Chaitra, a has always been a very mischievous kid and also someone who wanted to constantly explore new things. She had finished her schooling in Mysore with a 7.4 CGPA and was forced to take up a course in her pre-university which would ensure job security. As a result of the same she took up Commerce and is a B.Com graduate, but she knew from the very beginning that this isn’t what she wanted to do.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

On her quest to find where her passion truly lies, Chaitra started exploring everything out there, and stumbled across MyCaptain. Being intrigued by the Entrepreneurship Workshop, she signed up for the same and was mentored by Captain Sameer.

The MyCaptain Experience

After the 30 day workshop, Chaitra shared her startup idea with Captain Sameer and was advised to read various books and take up some courses from IIM to understand her industry better. She immediately started working on all the inputs given by Captain Sameer and launched her food startup, “The Sapling”.

After a test run of 6 months, Chaitra understood that the food industry isn’t where she wanted to be. But that didn’t stop her, as she knew she wanted to do something that would create an impact and so she got in touch with Captain Sameer once again to discuss her work and field of interests. 


The Journey

This discussion with Captain Sameer gave her a clear picture of what is it that she actually wanted to achieve and thus she started the work on implementing her next startup idea , Pencil Story.

Born in June 2018, Pencil Story majorly operates in government schools and aims to help students learn skills through technology. Having conducted over 50 learning sessions already, Pencil Story has been able to inculcate Visual Learning and Experiential Learning in their programs.

A lot of care has been put into curating the curriculum, keeping in mind the mindset and learning pace of students. Digital learning is also being slowly introduced to the students so that they are able understand and adapt to the benefits of technology in the long run.



To raise funds Pencil Story will be introducing a product that helps one learn life skills through the power of storytelling. By 2030, their vision is to make lakhs of underprivileged children ready to power through their futures with all the skills. Pencil Story is clearly NOT for a profit education startup.

Alongside this beautiful vision on board, Chaitra has also been volunteering for an NGO for 5 years now and also received the award for the best volunteer. She has made an impact in the lives of over 300+ students in these 5 years. At the age of 19, Chaitra’s article was published in “The Optimised Citizen”- India’s first positive newspaper.

Currently, Chaitra is a part of a fellowship program at Teach for India, which is one of the leading opportunities for India’s most promising and brightest youth to be full-time educators for children from low-income communities studying in some of most under-resourced schools across the country. 

Chaitra aims to use her experience from this fellowship program and implement modern educational methods of experiential learning and storytelling to provide students an exposure towards social and emotional learning.

We at MyCaptain wish her all the very best for her future endeavours and thank her for being such an inspiration.

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