Any fan that has watched ‘The Family Man’ seasons 1 and 2 must be excited for its next season even before its shoot begins.

The impact the Indian web series has created among the Indian population is fascinating. Such is Little Things; everybody got the happy ending they wished for after five years of its pilot episode. 

The shift from T.V serials to web series has grown big time through the last few years. In fact, the focus shift from hilarious household dramas to topics that are raw and real has caught many eyes.

How Indian web series explore a fresh track

Breaking away from the stereotypes, what’s unique with the web series is how the makers discuss diverse topics and issues that the people want to learn. 

They want to dive in deep to explore genres like crime thrillers, sci-fi, horror, comedy surrounding the everyday lives of Indians. We have shows like Made In Heaven and Little Things that normalise homo-sexual relationships and live-in together. 

The audience watch for its matured content and the best part is that these are uncensored, hence keeping the essence of the story.

If one wants to watch an Indian web series, there are many genres to choose from.
There’s no limit to exploring different genres.

Door to real talents

Web series acts as a platform for new talents. There are stories that should be conveyed from different parts of the country. One can create their content and easily share it on a free medium like YouTube.

Similarly, we see fresh faces who don’t have a film background. Some actors had their breakthroughs after appearing in the web series; a few among them are Mithila Palkar, Pratik Gandhi, Shweta Tripathi, and the list goes on.

There are writers like Dhruv Sehgal who add reality elements into his script. From directors to actors to editors, there are opportunities for some true talents in this industry.

Few talented actors have left their impact in movies and web series.
Stars who established their stardom in both cinema and web series.

Exceptional making in Indian web series

In making, the technical aspects are brilliant. From cinematography to music to editing, one can draw a line between a daily soap and a web series. 

Makers are focusing on both the script and the technical details nowadays. If you take Sacred Games or Mirzapur, you can see the cinematic level of articulation around each element. 

Another plus in the making is how each episode or show is aired for a limited duration rather than dragging it for years. Thus grasps the audience and keeps them on their toes till the end.

From big budget to using latest equipment web series in India have set its standards.

Covid-19 impact on OTT platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a great accelerator for the Indian SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) market. OTT video subscriptions reached almost 62 million by 2020 end, doubling from 32 million at the end of 2019. 

The closure of the movie halls and rare good content on television has forced a large part of the audience to shift to online platforms for entertainment. In search of quality content, people are ready to spend money to subscribe to their favourite OTT platforms.

Binge-watching shows on OTT platforms are a thing now.

To conclude, web series in India has taken a step ahead in this era. It seems almost tailor-made, especially for the youth. The OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hot Star, Zee 5, YouTube are a medium to access the latest web series. 

With the web series releasing one after another, the audience is waiting for new seasons and more decent plots.

So, which show are you watching next?