Pursuing your passion is not always the most easy road. You have to spend a lot of time and learn new skills to keep on doing what you love. One such is the story of Pragati Sambrani, who attended the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop to explore different styles of writing and ended up falling in love with poetry. 

Pragati Sambrani

My Introduction to MyCaptain

We have always heard, if you truly want something then one fine day you will achieve it. Being keen on creative writing, I am constantly looking for ways to enhance my skills and get better at it every single day. It was a random day when I came across an advertisement of MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop on Facebook, and seeing that it was just a month long online workshop, I went ahead and signed up for it.

I had expected it to be a workshop in which we are just provided certain material and resources to go through on our own, but I was surprised and at the same time glad to find out that we would also have a mentor, more specifically a Captain, who would be guiding us throughout the month with everything that revolved around creative writing.

The MyCaptain Experience

Even though I had checked out the MyCaptain platform to see the topics that will be covered in the span of 30 days, I still wasn’t sure what to expect. Getting introduced to Captain Madhura and being her mentee has been one of the best experiences. I have always been more into free style writing and was never inclined towards poetry, probably because I couldn’t understand the depth behind it.

I always considered myself as a non-poetic person, but my interactions with Captain Madhura during the workshop changed my entire perception towards poetry and I even started writing some poetry myself eventually. The workshop also encouraged me to read more of non-fiction, biographies and auto-biographies so that I could expand my horizons more.

Getting Published Online and Launching my Blog

I was over the moon when one of my articles got selected to be published by Youth Ki Awaaz, and I can only thank Captain Madhura for the same because she pushed us to write regularly thus helping me increase consistency in my writing and gaining confidence. Now, I also have my own blog Walk Through Life, which I use to share my views on everything around me.

This workshop really helped me grow as a writer and has helped me approach writing in a much better manner than I could have ever imagined, and the best part about the workshop was having Captain Madhura by my side who explained everything so well and cleared all our doubts, irrespective of how silly they were and above everything else she made me want to explore the world of poetry.

I would like to tell everyone to just give it a shot in whatever is their field of passion, and they will be left surprised when they explore their own potential.

Want to embark on your journey of exploring the world of creative writing, then sign up for the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop