Read the story of a second year, undergraduate student, Sanchita Sharma ! From being an intern to becoming the Copy Editor after taking up the Journalism Workshop With MyCaptain. She really has come a long way ahead in her field of passion.!

Sanchita Sharma


My Introduction to MyCaptain

Like everyone else, I was pretty clueless about what would be my career path. This was until I stumbled across an Instagram Ad of MyCaptain and turns out it was everything that I needed to get started.

I had journalism as an elective in college, so there wasn’t much exposure provided to the same. However, it was a field which really interested me. After going through the MyCaptain Journalism Workshop details which were given on their website, I decided to sign up for it. 



My Experience with MyCaptain

Being a second year student, I was pretty sure that this was a field which really interested me and I wanted to pursue it. The topics which were being covered in our college, in the elective weren’t detailed. And rather than giving a realistic perspective of how things are in the current scenario, we had to study about the practices which were followed decades ago.

I was lucky to get mentored by Captain Zinnia and Captain Shantam. They made me understand how important it is to throw the limelight on the things happening around the world. Overall, the entire workshop was curated in a manner, which helped me understand all the concepts quite easily. The combination of lessons with tasks and live sessions with the Captains, ensured that we became quite thorough with all the concepts.


My Achievements!

Throughout the duration of the workshop, I saw myself gaining more and more confidence, in turn becoming more sure about pursuing Journalism as a career. While I initially I was working as an intern at an e-media channel, after the knowledge and skills I gained at the workshop I was promoted to being a Copy Editor of the national section.

This has to be one of the highlights of my journey so far, and none of this would have been possible without MyCaptain.



A Few More Words.

I believe in diving deep into any field to truly understand how you can pursue it. Anything that I wish to achieve, I explore the core of it, to understand if that is something I really want to pursue. 

MyCaptain is a driving force for students like me. It’s very rare that we get the right exposure and information in the field of arts. And MyCaptain is extremely dedicated towards helping out students to take the first step towards their passion!


 Are you someone who is interested in pursuing Journalism as a career? Sign up for Journalism Workshop with MyCaptain!