Every Engineering student thinks of starting up sometime or the other. This is one such Story. Pavan Bheesetty, a Computer Science Engineering student from Visakhapatnam would dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. That’s when he met Captain Zeeshan in the MyCaptain Entrepreneurship Program and through a series of events it led him to working on his startup idea – VR Cinepolis and he successfully pitched his startup at NSRCEL IIM-Bangalore a while ago. Inspirational enough? Give it a read!










Pawan Bheesetty

“Every bird has wings, but only a few have the ability to fly high. “


My Introduction to MyCaptain

It was just another routine day of college where I was busy cracking some code just like any other Comp. Science student would be doing it. But, I always wanted to start something new and become an Entrepreneur which had given me a lot of sleepless nights. The question of “how to find the right opportunity to showcase myself as an Entrepreneur ” would keep me up. But I didn’t have any clue about how to start and always wished to have some guidance from someone who was already an Entrepreneur. To cut it short,  I just needed a push to achieve what I dreamt of.

Then MyCaptain came into my life and I attended MyCaptain Entrepreneurship workshop for a month. I took this workshop to know how to start something that helps me achieve what I want to and thanks to MyCaptain, I got introduced to the Coolest Mentor ever – Captain Zeeshan. He showed me how Entrepreneurship is all about solving a problem and seeing it through. He helped me understand Business Models, Financial and Marketing models and Product development in that one month. Now that the path was ready, I had to come up with my million dollar start-up idea! But to find a problem that I passionately wanted to solve, something that would drive me for the years to come was not as easy as I had anticipated.

Days passed, and as part of my B. Tech curriculum, I got into an internship with an American NGO called, http://mycelium.ngo. And the internship was about creating Plastic Pollution Awareness using Virtual Reality. I had zero knowledge on game development during my internship period, but I worked my way through it. I relied on all the online sources available to me to learn how to build a game.I failed numerous times but I also realised that we can always start learning things from the very basics. And it also motivated me to constantly start learning new things from scratch.


How did my startup idea come about?

With my new zest to learn everything from scratch, I was ecstatic when I was selected for Facebook’s School of Innovation workshop from my college, where we learnt all about Virtual Reality. 

As a part of this workshop, not only did I build on my knowledge of Virtual Reality, but I worked on a project Virtual Tours wherein you could experience the Wonders of the World without having to actually visit the places. 

Around this time, one incident happened which led me to start working on my startup idea. My grandmother is a movie buff, but she had missed out on screening of the Mahanati when it came out. By the time she was able to go there, the movie screenings had stopped at the theatres. 

It was then, that the thought popped in my head, that what if we could bring theatres to us, and have the exact same experience or even better, at our homes. With my recent knowledge of Virtual Reality from the workshop I had just been a part of, I started working on it.

I remembered Captain Zeeshan had once said : Entrepreneurs might fail at times, but they never give up.

I reached out to Captain Zeeshan and got amazing moral support from him and got a chance to rewind things that I had learnt from him in the workshop, which made me strong enough to fight back with all the failures I had run into till then. 

Conversation with Captain Zeeshan before Submitting the idea

I worked on my idea of bringing Movie Theatres into every smart phone using Virtual Reality, to allow people to have theatrical experiences at their homes. I added some realistic features to this idea and went ahead to pitch it at NSRCEL IIM-Bangalore.

I received positive feedback from the mentors at NSRCEL, but they asked me to finish up my degree first. I am on my way to finish my final year right now and then I will be working on this idea to grow it on a bigger level.

I know I have just started my journey as an Entrepreneur. But I have one thing to say : Entrepreneurship is about problem solving and if you feel you want to solve a problem passionately, just go for it, take the leap like I did. Magic will start to happen.

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