There’s no denying the fact that words heal the ones who dwell in them.

In this story, we take you through the journey of a 19-year-old, passionate and success driven girl, pursuing her B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, at the same time dwelling in words and weaving stories, to express her emotions and thoughts. Interacting with Captain Ananya Mehra during her Creative Writing Workshop, Christina is now recognised as a writer at various platforms.

Read more to know her story and love with words, philosophy and more!

Christina Sherin

My Introduction to MyCaptain.

Going back in time, I have always had a fondness for words and their enticing nature. Writing has been my everlasting hobby, since I was ten years old. As a young adult, I had endless doubts and questions in my head about where and how to begin pursuing my hobby. I found myself stuck and didn’t know how to take the first step forward. It is only with the help and guidance through MyCaptain, that I had the privilege to follow my hobby.

Just like any other college student, I was up to pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering, meanwhile struggling to find a safe space and platform to publish my words. Like a classic millennial, I came across MyCaptain one day on my Instagram feed and that was where it all began! I’m pretty grateful to Instagram that way!

I was in search of a helping hand, a sort of guidance on how and where to begin the journey of following my hobby. That’s when MyCaptain came into the picture, and that led me to walking on this journey in a much clearer way.

Going through their workshops, I knew the one that I had to go for. Taking up the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop has, hands down, been one of the best and most engaging experiences of my life.


The MyCaptain Experience.

Under the Creative Writing Workshop, I was guided by Captain Ananya Mehra, who ensured that every step that I take forward was in the right direction. All along the way, the Captain encouraged me to think beyond the box, to write more freely and to express my heart out.

A person only learns through their mistakes, and so did I. The Captain, Ananya, was very patient with me all along and helped me out gracefully with every error and mistake that I encountered. Every piece of writing that I wrote, was encouraged more and more by the Captain, meanwhile also ensuring that I rectify my mistakes and errors.

I took up the workshop for a month and as a whole, it was a very engaging experience for me.

I believe, that while we’re on a journey to learning something, we’re bound to fall, have doubts and questions. At the Workshop, all my doubts, questions and dilemmas were solved and answered through live sessions, which is one of the best aspects of it. Seldom do we get to have our doubts and questions answered through live video sessions in a workshop, and that is one of the most unique factors of taking up this workshop at MyCaptain.

Coming to the part where I gained an insight into the life of being a writer – it was with the help of such engaging content and assignments, that helped me grow and explore my potential as a writer. This 30-day Workshop has helped build more confidence in me than anything else.

Before I began the workshop, I had no clue how to grow my platform on Instagram, that I’d solely dedicated for my pieces of writings. But, after taking up the Creative Writing Workshop and learning the various aspects of writing, I’m glad I was able to grow my platform exponentially!


My Recognition As A Writer.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that before taking up the workshop, I did not have enough confidence in me to showcase and express my thoughts in the form of words. It was only after taking up the workshop, learning under the guidance of Captain Ananya Mehra, that I had the courage to build up enough confidence to help myself grow potentially as a writer.

Today, I’m glad to be recognised as a writer at various platforms. Soon after the workshop, I volunteered as a State Head for Creative Writing at Inked Square, and none of this would have been possible without MyCaptain.

To any and every body out there, who’s searching for the right path to walk on, keep going. Your journey is long and your experiences will make it all worth it.

There’s always a gem within each and every one of us, and to be able to find and refine that gem, we need a gentle push, a helping hand, a guiding source, to help us reach our destination. I’m glad I found mine through MyCaptain!

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