From pursuing Computer Science Engineering to working on prediction models – A quick look into Aarushi’s Journey

The journey of a second year undergraduate student, pursuing Computer Science Engineering and taking the leap forward with her love for Artificial Intelligence. Read ahead to know how her achievements are taking her places!

Aarushi Sharma


I have always been curious about new things around me. Being a Computer Science student, only drove me to explore the tech world more and more. As a result of which, I took such a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence.


My Introduction To MyCaptain

A WhatsApp message from an acquaintance led me to finding out about MyCaptain! After a bit of research, I got on board with the team of MyCaptain under the Artificial Intelligence Workshop. 

As I’d always been fond of learning Artificial Intelligence, I was in search of a few good courses that would help me create a good base in the same. I’d wanted to learn about Artificial Intelligence from the scratch and thus began my journey with MyCaptain 



My Experience With MyCaptain

The experience with MyCaptain and the Workshop had been more like a great roller coaster ride! The live video sessions with Captain Aviral have to be the highlight of the workshop. He cleared all our doubts during the course of workshop. Irrespective of how many questions we all had, he ensured to solve every single query. 

Captain Aviral guided me in the best possible way to follow my passion and reach out for greater heights. 

As a result of taking up the workshop, I have been able to connect with more people in the field. I have been in touch with amazing people, who have excelled in their career and continue to inspire me with their work.



My Artificial Intelligence Project

I have worked on a crime prediction model that focuses on a very major and a very critical part of our society. It is based on different types of crimes and the pattern followed by criminals. For instance, I built the model using a couple of classifications and algorithms which finds the possibility of a crime taking place in a particular area, at a particular time. As a result of this, I gained high appreciation and applause from my faculty for the project.

I’m a Machine Learning Member at Aakash Research Labs, a tie-up of IIT-Bombay, and it truly feels great to be a part of something so huge!



A few words

I distinctly remember the time I have spent feeling confused about what I want to pursue, and I found MyCaptain at the right time. This is for any one who is looking to take the leap of faith

Once you decide to go for something, you only need to remain constant. Everything unfolds as you keep walking on the path and with platforms like MyCaptain, it’s never difficult to go wrong with your career choices! 


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  1. Dr Arun kumar Sharma

    AI is the one of the most appreciating n developing area ..even used in diagnosis of diseases

  2. Poonam

    A fruitful journey indeed…. So proud of you

  3. Aarushi Sharma

    Yes, indeed it is.

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