When a tiny bird takes its first flight into the unending sky- how does it feel to take the very first step into the void?

A million emotions may rush through your mind. You may even hear screams of all the ‘no’s, but it’s that one ‘yes’ that leads you to the light.

Read the story of Vartika, who took the leap to be what she wanted to be.

Introduction to MyCaptain

I am not someone who enjoys a monotonous life. Ever since I was a child, I have always been excited about exploring different things.

I completed my education in the field of science and graduated as an Electronics and Communications Engineer from Lucknow University.

My first job was as a data analyst in a Bangalore-based organization for 2 years. And then COVID-19 – hit.

We were all locked inside our homes, spending way too much time in front of our screens. It was then that my interest in digital media was rekindled.

I used to scroll through social media for hours and wonder what it was like behind the scenes. I have always wanted to be a part of the digital field, and the lockdown was the perfect opportunity to explore the field.

It was then that I started looking for resources that could help me pursue my interest in digital media and digital marketing. As I was scrolling through Instagram, an ad about the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro Course popped up.

I found a lot of positive reviews about the format of the course, so I decided to join their course.

My intention behind joining this course was just to explore a new option, but who knew that what I did as my interest would end up being something that I would be so thankful for in the future!

Days At MyCaptain

The environment at MyCaptain was always like the dream classroom every student wants.

Our mentors at MyCaptain, were not people who followed the conventional way of teaching, but they acted like our friends, who were having a mere discussion about a certain topic, and ended up teaching us all that was needed to be taught, about the field.

I remember my mentors at the Digital Marketing Pro Course, like Captain Athira, made the entire process of studying and learning extremely seamless.

She, like all the other captains, did not believe in the old and conventional method of teaching and learning through prescribed material. The courses focused on departing practical knowledge through different mediums.

My favourite part of the course was the interactions we had with our mentors and the case studies we had throughout the journey. These were very interesting to read and work on, and the course felt like something I wouldn’t want to end.

When you take up an online course, it is difficult to maintain the same level of enthusiasm as you had in the beginning. However, the courses at MyCaptain differed from the other courses because of the efforts our Captains put in.

The course material was actually so interesting that it never felt difficult to read through it. I started, just skimming through the material, but even before I could realize it, I was done with the topic, well-versed with the information that I needed, and I dashed through the quizzes that we had at the end of every lesson.

Post this came the placement training, which helped us with tackling our interviews and securing internships.

What after MyCaptain?

MyCaptain is not a platform that abandons its students after the completion of the course. The help of the placement cell of MyCaptain made the entire process related to the placement so incredibly easy and seamless.

We had mock interviews which helped us to realise what we could improve on and where we could shine.

And it is because of the help of MyCaptain, that I could bag a great internship opportunity, along with a PPO, and start my career in the field of Digital Marketing.

I am very thankful to MyCaptain for making this entire journey such a fun, intriguing and enjoyable one. I will always thank myself for taking that one decision and joining MyCaptain as a mentee because that was the decision that proved out to be one of the best decisions of my entire life.

Ending with a Quote

Taking a decision to change your career is not something very easy to do and involves a million thoughts, which might sometimes leave you confused.

To anyone who’s reading this, I would want to say,

Follow your dreams, your passions and your interests and everything will slowly but steadily fall into place. One should not be afraid of taking any risks, for it is a risk that ends up being an individual’s best memories.

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