So let’s start by understanding what blogging really is.

Blogging is basically publishing your content and writing on online platforms for readers to access and benefit from that information. Blogging has become a popular way to express and share information in today’s world. With blogs, it’s easier and quicker to research things on the net. 

Have you ever thought of giving writing a try? 

If you were passionate about writing back in days, then this is the best time to bring it out into the light and give blogging a try. Who knows your writing could lead to the inspiration of many. 


Besides, what’s there to lose anyway. Start today and if after writing some articles you don’t feel like doing it, you will have at least learned a valuable and lucrative skill. 

With ample time in hand during the lockdown, what better thing to do than explore new interests and dive deep into your passions. Seeing the bakers and musicians rise during this lockdown, to get started with blogging, all one needs is some passion for words and a little bit of will to get started.

So why is this quarantine period at home the best time to start blogging? 



Firstly all blogging needs to get started is just a passion for writing, and yes a laptop as well as a decent internet connection. 

One does not need to be a great writer or need to dedicate hours to writing. Don’t we all start from somewhere and develop our skills with experience? 

With free blogging platforms like WordPress and, getting started with blogging is simplified. Just follow the steps and bam you are ready with your own website. Just start writing and keep posting.

Why blogging though? 

In today’s world blogs are becoming popular as they are substituting for hard copy journals and articles. 


It is much easier to land in blogs that we wish to read. 

Blogs are easily accessible also whenever you want to research or get to know something, where do you read from – Blogs.  

Again, Why?  

Because they give you all the information you need in just a couple of pages. 

With our distracted minds and a reducing attention span, blogs do captivate the reader’s attention. Additionally, while doing so they also serve the purpose of providing all the required information. 

Blogging often involves writing like you are having a conversation. They make a connection with the reader and often feel like a personalized guide to their search. Well, other reasons why blogging could be given a try are,


  • One can make money through blogs. If monetizing your writing is the motivating factor, there are plenty of opportunities. To do so blogging has to be done correctly. Even a part-time blogger can expect good earnings if done the right way. 
  • Blogging lets you share your story. As a blogger, you can write about literally anything. From your views on the current quarantine situation to your experiences that you want to share it out with the world. If you have something to express, blogging is the platform to do so. Many bloggers start off with online journal-like blogs that the readers are able to relate to and develop from there onwards.
  • Blogging is an interactive community, you can be a part of it, and discover other bloggers and their work. You get to connect with people, their experiences, and discover opportunities to ultimately learn and be more.


How to start blogging?

So let’s get down to the real question, how do you get started as a blogger? 

There are many ways with no specific guidelines but one can learn to start their own blog with these six simple steps.



1. Pick your niche/topic 

To start a successful blog, first, you will need to find your niche. 

A niche can be called as your area of expertise. For example, if you are a fitness enthusiast, your niche can be health and fitness. 

Decide on the topic you will be interested in writing and covering the most. 

Picking a specific topic will ensure you to write for a specific set of readers and build your audience in that field. 

If you are not sure what to blog about, you can start based on your hobbies. It could be cooking, travel, fashion, sports, science, music, or even art. 

Hobbies let us express ourselves and blogging about them will help us build knowledge and explore them in-depth too.

One key thing to note is that you can always change your niche as you write more and understand your interests better. However, we advise getting started with at least some clarity towards the topics you will be covering. 

You could even start a personal blog, expressing your personal views on current happenings or a blog to voice out your thoughts and musings. You need not be sticking to a set topic but capture whatever you want to focus on through your words.



2. Get your blog online

The next step would be to get your blog online. Register your blog and get hosting – the whole sha-bang! 

To do so you would need to choose an online platform. Choosing the blogging platform of your choice is important. There are free as well as self-hosting platforms. 

If you want to pick a free platform –,, and Tumblr are some free publishing platforms available. 

Under the free platforms, one will have to follow rules and restrictions but if you want to just write and express it out they should be sufficient.

If you’re serious about blogging and monetizing your content, self-hosting platforms will give you full in charge of your content and design for your website. However, they will charge you for it.



3. Pick a domain name

Your domain name is what your blog will be known by. Thus, it is extremely important.

You can purchase an available domain name for an annual or a monthly fee that your platform provides and you are good to go. Use services like GoDaddy to get your domain. 

Psst… There are even offers where you can get free hosting when you get an annual subscription.



4. Design your blog

Consider the theme of your blog as the face of your blog, it can help you attract more visitors. 

Create a good design that attracts the readers to your page. Your content should be easily accessible and attractively presented, the first step in it would be a good blog design. 

Be creative yet practical in your design to make in accordance with the theme of your content. You can always customize and change your design as per your blogging needs in the long run.

On the dashboard of your hosting platform, you will find an option to customize your website’s theme. There are many free ones as well as paid ones. 

We can get started with a free one and customize it to your needs and creativity. However, getting a paid one isn’t a bad choice either.


5. Write your content and hit publish

Once all the background work for setting up a blog is done, you can finally write down all your thoughts and views and get started with blogging. 

Once your blog is done, publish and share it out to the world. Keep writing more. Be consistent with blogging to build your brand.

You may lack the skills in the beginning but writing is an art that can be learned through iteration. So keep writing and even look into online courses like MyCaptain’s online blogging and content writing workshop

Online classes are a great way to learn and grow your skills. MyCaptain provides LIVE sessions with mentors who you can interact with and clear your queries. 


6. Promote your blog

Creating a nicely designed and well-written blog is just the starting. For readers to read your blog, you will need to promote them. 

Promote your blogs on your social media platforms to attract more readers to them. Share and promote your blogs in your inner circle of family and friends. Tell them to show love and spread the word around the town. 



Tips to become a successful blogger

There are a couple more things to keep in mind while blogging that can help you become a successful blogger,


  • Your content needs to speak to a set of readers and must be of value to them in some way or the other. Ensure your content is reader-focused. Write like you are talking to one specific person. 
  • A good blog is descriptive, helping the readers to understand what you want to convey. Moreover, it is important to keep your readers engaged. You can do so by keeping the blog conversational. 
  • Write quality content. Your blog must attract your visitors and encourage them to interact with your content. 
  • Be consistent. Even if you are putting out only two blogs a month, stay consistent at that. Google likes that about websites. 
  • Finally, understand a thing or two about SEO – it will help you gain organic traffic. 


Motivated enough to start blogging this lockdown? Enroll with MyCaptain and take up the Blogging workshop to start your blog today!