Samiksha Munghate was looking for a place to learn Search Engine Optimization and up her game as a Digital Marketer when she stumbled across the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro Course.

A little bit about Samiksha

I had already worked a previous job as a Digital Marketing Executive in Nagpur, Maharashtra. So I knew that this would be a passion that I’d like to pursue and explore different parts of it.

It was just my luck that I happened to stumble upon MyCaptain on Instagram.

After a look at the syllabus, I went ahead with Digital Marketing Pro Course and it was the best decision I have ever made!

How was your experience with MyCaptain

Once the course began, I had a very good experience with MyCaptain. I thought the projects and assignments were extremely interactive and helped me learn in a hands-on sort of way.

I also thought that the learning material that was provided was extremely in depth and added immense value to what the Captains taught during the LIVE classes.

It was an experience that always left me wanting to learn more and grow my skills to be the best.

What did you feel about the course?

In my opinion, the courses were well crafted and gave me a better understanding of Search Engine Optimization, backlinks and more.

It was an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a Digital Marketer and get insights from the Captains who have already done it before.

I am able to talk about everything that I’ve learned from the course and I can use the projects and assignments in future job opportunities. 

The projects and assignments that we did in the course was my favourite part.

How was your overall placement experience?

My placement experience was a pretty effective one. 

Shortly after I finished the course, my resume was sent out and it was all a big waiting game till I heard back from one of the companies.

I was lucky enough to wake up to an email that said I was shortlisted for the role of Digital Marketer at IPV.

The process went by pretty fast as the interview was scheduled for later that same evening.

For the first time, I wasn’t nervous and felt that the interview would go very well.

Last words from Samiksha

I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to get a head start in a specific field or get insights into a field that they are already in.

This is your chance to learn more, clear your doubts and grow your skills to make you the best!