People who want to live their passion give your passion, your time, effort and everything, and carry on. Do not get affected or disheartened by any cards that are stacked against you. Everything should and will eventually fall into place.

My Introduction to MyCaptain

Being born into a regular middle-class Indian family, they expected me to complete my studies and then work in a secure field. After completing my school education, I took admission into the course of Bcom (Hons) and spent three years completing my graduation, but even after graduating and getting a job in the finance department, I could never find myself happy or satisfied. I never pictured myself as a person who sat in a cubicle from 9 to 5 every day.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, there was always a feeling of restraint and discomfort, which could never satisfy my goals and ambitions. There was always that thought at the back of my mind, that this was not the field I wanted to continue in forever.

I always had a constant interest in Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing, but as these were not safe and non-mainstream career options, I never properly had time to explore these career options, and neither did I get any support. But that uphill climb with no harness was not something that could’ve stopped me from achieving my goals- on the contrary, it helped me push myself to always go that extra mile.  

I remember I was constantly looking and searching for resources that could fuel my interest and help me build a career out of something as fascinating as social media management. The appeal of getting someone interested in a brand with something as small as a minute-long Instagram reel was real. Despite my interest in these fields, I could not find resources that could help me learn about them.

What anybody in their 20s does in their free time is what I did as well- staring at my phone, scrolling through social media for hours at an end.

Suddenly one day, an advertisement for MyCaptain’s Digital Marketing Pro Course comes up as my knight in shining armour and shows me a golden opportunity to grab a course in a field I always wanted to be a part of. The aspect of guaranteed placement was like a cherry on the cake for me.

I thought to myself, why not pivot and make a career out of the so-called “time waste”, so after connecting with a MyCaptain representative, I enrolled into the course? And as it’s always good to have some cognizance as a support system with something new, I just went for it.

I hoped that this course could give me great experience and learning that I can carry out for the rest of my life, and also opportunities that could help me take my first step towards my career.

My Experience with MyCaptain

Enrolling in the Digital Marketing Pro course from MyCaptain was, I feel, one of my best decisions ever. Our mentors made sure that the course was a smooth, interactive and fun time. It never felt like I was listening to a lecture- every session felt like an older cousin or a helpful neighbour who’d seen the world welcomed me. This differed from college, where every classroom had as many benches as they could fit. 

My mentors always guided me in the best possible ways. I would never hesitate even a little before talking to them about anything. My mentors moulded me, an absolute fresher, into someone capable of getting an internship in the field.

My favourite part of the course, along with the interactions we had with our mentors, has to be the case studies and tasks we had through the journey. These were very interesting to read and work on, and the course felt like something I wouldn’t want to end.

Now, I know when you partake in a course, you usually start off with truckloads of enthusiasm, but it is difficult to sustain. Students lose interest after a point, maybe because of the routine of sitting in front of a screen and listening to a monotonous voice hour after hour. 

Similarly, when I joined MyCaptain, I was very anxious yet hopeful about the learning experience. On the last day of the course, we had a live class and there I was, sitting on one side of the laptop screen, wishing to relive the entire experience. The MyCaptain experience delighted me and not only did I learn a good deal in my field of interest, but I also took along with me something that’s very well described by Naina in “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”- a BIG suitcase of memories.

It was not only the memories and fun I was taking back with me, apart from the lessons. I was also taking some very important pointers on essential but commonly neglected topics- for example, getting placed. We were engaged in the placement training part of the course, where they taught us about building a resume, and methods of tackling an interview.

Honestly, the placement training was like dessert served to us after the main course, and just the way dessert satisfies our needs, so did the placement training. This training helped me like a staunch friend, through my nervousness at the time of placements interviews. 

Journey with the Internship/job opportunity

My journey with MyCaptain did not end with that, of my course.

One of the most important things was that they did not leave us on our own, abandoned, after the commencement of the course. A major factor that distinguished MyCaptain from all the other platforms was the fact that they assured job or freelance opportunities after the course was over.

Towards the end of the course, the facilitators and the mentors helped us with the work opportunities. The placement procedure at MyCaptain was utterly smooth. While we were being explained the placement procedures and important pointers, we joined a Slack channel that was specifically made for placement.

The placement procedure was like walking around a fair where everyone is ready to offer you jobs and internship opportunities.

The placement procedure was simplified to a whole new level, with the help of MyCaptain. When one thinks about the process of job application, we flood the mind with the nightmares of applying, submitting their resumes on various websites and keeping up with every single one of them and still not being sure about getting placed.

They regularly updated us about job and internship opportunities from a wide range of different companies. They gave us all the details from the post offered to the minimum work period, to the stipend, and even the brief history of the company. The message also came with a link through which we could apply for the role.

The process was so convenient that applying for a post never took over 10-15 minutes. MyCaptain truly was the support wheels to the process that was riding a cycle for the first time.

I saw an amazing internship opportunity with a company called QuadB, which suited me well. So, after I completed my application process with the help of my Facilitator, they shortlisted me for interviews. Post the interview rounds, I got my LOA and bagged this amazing internship as a Social media Management Intern for QuadB!

My experience at QuadB gave me another reason to praise MyCaptain, as how I am being treated at QuadB is not at all what the general ‘Internship life standards’ talk about, and say that the Interns get overburdened and underpaid, while I had a completely different experience at QuadB, where not only do I work but also learn everything about my work, from my seniors. 

Ending With A Few Words

With solely the help of MyCaptain, I went from being a graduate who wanted to do something interesting and out of the box to a person who manages the Social Media accounts of her clients. Thanks to MyCaptain, I could kick-start my career in a field that I was a complete stranger to. My jumping down the uncertain path led to such an enjoyable and smooth experience.

This is not only for me or the person reading this, but for all the people who will try out their passion and want it to be their daily bread and butter for them- It might take a week or month, maybe even a year, but give your passion time and effort and everything will eventually fall into place.

With platforms like MyCaptain, you are not in a void. There is a trustworthy friend with you that will help you on the path you wish to take.

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