Not a lot of us can say that we decided our careers a decade before we absolutely had to, but Captain Abhiprae, however, knew his future lay in the world of coding from the very day that he was introduced to Java in his 8th std. Read on to know more about our Android App Development Captain !

Captain Abhiprae

Pursuing My Passion

I truly believe that the one thing which helped shape and pursue my dreams is the experience that I had during my college years. It was when I landed my first internship that I got introduced to Android App Development. It was then I found out that Java language can be used to develop apps.

I have been working on creating my apps ever since. I have developed and launched over 10 apps, which are already being used by various clients. It is an amazing feeling to see others use something that you have developed from scratch and put so much thought into it.

I ensured that all my apps were different and had their own set of unique features. This allowed to me to learn so much more during the entire development process. Even when certain errors occurred, I looked at it as an opportunity to learn something new.


Becoming A Captain

It was actually, through one of my juniors in SRM University that I found out about MyCaptain. He even suggested that I should become a mentor on this platform. In February 2018, I became the Captain for Android App Development Workshop.

My first batch of mentees were wonderful and I can never forget them and the conversations I shared with them. MyCaptain acted as a platform for me as well, to keep Android App Development close to me. Along this journey of mentoring students, even I have learnt a lot of things.

The Way Ahead

I am looking forward to mentor as many mentees as I possibly can with MyCaptain. Other than that, I am presently working as a Firmware Specialist in HP, and also pursue a masters degree in the future.

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