This is Partho. 

He is a regular guy with a BBA degree and a passion for photography.

While in college, he took up a sales job at a BPO to earn some money on the side.

After graduating, he worked for a while as a content writer and learnt the basics of SEO, email and social media.

His interest in photography is what brought him to MyCaptain- he was looking for a digital marketing course that could help him increase his account’s reach and share his pictures with the world.

After doing his research, he shortlisted a few courses- but finally settled on MyCaptain

Earlier, Partho was a little sceptical as someone who was not a part of the Zoom Class generation, but the mentors at MyCaptain made sure that he fit right in, helped clear all the doubts he had, and even cracked jokes with them. 

There was a comfort level that was developed between the Captains and the rest of the batch- something that Partho had never thought would happen. 

He attended all the live classes and asked a lot of questions. He also remembers repeatedly asking if he would actually receive lifetime access to all the course material- he couldn’t believe that the content would be with him forever.

Partho was excited about the projects he got to work on, as they were valuable add-ons to his portfolio. He was learning, growing, and thinking- in his words, “not a lot of things made me really ‘think’ think before this course.”

He admitted to needing a lot of help with his resume and portfolio building and agrees that he would be clueless without the help of Akarshan sir.

Srishti, the Program Manager for Partho’s course, is someone he talks fondly about, “She has been so helpful and made sure that all the questions I had were answered”.

This story gets its happy ending with Partho accepting a job offer from Schbang as a Direct Marketing and Automation Executive, even before the end of his course. 

Congratulations, Partho! If you’re interested in switching your career to content and copywriting, sign up today.