Read the story of Soumavo Bhattarcharya, who learnt how to generate income through stock markets, after taking up the Finance & Stock Markets Workshop with MyCaptain!

Soumavo Bhattacharya

Right from the beginning of my B.Tech, I had been quite fond of trades and stock market. I had previously been into trading, and had always wanted to improve my skills in this field. The generation of income through stock markets is a different kind of high! The curiosity of it led me to searching for a platform to explore and improve my skills in the same. 

My Introduction To MyCaptain

I found out about MyCaptain last year, when I was in the third year of B.Tech. The information about MyCaptain reached to me through an on-ground campaign they were doing. And once I showed my interest in it, I was put in touch with Captain Zeeshan to understand more about it. 

I was curious about exploring the world of finance and stock markets, and after my discussion with Captain Zeeshan, I decided to sign up for the workshop.


My Experience With MyCaptain

When we start exploring a new field, we all need a helping hand to understand things. For me, that helping hand was Captain Aditya, who had such a positive impact on my life.

I had started learning about Finance and Stock Markets, but I was quite under-confident about taking the risks while investing in stocks. But Captain Aditya helped me come out of my comfort zone, and guided me through it.

At times, there were moments when Captain Aditya would push me forward to explore my skills. He wanted to make me realise the potential that he saw in me so I could make the most of it! Isn’t this what mentors are for? They’ve always got our back! 

The Milestones I’ve Achieved

I have come a long way in my journey. I have now co-founded my own Finance Company, Anoc Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and have been able to provide training to people interested in Finance.

None of this would have been possible without MyCaptain and the way in which they craft the workshop experiences for the mentees. The content they provide is quite engaging and helpful and is designed in a way to help you understand everything from scratch. 


A few more words

Had it not been for MyCaptain and they space that they have created for students to explore their passions. I wouldn’t be where I am today. We always need a support system which is behind us while we are chasing our dreams. MyCaptain has been that support system for me.


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