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This is what we stand for, to help young individuals pursue their field of interest. While we also ensure that learning is not just accessible but also extremely fun.

We do not believe in the conventional rat race of education, which overlooks the unique abilities of a person. And everyone is judged by the age old merit system where mere numbers decide who you should be. MyCaptain is an E-learning award winning platform where you get access to courses and live sessions in 35+ fields.

We have highly experienced, young Industry Professionals who mentor students from across the country and help them take the first step in their field of passion.

In the last 5 years, with 150+ Captains we have impacted over 1 Lakh students in fields like cinematography, web development, creative writing, finance, psychology, ethical hacking and the list goes on.

MyCaptain PowerTalks

In order to make learning more accessible, we conduct completely free Live Sessions – MyCaptain PowerTalks. These are one hour long free live sessions where we have exceptional Guest Speakers, like Vir Das, Meghna Rao, Raghav Meattle, Tanmay Bhat, Jay Oza, Karan Singh, Poornima Mishra and many more who share their journeys with mentees and help them get a better understanding of their respective fields.

Attendees get an opportunity to put forward their queries and even personally interact and get advice from the speakers. Through these sessions we aim to spark interest and awareness about various non conventional career choices. We try to dissect the work, the opportunities, the struggle related to each of these fields.

MyCaptain PowerTalks has sessions on myriad topics. Some of these are highly technical, some very entertaining, some creativity driven. Whatever be the topic of discussion, our goal remains constant: to empower individuals and help them make informed career choices.

Mohammed Zeeshan, Co-founder & CEO, MyCaptain believes, “In a country like ours where most of us depend on our parents for career choices, it has been difficult for students to explore the vast opportunities available to them. At MyCaptain, we want every student to experience their field of passion and get mentored the right way, before opting for a career. In pursuit of this objective, we have launched ‘Power Talks’ that will offer students real access to the best in the industry that will help them make the right career decisions. These sessions are for free and are focused on tangible actionable output.”

Here’s a glimpse into some of our favourite anecdotes from our latest sessions!

“Not every opinion you get will be genuine, not every opinion you will get will be in your best interest….develop solid relationships with people where the status aspect does not come” – Tanmay Bhat

“One opportunity you will get, and you will know it, then you have to kick it out of the park, and that is with you work. Do it’s not always what you do, it’s how you do” – Jay Oza

” Be yourself, be liked on stage, and be hard on yourself ” – Vir Das

“You need to walk with an open mind, apply for internships in all companies and all brands that inspire you. It is an hit and miss thing but always keep applying” – Poornima Sharma

MyCaptain PowerTalks hopes to provide 2000+ Free Live Sessions in the near future. We are working towards expanding the number of sessions, the guest hosts, the topic of discussion to cater to all needs.

Register now and be a part of this growing community! In order to know more about the sessions happening this month, click here!