Has it ever occurred to you it’s not only you who might feel scared, that it’s not only you whose heart races at 150 bpm whenever you’re about to take a life-changing decision?

Surveys say that a considerably enormous chunk of humans face the same issue.

It’s not the feelings that should prove you to be a coward or not good enough. The thing that really matters is your will to try, to face the cries and your will to fly.

Introduction to MyCaptain

Being born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, I belonged to a very typical middle-class family, but it wasn’t very me to be the conventional kind. I was never someone who wanted to live by the orthodox assumption of- school, college, marriage, and then getting old. I always wanted to be the captain of my boat and sail the sea that way, too.

I have always seen myself as someone who likes to swim against the tide and pave my own way. There have been various instances in my life where I have thought of stopping, but I’d say to myself, “well why not one last try, succeed only once, you know…”

I’ve worked for my entire life and started at an age as young as sixteen. I remember how after hours of teaching my juniors I used to earn 300Rs and how even that seemed like an achievement. Sometimes, I had to take care of my entire family and circumstances didn’t permit me to explore- but as time does, that passed and I continued to try new stuff.

 I was looking for opportunities to learn new things, and this search of mine introduced me to MyCaptain.

I was working at a job that I didn’t really enjoy. I felt like there was only one monotonous rhythm to my day there, which was something that I never enjoyed.

Doing new things and learning about new fields was always something that I have loved and MyCaptain’s Digital Marketing Pro Course fuelled my search for a fresh course.

I found MyCaptain through an Instagram ad when I was scrolling one day- who knew that it would become such an important part of my life.

Days at MyCaptain

Enrolling into MyCaptain was one of the smartest decisions that I ever took. Not only because it is something that helped me learn so much about a field that I was new to, but because it is the reason I will have the life that I will have. The course not only enhanced my knowledge but also my personality.

 The environment at MyCaptain’s Digital Media Marketing Pro Course made me feel like I was in my comfy chair at home on a chilly Monday morning and there was a friend giving me the motivation to start and conquer the day.

I always have been that one student that completes assignments beforehand and submits them early and tries to be the best in the lot. Even at MyCaptain, I always submitted assignments before time, and was a very noticeable student. Sometimes, so much so that the mentors asked me if everything was okay when I submitted one of my assignments a little late because of some personal issues.

MyCaptain for me wasn’t just an online platform that I had to use for learning something, but it was always like a fellow friend who helped me learn things, gain experiences and be happy. My mentors at the course were not just teachers who taught their mentees, just because that’s what their job was. The mentors enjoyed talking and interacting with us and, in between the happy and fun conversations, depart knowledge that would be with us forever.

The course material was not just a few pages or a lot of pages that went on straight about the content, related to the course, but it had interesting video and typed lessons. Another very interesting approach that was taken by the platform was the level-by-level process of proceeding with the course.

Every level was about one or two dedicated topics and by the time I just swirled about the material, thinking that it would start soon and that the thing I was listening to and reading was just an introduction to long video lectures, but even before I could realize, I was done with the Topic, well versed about the information that I needed, and that realization of mine, got empowered by the quizzes that we had at the end of every lesson.

It was not only the memories and fun I was taking back with me, apart from the lessons. I was also taking some very important pointers on essential but commonly neglected topics- for example, getting placed. We were engaged in the placement training part of the course, where they taught us about building a resume, and methods of tackling an interview.

What After MyCaptain?

 MyCaptain was never a captain that left his boat afloat in the sea, or in simple words, someone who would take their leave as soon as their work was done. My captain, on the contrary, was like a good friend who stuck by your side all the time.

After the completion of our course, they made us a part of the placement process. The help of the placement cell of MyCaptain made the entire process related to the placement so incredibly easy and seamless.

My resume, like that of the other mentees, circulated into the network of companies and then began the process of selection, via interviews and tasks, etc.

They invited me for an interview with one company, who, in their own words, loved my resume and my mindset, along with my way of answering the questions and facing the interview.

After a while, on one fine day, I received my joining letter from the same company. This honestly was a really proud moment for me and thanks to MyCaptain, I could crack the interview.

Ending with a Quote

MyCaptain helped me get out of a place where I wasn’t happy and it was an essential step that I took, which indeed helped me a lot, however it wasn’t as easy of a step as it might seem. I had a thousand thoughts, positive and negative, but all I understood at the end of it was that it was sometimes better to let it go.

So for anyone reading this, I would like to say,

Don’t be afraid of what is to some. We are no more the toddlers that have to be spoon-fed everything and we have to take our own steps, so just go for it and you won’t face disappointment. For all it takes, is that one more try.

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