Today, we bring to you the story of a young adult, pursuing engineering and possessing the love for Artificial Intelligence. Read the story of Saurabh Sinha, a student of SRM University, and how he fell in love with the idea of Artificial Intelligence, after taking up the workshop with Mycaptain.

Saurabh Sinha

My Introduction to MyCaptain

As an engineering student, I had always been keen and interested in learning and exploring new things, be it about data science or Artificial Intelligence. However, there’s not much that I could study and explore in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as I had no exposure in that field and the existing information was pretty limited, in my university. That’s when a friend of mine suggested I go for a related workshop at MyCaptain, and that’s how it all began. I was told by my friend that taking up the workshop would be a good opportunity, and there’s no denying this fact, as it has probably been one of the best experiences for me, so far.


The MyCaptain Experience

I have always believed in the idea of learning, exploring and experimenting beyond the limits and the reach of what’s known. And, so, as I was moving forward with my projects based on data science, at the university, I was really keen about exploring the field of artificial intelligence. This is exactly what made me opt for the AI Workshop with MyCaptain, as I was very certain that this would open up a great level of opportunities, and knowledge of practical application required for my learning.

The decision of taking up the MyCaptain AI Workshop has been one of the best. From learning the basics, to learning the best of AI, I was taught everything by my amazing Captain Vedika. She made sure the workshops were interactive, filled with the right knowledge and information required to go ahead in this field. The lectures were made very interactive and equally fun. The lectures taken by Captain Vedika were quite interactive and in certain cases of doubts and queries, they were patiently answered and solved by the Captain.

The entire 30-day Workshop prepared me for my upcoming projects, helping me in inculcating the concepts of Artificial Intelligence in the best way possible. After taking up the workshop, I was able to better present the model and concepts of AI in my projects, which were much appreciated by my faculty. Had I not taken up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop this would not have been possible to achieve.


The Journey After the Workshop

I was able to take up internships which gave me an opportunity to work projects based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These projects have helped me immensely in gaining practical knowledge about the various concepts.

As a student and young adult, I’m grateful to MyCaptain and the amazing initiative taken by them, to help students across the country learn better, and learn more than what’s already out there. There’s a lot that goes into studying a particular field, and there’s also, a lot, that’s sadly not taught to us at colleges and universities and that’s where MyCaptain plays the role of a saviour, to any and everybody willing to explore and learn more.


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