Riya Prakash was a Chemical Engineer that longed to pursue a career in the field of literature when she came across our Content and Copywriting Pro Course.

A bit about Riya

I had completed my B.Tech from Banasthali College in Jaipur when Covid restrictions set in and wanted to find a breakthrough for myself.

That’s when I first came across MyCaptain’s Content and Copywriting Pro Course, after a little bit of research and a lot of discussions with the MyCaptain Executive, I decided to put my faith in them and enrolled in the Course.

How was your experience with MyCaptain?

Before the course began, I’d already been in touch with the Program Manager, who helped me understand how the course would work and helped me start my career as a Content and Copywriter.

The mentors gave me insights that I did not think I would require .

What did you feel about the course?

I found the Program Coordinators to be extremely helpful and supportive, both during and after the course had ended.

They also made sure that the groups were interactive and were always bustling with activity, it was a great way to bring out the introverts that usually shy away from group activities and discussions.

That was my favorite part of the course. 

How was your overall placement experience?

MyCaptain actually helped me throughout my placement journey, they even helped me build my resume and my portfolio.

Once I completed the course, my resume was forwarded  to Adscult and I got shortlisted!

I got through all the interview rounds easily and I even received an offer from Adscult for the role of a Social Media Copywriter!

Last words from Riya.

If you feel like you want to have a breakthrough, a switch in your field might be just the way to get started.

Don’t be scared to take the leap and find your dream career, it will be worth it!