Read this story of Hons student, from Delhi University – Shidharth Ganguly, who believed in following his childhood passion – photography. Find out how he ended up working with the CM of Delhi, as part of his photography internship, after taking up the Photography Workshop with MyCaptain.

Shidharth Ganguly


My Introduction to MyCaptain

As someone who has always wanted to pursue photography, I was constantly searching for resources online. Luckily, I came across MyCaptain and discovered that it was a platform that helped everyone pursue their passions. And just to my luck, they had a  Photography Workshop.

One of the most helpful things was that the entire workshop outline was provided on their website, which helped me understand what all topics would be covered in the 30 day workshop.


My Workshop Experience

My mentor for the workshop was Captain Dhawal. He is one of the best mentors one could get, as he ensured that he cleared the doubts of all the mentees. From teaching us the very basic concepts to helping us understand all the practical applications, he left no stone unturned.

The live sessions with Captain Dhawal have helped me a lot. He was always readily available to help us out whenever we needed. MyCaptain provided the perfect combination of engaging content along with a mentor to guide you through it all. This helped me build up my confidence and to take the next step towards my passion.


My Journey after the Workshop

After the workshop I was looking for internships to further enhance my skills and put all my knowledge to practice. Luckily, I landed a photography internship with Aam Admi Party and got an opportunity to work with the CM for 2 months.

This was a completely new experience for me and I got a chance to learn how things actually work. I distinctly remember that during my interview for the internship, I had told them that I had done a workshop with MyCaptain and to my surprise they had heard about them.

Without MyCaptain, I wouldn’t have the gained the knowledge and confidence to pursue my passion.

A Few More Words

This goes out for all the young people out there, who are looking for a helping hand – MyCaptain is hands down the right platform for you! If you’re looking forward to walking on the right path to your passion, you will always find the correct guidance with MyCaptain

And, once you make up your mind to go for it – make sure you put in all the efforts required. There are no excuses when it comes to following one’s passion.



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