Gone are the days when hashtags were just used on Twitter. It is hard to spot a post without hashtags on social media these days. They are not only ruling the digital space but influences the way we speak too.

What are hashtags?

#flashbackfriday, #dogsoginstagram, #travel are some of the top hashtags we see on social media. But have you ever thought what was the actual purpose behind it apart from following the hashtag trend like the rest? Many may know the motive behind it while others use it for fun.

Hashtags are used in social media posts or content to help us lead to the events that are currently trending or help a business to promote its products. Through these hashtags, your content is easily reachable to millions of users worldwide.

Hashtag strings represent how they are connected to each other in the world of social media.
Hashtag connects people and brands.

Why do we use hashtags?

1. Easily discoverable for target audience.

Your target audience will find you through the hashtags they search on social media. Using relevant hashtags in a post is important that is related to your brand.

2. Help to engage with your followers.

Including a hashtag related to a current trend in your field will help increase engagement with your followers. It paves a platform for public discussions and the brand could even receive more attention and publicity.

Engagement with followers on social media can be defined by the number of likes, comments, shares and tags.
Be an influence.

3. Create social awareness and support.

In difficult times like the pandemic or a flood, we can see social media users include hashtags on their posts or messages while sharing important information regarding the issue. This way, hashtags create general awareness among the social media users and helps the matter revolve around a large number of users.

Hashtags make us aware of an issue or a social cause.
Support for a social cause.

4. Creative hashtags> Longer captions.

Sometimes when you run out of space to fill your caption, you can always add creative hashtags that call out your brand and its followers. Adding suitable hashtags instead of captions can tell the audience the message you are trying to convey.

How to use hashtags on social media?

Here are a few tips on how to use hashtags effectively on social media:

1. Include trending hashtags.

Make use of the trending hashtags to increase engagement with the followers. It can lead to followers talking about your post and sharing it.

Hashtags on social media have become a trend.
Twitter – Where it all started.

2. Use simple and specific ones.

A good, discoverable hashtag is short, precise and easy to spell. One would never suggest going for a generic or an unprecedented hashtag. To make a conversation out of your recent post, you can always create a unique hashtag that defines your brand.

3. Avoid spamming.

Do not overuse hashtags which can cause lesser engagement. That is why social media platforms have set a limit on hashtag frequencies.

4. Always double-check.

Always search your hashtag on the respective social media platform before using it. Check if the hashtag has any negative impact or controversies surrounding it. Using such hashtags can bring down your engagement with your followers and most importantly, affect your brand.

Conduct thorough research on the hashtags on social media.
Know what you search for.

So we know that hashtags are essential while promoting a brand or its product on social media. Regular engagement with its followers is the principal key for a brand to become successful on social media platforms. Hence, with the right hashtags and motives, one can stand out from the rest.

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