It takes a lot of courage to change your stream to pursue what you really want. But there is nothing more rewarding than following your passion and doing what you really love. Read the story of Sanjana Prasad, a mentee who had always wanted to pursue Psychology but lacked proper guidance and direction for the same. However, after the MyCaptain Psychology Workshop, and with encouragement from her Captain she was able to pursue her Masters in Psychology.

Sanjana Prasad

I always had a keen interest in psychology but I lacked the basic knowledge and guidance to pursue it. And after I had entered college for Journalism I wasn’t sure about changing the stream. But even then my curiosity to learn more about human behaviour led me to constantly research about psychology quite often. Though I found a lot of information online, it was all scattered and unstructured, which didn’t allow me to have a proper starting point to explore it properly.

I was left more confused, but I didn’t give up on researching whatever I could about Psychology.

My Introduction to MyCaptain

I was quite lucky, that a friend of mine was doing an internship with MyCaptain and she informed me about the various online workshops they conduct in different fields. I asked her for the details of the Psychology Workshop and considering that I was a 30 day online workshop, I signed up for it without a second thought.

I was hoping that with this workshop I will be able to get a proper starting point and get all my queries cleared.

The MyCaptain Experience

My mentor for the Psychology Workshop was Captain Annette. She not only provided her guidance throughout the workshop but she also ensured that we were able to ask her all sorts of questions. Till this date I have discussions with her about everything psychology.

One of the major highlights of the workshop for me was that Captain Annette took extra efforts to explain the concepts to us. She gave us additional reading material, and whenever certain concepts were unclear she would curate a video to explain it better. I still have all of those videos saved with me, and whenever I am facing any difficulty with the basic concepts I just revisit those videos to understand it better.

I have started linking up various thoughts with different theories of psychology to understand why things happen a certain way. Whenever I shared these with Captain Annette we would end up having in-depth discussions about it. This not only helps me retain the concepts in a better manner but has allowed me to look at things with a new perspective.

My Journey after the Workshop

After the workshop ended, I had a much clearer idea about the field and I was sure that I wanted to pursue Psychology for my higher studies. I was still a bit hesitant, because I was pursuing my bachelor’s in Journalism and I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up with my batchmates who had done their bachelor’s in Psychology.

Once again, I reached out to Captain Annette and she really encouraged me and pushed me to pursue what I really love. She even provided me a list of psychology books, so I could set a proper foundation for myself in the field before starting my masters.

After I finished my Journalism degree from MOP Vaishnav College, I applied for M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology in Christ University. I also plan to pursue M.Phil in Clinical Psychology followed by a PhD as well. I eventually want to specialise in either Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamics and it would all depend on the university in which I get accepted for my further studies.

A few more words

MyCaptain Workshop didn’t just help me pursue my passion, but it also gave me an opportunity to meet liked minded people. Rarely do we ever sit down and reflect on the kind of person we are, but during the workshop we had done a self-reflection task which helped me learn things about myself and also changed the way I perceived certain things in life.

We commend Sanjana for taking the leap and pursuing what she really loves. If want to explore the world of Psychology just like Sanjana, then sign up for the MyCaptain Psychology Workshop.