Does human behaviour fascinate you? Would you like to understand how the human mind works? Do you like to help out your friends when they are going through stress or anxiety? Then Psychology is a field that you can explore. Let us take a look at the various fields in psychology.

A career in psychology can not only help you help others but also get paid well for doing so. Psychology can be called as the scientific study of human behaviour. 

That being said, psychology doesn’t actually grant you the power to read people’s minds. Choosing psychology as a career will help you understand why people behave the way they behave. 

In addition to the above, there are various fields in psychology or types of psychologists that you should know about if you wish to pursue a career in psychology.

If you wish to achieve something, you need to first define “something.”

But first, let’s take a look at how to become a psychologist in India.


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How to become a psychologist?

One can start pursuing a career in psychology at any point in their studies but we suggest you complete your 10+2 with psychology as one of the subjects. It will help you build an amazing foundation. 

Moreover, you can take these steps to secure your psychology journey:

  • Gain a bachelor’s, either a BA or BS in psychology.
  • Specialize at the postgraduate level. Look to get an M.A. or M.Sc. in either Psychology, Social Work, or Counselling. 
  • You can even opt-in to earn a further specialization at the doctoral level (Ph.D. or M.Phil)
  • In addition to the above steps, consider getting licensed as well. To get licensed, you’ll either need to study in an RCI approved college (Rehabilitation Council of India) or apply to RCI after completion of appropriate educational qualification.


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Fields in Psychology:


Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the largest sub-domain of psychology when it comes to careers and opportunities. The field focuses on the diagnosis, understanding, and treatment of mental disorders. 

Clinical psychologists work in hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers, NGOs, etc. and help people without the prescription of medicines. They help people overcome the difficulties they are facing in their life. 

Clinical psychologists are always high in demand and earn an average of INR 25,000 per month


clinical psychology


Counselling Psychology

Counselling psychology is probably what made you think about pursuing a career in psychology. It refers to evaluating a patient’s current situation and problems to offer them solutions or advice. 

Counselling psychologists usually consult their patients regarding relationships, substance abuse, career, and other problems. In other words, they help people overcome certain issues in their daily functioning rather than their mental disorders. 

Counsellors can work from therapy centers, career centers, schools, NGOs, organizations, and even set up their own private set-up.

Counselling psychologists can start by earning an average of INR 4 lakhs per annum. As one goes to gain more experience and develop expertise, he/she can hope to earn even more. 


child psychology


Child / Developmental Psychology

Child or developmental psychology refers to observing human behavior over the course of a lifetime. It primarily deals with children and infants deal with topics like adolescence and adult development.

Child psychologists deal with the social development of a child including how they think, react, interact and respond to certain situations.

Child psychologists also work in child therapy centers, schools, NGOs, as well as play a big role in special education. 

If out of the fields of psychology you choose to this one then you can expect to earn an average of INR 20,000 per month


organisational psychology


Organizational/Industrial Psychology

O/I psychology refers to applying the science and principles of psychology to the workplace. The objective of these types of psychologists is to increase productivity as well as address issues like mental and physical well being of the employees. 

Recruiting talented and skilled individuals is becoming an uprising challenge for many organizations worldwide. Therefore, putting an extra effort towards the development, skill upgrading, and extra training goes a long way for them.

As a result, O/I psychologists are becoming more in demand every day. Specialists in these fields of psychology can work as HR managers, HR development specialists, organizational consultants, and so on. 

With one-four years of experience, you can expect to earn anywhere from INR 30,000 – 70,000 per month


sports counselling


Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is studying how the principles of psychology influence athlete performance, exercise, and physical activity. 

A sports psychologist can play a huge role in athletes’ cognitive, emotional, motivational, and physiology. As a result, they also play an important role in the entire sports industry. 

However, this is still an emerging field in India but as competition and fierceness of sports grow, these types of psychologists also grow in demand. Sports psychologists can work with a sports team, coaching centers, academies, and leagues. 

If you choose to pursue a career in psychology and wish to help athletes in a massive way, this might the right choice for you. Expect to get paid around INR 30,000 – 40,000 per month when you are getting started. You can expect to earn much more with more experience. 

To become a sports psychologist you will need to be keen on understanding stress management as well as have a thorough knowledge of exercise and other health aspects. 


forensic psychology


Forensic Psychology 

Forensic psychology refers to applying the principles of psychology to the legal questions. It basically deals with witness testimony, the justice system, and the law. 

Forensic psychologists work with jails, prisons, forensic laboratories, rehabilitation centers, law firms, schools, police departments, and other judicial and law institutions. 

They play a vital role in understanding the criminals’ psyche, crime motivation as well as with the nature of sentencing. Furthermore, in divorce cases, forensic psychologists play a vital role in child custody. 

The average income of a forensic psychologist in India is around INR 3lakhs per annum

To become a forensic psychologist, you’ll need to have a knowledge of both the law and the principles of psychology.


consumer psychology


Consumer Psychology

As the name suggests, consumer psychology refers to the study of why people buy or prefer certain things over others. The whole field works on understanding how human beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions affect their entire buying decisions. 

Consumer psychologists’ job role is to find the cognitive decision-making process of consumers as well as their responses to the marketing efforts. They work closely with marketing executives as well as sales and operations people to help improve the sales of a product. 

With the digital age being on a rise, theirs no doubt that consumer psychologists are becoming higher in demand. They play an important role in the growth of a company. 

From the design of the website to the copy that goes along with a marketing campaign, consumer psychologists not only help a business generate more sales but also with its branding. 

Having a strong marketing or business foundation can truly help you in selecting consumer psychology as a career.


Now that you know about the different fields in psychology, it is time to research more on which field interests you. This will help you make informed decisions to pursue your career in Psychology.


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