“It all began with my love for gaming. Playing e-sports in my free time to exploring how players’ social media accounts work got me interested in social media marketing.”

Read to find out how Manas found his calling in the social media field!

Say hi to Manas Palkar!

I come from the charming city of Thane. A kid who was always keen to learn new skills. I have had various interests in marketing, photography, gaming and logo designing since my school days. But what etched me from the beginning was social media and marketing.

This long-time interest led me to choose a Bachelor’s in Mass Media, Advertising after my school. I have always been curious about how the world of social media worked and how each post brought engagement, which is why I ended up taking this course.

I’m glad that I didn’t have to be a part of the same old story of choosing a field which you didn’t like. I believe everyone needs a support system, and my family has been my support system from day one.

When did your interest in social media begin?

Okay, this can sound funny because it all started with me playing e-sports. So, I’m a hardcore gamer and I used to watch gaming videos on YouTube. While watching these videos, I was curious about how they were created. Animation and graphics in these always amazed me. 

From there, I gradually started checking out the social media handles of the players and wondered how they were managed and used to engage their millions of followers. 

Then everything just flew by in a second before I realised I was officially handling the social media account of my brother’s cloud kitchen. If I were to give a title to my professional journey, I would name it ‘how gaming reaped a job in social media!’ Now I can admit how gaming influenced my life for good.

How did you find out about MyCaptain?

After college, I did two internships as a social media executive. But I was hungry for more and wished to expand my knowledge of digital marketing. I wanted to learn more about creating content on social media and the tactics behind marketing it.

That’s when I came upon MyCaptain’s Digital Marketing Pro Course on Instagram through a friend and I knew at once that I wanted to take up this course! The topics looked interesting and diverse. Also, they mentioned about 100% guaranteed job/freelancing opportunities that MyCaptain offered. So I never gave it a second thought or checked other courses. I immediately enrolled in MyCaptain’s one of the Digital Marketing Pro Course batches.

The MyCaptain journey.

My journey with MyCaptain was everything I expected. From syllabus to projects and live classes to mentors a.k.a. captains were all outstanding! I found everything that I wanted in this course. It was truly an all-in-one experience!

The learning content was up to date, and I explored areas that I never imagined I would become an expert in. Learning this would not have been possible if it weren’t for my mentors, whom I would like to specially mention. They knew what they were doing and did their best to bring out the finest in all of us.

My favourite topic from the course was YouTube, of course! It gave me a clearer idea of who I want to become, so I have now decided to focus on becoming a video editor and a content creator, along with digital marketing. I don’t have a YouTube channel yet, but you will find my channel on YouTube one day!

Favourite part of the course:

Apart from the well-prepared syllabus and guaranteed placement, the best part of the course was the mentors. One would wish for a mentor like Ram Shankar Nikumbh from Taare Zameen Par at least once in their life, and here, it is nothing less!

My mentors were the best, and the classes didn’t feel like one-way communication. As far as I know, I don’t think there is another course where your mentors are reachable to you at any time of the day. They made sure that we understood every part and guided us well. They made the classes interesting and fun through their teaching.

My mentor was very helpful with my projects and enlightened me with their expertise. Now I can add more fancy stuff to my portfolio!

Post-MyCaptain course.

I opted for freelancing in digital marketing after the course. MyCaptain helped me ease the journey with their placement training, where I had mock interviews with the sweetest team supporting me in every stage of the interview process.

I was always in touch with one of the team members, who called and directed me during the interviews. I will never forget their help which was there throughout the entire process. They were a constant support and a wonderful guide.

I’ll forever be grateful to the team for helping me secure my first gig with a professional client.

Also, I want you to know that I was a nervous speaker before. But with the mock interviews and training sessions, I learned to become a better speaker. These sessions helped me gain confidence and taught me to face challenges.

Signing off.

I would absolutely recommend this course to people who want to pursue a career in digital marketing. First, the course is well-structured. Second, the projects are meaningful and gain your hands-on experience, and last but not the least, you will have an entire team behind you to help you pursue the job of your dreams. 

One thing that makes MyCaptain different from other courses is that they help mentees gear up for the real world. So, if you are reading this, then you would know where to go next!