Some people have an innate calling for their passions. One such story is of Captain Azeem, who takes Race Car Tech Workshop with MyCaptain. Read through to know his journey.

Captain Azeem

Discovering My Passion

Growing up I was always fascinated by cars, and I even used to trace over the xeroxed images of cars from different magazines. My love for automobiles from a young age is what helped me get through all the school years, despite of the hurdles I faced. In 12th std and decided that I would work on pursuing something in automobiles.

One of the biggest challenges at this point was the fact that no one supported my idea. But I was quite sure that this is what I wanted to do and I persevered my way through college. And 4 years later, I graduated with distinction in Automative Engineering in my college.


The Journey

Even though I had the degree now, it didn’t mean that everything was sorted. The real ride of pursuing this field had just began. Me & my team were facing certain hurdles because we were lacking funds and sponsors which would help us turn our designs into working prototypes.

We still managed to participate and win several competitions and automobile building challenges across India and even in UK and Philippines. The Shell Eco Marathon in Manila, Philippines is where we presented the concept for a car with the mileage of 200-400 kms/litre.

I was constantly working in other engineering fields to be able to support my dream of designing cars. It was during this time, when I was travelling and my car broke down in the middle of the road. I took the car to the mechanic to get it fixed, but I was not satisfied with the service at all. As an automotive engineer I could identify that the service offered to me was highly over-charged.

It was after this incident, that I worked on the idea of providing efficient car maintenance solutions to people. My startup, Carjoz, which I co-founded works on providing efficient and cost effective car maintenance solutions. We are a team of automobile engineers and are focused on streamlining the various automobile services.

Becoming a Captain

I became a mentor for the Race Car Tech Workshop, back in 2016 when Zeeshan reached out to me. I will never forget my first workshop experience.  The kind of enthusiastic mentees I had made me realise how much I love sharing my journey and my learning with them. Even today, after having mentored so many students that zeal of taking a batch and helping students take their first step in this field is still there.

For anyone who is looking to venture into this field, or in any other field that they are interested in, I just want to say this

Success is a high unlike anything else that you will ever experience, and when you see something you build finally run successfully is an unmatched feeling.

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