This lockdown period has given us all way too much time in our hands.


We can make use of this time to add a few skills that will help you grow in your career or maybe start a career while you develop your interests alongside.


Did you drop off all your doodling and drawing skills as soon as you finished your school and have been forever waiting to go back to your passion for drawing, this is the best time to get back to it. 


While doing so why not gain a skill that will improve your job prospects and introduce you to a whole new world constantly needing creative ideas.


Among the many skills you could learn during this quarantined time, Graphic design is one of the hottest options to consider and try out.


Teaching thousands of mentees, we know that graphic design in simple words is ‘creating visual concepts.’ They can be created either by hand or through computer software to communicate information or ideas to the users. 


In today’s super techie world, everything we turn to is digitized may it be an app or a website or advertisements, pictorial representation, and usage of symbols have increased. This is exactly where graphic design comes to play. 


Graphic designers visualize concepts that are able to inspire and transform. They help companies and individuals convey the message through wordless communication and create that impact. 

Steps to get started with your journey in graphic designing

Find resources for Graphic Design 

Graphic design is a field that needs a lot of visual content to work with and develop on, this content is known as resources in graphic design


Every designer will work with different kinds of resources, therefore it is a must to know where to obtain the resources and especially the ones, one wants to particularly work with. 


Graphic design resources and tools can make your work more creative and help you build your own style. Start looking for vector or stock images also not to forget the trending fonts and illustrations. 


There are several websites out there that offer graphic designing resources. Here, check out this one – click here

Learn the principles of design 

Before getting deep into graphic design do your initial study, graphic design is a form of art and every art form has a set of concepts holding it and it is a must to understand the underlying theory and concepts behind it. 


Take your time to learn the principles and elements like balance, patterns, colors, and typography. Understanding the design principles well will make your work more systematic and authentic.


Learn design theory and methods through online courses from 

Alison – Applying Design Principles 



Select your specialization/niche

Why choose a niche? 


In any job role, a specialization clearly sets you apart from the generalist.  


As a graphic designer one will do better one you pick a particular specialization to work with. You can create your brand and develop it. You will be able to determine distinctly what your area of work is, attract and service your clients better. 


Moreover, your niche will assist your growth to be the field. Your clear understanding of the designing principles will help you choose your niche better. 


Identify your niche and build in it but start with the many areas of design to have general skills, to begin with. 

Acquire the applications needed for designing

It is through these graphic design software one gets to modify and use the visual images. 


There are plenty of applications for various requirements. The applications help in creating a whole lot of items right from websites to gaming too. They offer features that are super innovative and creative to work with. 


Well, graphic designers generally involve and work with many applications but if you are starting with design, the focus of software that is specific to your study or work. 


Some of the essential graphic designing applications are mentioned below –


Adobe Photoshop – One of the most versatile and well-used programs in the field. Photoshop enables uses from product designing, website mockup, business card designing, to digital contents and graphics. 


Adobe Illustrator – A vector drawing program that is mostly used in cartoons, logo designing and can be used in a wide range of platforms.


CorelDraw – Is a flexible vector package. By providing a number of tools, it makes it easier to create images or drastically edit them. The tool makes pattern designs from basic shapes & lines to complex ones which are used to make vector illustration, logos


QuarkXPress – A desktop publishing software that is of great use to design and create new layouts. Often used in brochure designing, posters, and press ad creation.

Using resources to master your design


The best way to master your skill and design at graphic design is by doing it. You have to create and keep doing it. Observe it from better designers and use your creativity to develop your niche in the field. 


The most important thing is to get out there and practice. 


Apply the skills you’ve learned at work or internships. Identify good and bad designs, Work on projects, and gather as much experience you possibly can. 


Graphic design is a skill that will consume human hours and only then will you get a better perspective and become a good designer. 


Despite what level they are at, designers continue to grow and learn every day and from every design they create. Find a great design community and learn with them. 

Put together a great portfolio

You need to showcase your designs and work to the world out there. Building a portfolio is like proof of your skills.


How to build a portfolio from scratch?


Develop your brand through what you put in your portfolio, advertise your designing skills. Be thoughtful to include the strongest and your most creative pieces together.


Include the projects you have worked on. Your portfolio is going to speak for you and get you the dream project. Invest in building a solid portfolio. 


Some of the best places to find a graphic design job would be to share your portfolio among your social groups to get to your client.

Find internships to improve your skills

The best learning is learning through working, to start your path with graphic designing be sure to do an internship


You will get exposure to new skills and new techniques out there. Your internship could be the place you decide your specialization and work on developing your niche. 


Moreover, at an internship, you get exposure to a professional environment and understand what is expected. You develop a style for your design. Coming out of your internship you will definitely learn more.


So put together these steps and get started with the design. 


Check out MyCaptain’s – Graphic Design 101 if you wish to get a super informative course, discover the world of design, as well as network with professionals.


Graphic designing is a skill if you nurture well one could reach great success, on your journey as a graphic designer build your niche to be a sought after designer.