While we are all home with the COVID 19 lockdown still on, we have plenty of time in our hands and also way too many questions on our mind.


Ever wondered why our mind works in the way it does?


Why are we curious and what could be the answers to all those questions no one’s got answers for?  


Does something like a subconsciousness actually exist?


Well, we are not sure about the answers to your questions that pop up in your mind but pretty sure all of them fall under the study of psychology and the human mind.


Exploring the field of psychology will definitely get you some of your answers and maybe give you a better understanding of the world around us and how our brains are wired to work. 


We can always use this lockdown period to read and learn about many things around us. 

Well amongst the many things to try out and learn, psychology is a pretty good option to study and read about.


Psychology is a relevant topic of study as it influences many factors in the social aspects and our day to day lives. Right from developing relationships to understanding growth, everything gets covered under psychology. 


Almost everybody must have come across the topic of psychology. However, some of them gave it an extra read to understand what the subject really is about. While others just want to know whether psychologists can read peoples’ minds. 


The answer, sadly, is no. 


Learn how Sanjana deep dive into the subject with the help of MyCaptain and made a career in Psychology. 

What exactly is psychology? 

Psychology is a field of study through which you study and understand the functioning of the human mind and other behavioral aspects. 


It includes all the biological influences, social pressures, and environmental aspects that affect how people think, act, and feel.


Begin with the basics of psychology and decide what topics under psychology interest you and you further want to learn. There are plenty of subtopics within the vast field of psychology – cognitive, social, clinical, or developmental psychology.

What is so interesting about psychology? 

Psychology is one of the most interesting topics to study mostly because it is a study about us, humans. It is through psychology we discover important aspects of our memory, morality, our sense of right and wrong, our mental state, and all other things that matter to us.

Some reasons to understand psychology:

  • A better understanding of the people around you and enables you to understand society and its practices. 
  • Improves communication and body language, alongside makes one intuitive on what someone is trying to say.
  • It gives you a better understanding of oneself and caters to your emotional development and mental balance by improving critical thinking and your decision-making abilities.
  • It helps you understand human relationships better and we might be able to connect better with the ones around us.


In addition to the above, psychology is involved in every aspect of our lives right from advertisement to the growth of your children. Being ignorant to the whole world of psychology is like missing out on half the activities in our lives 

What are some ways to learn psychology during this lockdown?

When trying something new, Well it’s best to start out with the basics, when you’re new to the topic. If you are aware of some concepts of basics then pick a topic of your interest under the wide array of psychology topics and study it.


In today’s world, there are a plethora of ways to learn about the human mind and behavior. Some of the methods include going to college, enrolling in online courses, and even self-studying using online resources like blogs.

Resourceful Blogs or Podcasts 

Well, the first suggestion would have been to pick a good book on psychology that takes you on a tour around the world of psychology but with the easy accessibility of blogs, blogs serve a better. 


There are plenty of blogs out there for all those curious about what all psychology holds for you. Blogs are useful to introduce you to the psychology basics and most importantly help you stay current with developments in the field. Some of the popular and informative blogs out there to check out are 


Psychology today tops the list with the most basic and informative learning. It gives an idea of how to apply psychology and face the psychological challenges in today’s world.


Psych Central, a site focusing on mental health disorders and gives detailed information on symptoms and how to deal with them.


Mind Hacks covers a variety of psychology topics and current news and studies in the field.


Podcasts are the new way to learning and they allow us to listen while doing our day to activities. To discover everything you wanted to know about psychology with the list below –


The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman – Undoubtedly the most popular podcast focusing on psychology today and has hundreds of episodes to its name.


All In The Mind  – A  continuous series focusing on human psychology and the brain. Topics range from social interactions to human’s collective obsessions, such as politics and conspiracy theories.


Hidden Brain–  It focuses on the human mind and the role it plays in decision making, judgment, fear, and other factors that are mainstream in psychology at the moment

Online courses and workshops 


A variety of courses and workshops online are designed to cater to your learning needs. One of the best things about online courses is they are interactive and you aren’t just listening, you take up quizzes and tutorials on your topics of study.




MyCaptain (shameless plug 😛)



These are a few among the many online platforms that provide in-depth knowledge and structured courses and workshops to study and understand the field of psychology. They provide interactive sessions and also provide certification on completion. 

Youtube videos 

Among other sources to learn about psychology, one of the easily accessible ways is youtube videos. 


Want to understand the concepts through fun visuals and a simplified narrative, youtube tutorials provide you the learning you need.


Here are top five education youtube channels to check out if you’re curious about learning psychology – 

The Psych Show

SciShow Psych

Practical Psychology

Crash Course Psychology 

Diploma courses in psychology 

Well, if you are someone looking for maybe a deeper understanding of psychology and add it to your work profile, then these diploma programs on advanced psychology courses for professionals will be of great use. 


Advanced psychology courses will come in handy if you are a professional in a field that is closely associated with the use of psychology. 


Psychology is good for us, as understanding psychology helps improve people’s skills and eases our human to human interaction. 


Now you will be able to see and understand the reasons behind the behavior of people. Most importantly it reveals all those confusing topics of sleep, dreams, and what drives motivation. 


It states a scientific reason for our brain functions. With the rising importance of psychology, mental health is coming into light. 


To know what psychology holds, check out MyCaptain’s blog on Psychology.