Were you the kid who was always the first one to enter the computer lab in your school? Have you always looked forward to the launch of new gadgets? Then you will be able to resonate with Yash’s Story. Read onto know how he ended up developing his own app after the MyCaptain App Development Workshop

Yash Gohel

My Childhood Love : Computers

“Yash!” called out my computer teacher and there came a loud “Yes ma’am” from the little me already with one foot inside the computer lab. I used to be so excited about computers all the time that I opened my shoe-laces 15 minutes before the computer period at school, so that I could be the first one to enter my fantasy world.

Most of my friends were just into playing games like Pinball and Minesweeper back at the lab while I used to daydream about how these computer apps actually worked. How were those mines in Minesweeper so strategically placed every time? How did the Pinball so accurately moved when it hit an area? How?

For me the computer lab was something that coke labs were for Pablo Escobar(Just kidding) Although yes, I was immersed in to the sheer questions that arose in my mind when I saw games and applications working so fine on desktops.

My father was adamant on not getting me a personal computer as he felt I’ll turn out like our neighbor’s son who played GTA and Road Rash all the time. You might remember these names, right? We all have been addicted by them at some level. For me, I made sure the journey was different. While my friends played these games, I studied coding and computer languages behind creating this artificial world.

I remember the persuasion that went behind getting my first PC and I assure you if that amount of negotiation was done on an international stage a lot of international affairs would’ve been sorted. I had to get a 100 in my computer exam to show my love for computers to my dad.



My Introduction to MyCaptain

In these times while growing up I saw the age of smartphones rise from its birth to what it is today and it didn’t take me long to figure out that mobile apps were going to be the next big thing and I wanted to learn everything. I went across the internet finding a good online course to learn the same but found all their material boring and pre-recorded.

While I was doing this for some weeks I came across a friend who suggested me to to check MyCaptain’s website.

“Oh, another online tutorial” was my reaction but having nothing better to do, I checked their website. And this one actually caught my attention. It seemed really interesting once I read about the mentors and their journeys. Felt as if someone was talking in my shoes.


The MyCaptain Experience

Joining the Android App Development Workshop was one of the best decisions I ever took. Captain Prashanth ensured that all of us had a wonderful experience. He cleared all our doubts patiently and took us through the entire process of app development step by step.

Even today, months after the workshop has ended, if I reach out to him for anything, he patiently solves my queries. Initially, I was doubtful about my capabilities as everything I knew about tech so far was self-taught, but Captain Prashanth encouraged me and ensured me that I was on the right path.


After the Workshop

My journey with MyCaptain didn’t end there. After the Android App Development Workshop, I eventually went back and attended some more workshops like Entrepreneurship, Internet of Things and even Coder’s Pack.

I have even developed my first app, which is an Online Booking System. Salons can register themselves on the app and then their various customers can use the app to book their appointments for different services.

MyCaptain has played a major role in helping me hone my skills and pursue my passion.


If you are inspired by Yash’s story and want to explore the tech world for yourself, then sign up for the App Development Workshop with MyCaptain.