Keerthana’s Story of Completing Projects For Virtual Labs, an MHRD Initiative of The Govt. Under IIIT Hyderabad.

“Web Development has always been a fascinating stream for me and to be able to learn about the same on a deeper level always seemed better and brighter.”

A student of Computer Engineering from IIIT Nagpur, Keerthana made her journey with MyCaptain Web Development Workshop.




I had always been interested in learning Web App Development. I wouldn’t deny that I have been in search of platform that would help me understand it better. The fascination brewed well into exploring the tech world on a deeper level, through the Web Development Workshop with MyCaptain.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

My friends knew I was looking for a platform that would help me enhance my skills. So I was over the top, when my friends recommended the MyCaptain workshops to me. They had previously taken up workshops with MyCaptain and had wonderful experiences.

This was right after my first year of Computer Science Engineering, and so I knew I could take up the workshop in my summer vacations.

I was clear on taking up the Web Development Workshop, as it had always fascinated me. Due to the lack of proper exposure in my college curriculum around the same, I decided to go ahead with MyCaptain’s Web Development Workshop


My Workshop Experience

One thing I was skeptic about was the kind of interactions that would happen, because the sessions would be online. But MyCaptain ensured that all the mentees had a beautiful experience with such interactive captains.

I was mentored by Captain Ishpreet, who gave us insights about every single concept. I personally believe, that to make the most of a learning session, inputs are needed from both ends, i.e. from the mentor as well a the mentee. And Captain Ishpreet ensured that he put in best of his efforts to help us learn and gain knowledge in the best way possible.

Alongside the workshop, I had also taken up an internship in Web Development. Because of which I had multiple doubts in it, and Captain Ishpreet helped me with that as well.


My Journey So far!

After the workshop, I got an opportunity to work on three different projects during my internship under MHRD Government of India, at IIT Hyderabad. All these projects revolved around software development and each of them made me learn something new.

Two of these projects were based Digital Logic and Design Lab, while the third project was based on Neural Lab. I received positive response on these projects, and that boosted my confidence even more.

Captain Ishpreet had explained us all the applications of various concepts, which made it easier for me to execute my projects. Having a base knowledge of things, can really help you go a long way.


A Little Something For MyCaptain!

MyCaptain is doing brilliant work by providing a platform for everyone to explore their passions. I will forever be grateful for their efforts and the support they provide to the mentees during and after the workshop.


Want to explore the world of web development for yourself, then sign up for the MyCaptain Web Development Workshop.

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