathon. My friends were shocked to see this transformation from a shy, clueless me to a confident, smart lady.

After that, I applied for an internship as a facilitator at MyCaptain to continue working on different projects and aced it. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought about nailing a job at the same platform that made me what I am today. 

One fine day, as my friend was messing with phone, there was a notification alert. She opened it and didn’t say a word for 4 minutes. 

“You’re in the top 10 of National Smart India Hackathon”

“Yeah, right” I said laughing. 

She flashed the screen in front of me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I even pinched myself twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I really was one of the top 10 in the National Smart India Hackathon.


At the grand finale of National Smart India Hackathon


I can’t describe the feeling of getting recognised at a national platform and see your parents beaming with pride. It was a privilege to work with the intelligent minds across the nation and learning with them. It is an achievement it itself, and is my biggest achievement till date.

Today when I look back at my younger self – a naïve and mediocre engineering student, I can’t help but smile over how MyCaptain changed my life. That’s the thing about MyCaptain. It picks up rookies like me from the ground and makes sure we come out with flying colours. That’s why I like to call it “The Red Bull”. Because, it really does give you wings.


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