Chirag Garg, a final year EC student at Vellore University talks about his love and passion for robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and we are so thrilled to be sharing the story of his success and mentoring. Read ahead to know how he successfully conducted two projects after taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop at MyCaptain

Chirag Garg


My Introduction to MyCaptain.

On one random day, an online ad led me to the website of MyCaptain and the next thing I knew, I was engaged in researching about the types of workshops provided by them. Initially, I was working as an intern with them, where I was responsible for spreading the word about MyCaptain and their workshops on my campus. During this time, I was helping other students take the first step towards their passion. After my internship, I decided to take the leap myself and I signed up for the Artificial Intelligence Workshop


The MyCaptain Experience.

I have been working in IoT since the first year of my college and have been thinking of studying robotics in the future. I am constantly looking to learn more about the same and constantly increase my knowledge in the field. I wanted to learn about it all, from software to designing to coding and that is why MyCaptain was my go to choice for the same.

My workshop experience has really been amazing. I have always been someone who prefers application learning rather than just theoretical learning. With MyCaptain, that is exactly what you get with the most engaging and interactive content for the workshop. With the combination of live sessions, content and tasks in the workshop, it was ensured that we are able to understand all the fundamentals clearly.

My mentor for the workshop was Captain Swathi, and she helped me with all of my workshop doubts. The live sessions with Captain Swathi ensured that I was able to clear all my doubts and it also helped me in gaining confidence to apply all the knowledge that I gained from the workshop.


My Artificial Intelligence Projects

The workshop helped me understand about Artificial Intelligence, from the very basic fundamentals to all the complex concepts. This gave me the confidence to work on two different Artificial Intelligence projects.

The first project that I worked upon was a Classification Model, using Python. It could be used by to classify whether a patient has a liver disease or not. It is a supervised learning classification project and I made use of multiple classifiers such as logistic regression, decision tree, KNN. In my project, I observed that the Random Forest Classifier showed the maximum accuracy on test data.

The second project that I worked upon was a Twitter Sentiment Analysis. The project is based on feature extraction, and is used for the analysis of sentiments of tweets posted on a particular topic.


A Word For Other AI Aspirants. 

Based on my personal experience, I’m utterly thankful to MyCaptain for creating an environment of growth and learning, to help students like me, know and learn better and perform better. 

As I’ve come across other engineering students willing to take up Artificial Intelligence as a field of research, there’s a small message that I want to give out to them – once you decide to go for it, make sure to keep going forward with it. The more you know, the more you learn, and the more you practice, the more it will help you understand and perform better. Artificial Intelligence is a field of pure practical applications, and the more you push yourself towards learning and carrying out projects, the more you’ll keep growing. 

The initial push is always the hardest, but that’s exactly what MyCaptain is there for! 


Inspired by Chirag and want to explore the tech world for yourself? Then, sign up for the MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop