Have you ever thought about growing your Instagram account?

Scrolling through endless reels on Instagram? 

Stalking that influencer who just crossed 1 Million followers?

Thinking about why your creative reel couldn’t catch the attention of people while other Instagram accounts are growing so fast?

Maybe they know something that you don’t. 

We are here to share that important information with you and help you grow your Instagram account.

Here are some effective ways that could help you. 

Why is timing important?

The importance of time in growing an Instagram account.
Analyse when your followers are most active.

Just like anywhere, timing is important on Instagram as well. 

You have to analyse and understand when your audience is most active to get a better response from them.

But how can you do that? 

Through Instagram Analytics.

How to steal like a pro.

Identify and engage with the followers of similar accounts. As they are already interested in the same kind of content, the chances of them following you are higher. 

To engage with their followers, you should like and reply to many accounts and you’ll have a higher reach.

How to use hashtags on your instagram account.

Hashtags help your post rank.

Hashtagging and geotagging your photos make your profile more likely to reach new users and be discovered. 

Do a little hashtag research about which hashtags are trending helping you build a strong set of hashtags.

Make a note of all the trending hashtags, making it easier for you while you are posting anything.

Why should you highlight your Instagram account?

When a person lands on your profile, your highlights can give them an idea about who you are and what type of content you create in a short span of time. 

Organise your Instagram stories on your highlights in a way that communicates the purpose of your account. 

Be trendy and never go out of fashion.

Trending accounts never go out of style.

Trends keep coming in on Instagram be it trendy reel audios, memes, or a new series. 

Always try to be on top of these trends and give it your own twist. Instagram’s algorithm promotes trending posts on its own. 

Try to include your followers in trends by asking them questions through stories or by asking them to make content on the topic. 

User-generated content is the best way to increase your engagement.

It will inevitably increase your number of followers on your Instagram account in an organic way without any additional support.

But additional support can help you too, check out these reasons to run ads.

Challenges and giveaways.

This might not be a permanent solution but it can help you create a buzz around your account quickly without a fuss.

Plan out a challenge that forces your followers to engage with your content and bring in new traffic to your page. One way of doing it can be by asking your followers to tag their friends on your posts and asking them to share. 

Consistency is key.

Be consistent in your posting.

Always give your followers a reason to follow you, being consistent with your posts is the best way to do that. 

Plan out a calendar in advance which will help you keep track of your upcoming posts making it easier for you to stay consistent.

It does not mean that you have to post every day.

Even if you post just twice a week, make sure that you never miss it because this might give your followers a reason to unfollow and move to some other creator.  

These are some tips to up your game on and grow your Instagram account making you the influencer you always wanted to be.

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