Akshay Nair was studying to become a Physical Education teacher/coach when he decided to switch career paths and took up our Digital Marketing Pro Course.

A little bit about Akshay.

I was a sportsperson throughout school and I always thought that it would be what I’d pursue as a career. I moved from Mumbai and completed my Bachelors of Physical Education from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune.

It is a course where you learn about Olympic sports in India, how to train people and become coaches and physical education teachers. I wanted to be a part of the Indian Sports Industry.

What was your journey to finding MyCaptain like?

Once I completed college, I realised the sports field in India was not for me and turned towards the business side of the industry. That’s how I got into doing an MBA from the Symbiosis School of Sports Science.

I thought that getting an MBA would further help me understand the intricacies of businesses, but that’s when Covid hit and everything changed.

During the lockdown, I decided ‌I wanted to pursue a different path.

At the time, a few of my friends had recommended MyCaptain to me and suggested that I take up a course. So after they mentioned it a few times, I checked it out for myself and went straight to the website.

Once I’d shown interest in the Digital Marketing Pro Course, the MyCaptain executives soon reached out and cleared up all my doubts.

Shortly after that, I took up the course and I have no regrets about it!

How was your experience with MyCaptain?

Once I took up the course, I slowly started realising that marketing could be a career I would love to follow.

My favourite part of the course were the industry insights that we received from the Captains. They gave me a better understanding of what I will be doing and what I need to succeed in the field. I think it’s pretty crazy that we can connect with somebody working the very jobs we want to.

What did you feel about the course?

I loved how the course began. It started off with an amazing introduction into what a Social Media Manager does and even held a little quiz after every class.

I received a plethora of knowledge from the Captains while learning so many different tools and how to target Ads.

The learning modules were curated so well that you would have no doubts by the time you were through, but even when there were doubts, the Captain cleared them all up after the class was done.

Without this course, I would not have been able to build the confidence I needed to become a Social Media Manager.

How was your overall placement experience?

Once I had completed the course, we received placement and interview training- this was completely unexpected as the team at MyCaptain helped me optimise my LinkedIn account and resume as well. I received an interview at a company called Saasguru, a leading ed-tech platform that handles the entire lifecycle of assessing, up-skilling, and certification of talent.

I went through all the rounds easily and I received an offer from Saaasguru for the role of a Social Media Manager!

Last words from Akshay.

Switching fields wasn’t a problem for me and I now feel like I could still pursue my passion for sports as a Marketing Executive instead.

If you feel like you need to switch, then you should go on and take the leap cause it might just lead you to your dreams!