“In order to stand out, you need to do something extra, and that in my case, came through MyCaptain.”, says the Rishabh, a 2nd year student of Computer Science Engineering, in Pune. Read ahead to know how he makes his way forward by exploring the field of Artificial Intelligence, after taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop with MyCaptain.

Rishabh Karamkar

My Introduction With MyCaptain

The fascination took over when I was introduced to MyCaptain through one of the interns in the company, who had previously advertised the workshops, that eventually made me research and scroll about the number of workshops offered by MyCaptain.

Initially I was really naive about online workshops, but with time and good research skills, that led me to taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop, and my experience, has hands down been a great one!


The MyCaptain Experience

Being a 2nd year Computer Science student, it is highly unlikely for me to be learning about Artificial Intelligence at my college. However, this was also a field that widely fascinated me, and then MyCaptain came to the rescue. With the help of MyCaptain, I was able to explore in depth the basic and the most elaborative of all concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Learning a new subject, from the scratch isn’t a small deal. However, in my case, it was amazingly taken care of by Captain Ashish, who made sure that every concept that I learn, was deeply rooted in my system. As a learner, I was bound to lose track of my understanding at certain topics, and not once did Captain Ashish fail to make me understand and clear my doubts over and over again.

It’s always comforting to know that once you’re done taking the lectures, your Captain is always down for clearing your doubts, your queries and helping you grow with each passing session. This is something that we rarely get to witness and experience, and being at MyCaptain, and being trained under Captain Ashish has clearly helped me a lot in understanding the concepts better.

So, when we talk of online workshops, interaction stands as a major barrier, as most of the lectures are mostly pre-recorded, which leaves you with no option and choice to get your doubts cleared or answered at the earliest. This is where my favourite feature comes in – at MyCaptain, we get to have weekly interactive sessions with our Captain, who helps us out with our doubts, queries and mistakes. MyCaptain workshops are so elaborative, and are designed in such a way that they ultimately require the assistance of the respective Captains.


My Journey After Taking The Workshop

No words would ever be enough to thank MyCaptain for the achievements and milestones that I was able to cover after taking up the workshop. Being highly fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, the decision to take up the workshop turned out to be the best one, as I was successfully able to present and showcase projects based on Artificial Intelligence, at my college exhibition. The concepts and projects were widely appreciated, so much so that I am now working on writing a research paper of my own, based on my projects. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!


A Few More Words

Ending with nothing but a few words of motivation – for everybody out there, who’s my age, or younger, or older, there’s only one thing I’ve got to say – dream big! Never constrain yourself from moving in the direction of your dreams and goals. With platforms like MyCaptain, you’ll always find the right assistance required for you to grow, at any given point of time!


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