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From pursuing Computer Science Engineering to working on prediction models – A quick look into Aarushi’s Journey

The journey of a second year undergraduate student, pursuing Computer Science Engineering and taking the leap forward with her love for Artificial Intelligence. Read ahead to know how her achievements are taking her places!

Aarushi Sharma


I have always been curious about new things around me. Being a Computer Science student, only drove me to explore the tech world more and more. As a result of which, I took such a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence.


My Introduction To MyCaptain

A WhatsApp message from an acquaintance led me to finding out about MyCaptain! After a bit of research, I got on board with the team of MyCaptain under the Artificial Intelligence Workshop. 

As I’d always been fond of learning Artificial Intelligence, I was in search of a few good courses that would help me create a good base in the same. I’d wanted to learn about Artificial Intelligence from the scratch and thus began my journey with MyCaptain 



My Experience With MyCaptain

The experience with MyCaptain and the Workshop had been more like a great roller coaster ride! The live video sessions with Captain Aviral have to be the highlight of the workshop. He cleared all our doubts during the course of workshop. Irrespective of how many questions we all had, he ensured to solve every single query. 

Captain Aviral guided me in the best possible way to follow my passion and reach out for greater heights. 

As a result of taking up the workshop, I have been able to connect with more people in the field. I have been in touch with amazing people, who have excelled in their career and continue to inspire me with their work.



My Artificial Intelligence Project

I have worked on a crime prediction model that focuses on a very major and a very critical part of our society. It is based on different types of crimes and the pattern followed by criminals. For instance, I built the model using a couple of classifications and algorithms which finds the possibility of a crime taking place in a particular area, at a particular time. As a result of this, I gained high appreciation and applause from my faculty for the project.

I’m a Machine Learning Member at Aakash Research Labs, a tie-up of IIT-Bombay, and it truly feels great to be a part of something so huge!



A few words

I distinctly remember the time I have spent feeling confused about what I want to pursue, and I found MyCaptain at the right time. This is for any one who is looking to take the leap of faith

Once you decide to go for something, you only need to remain constant. Everything unfolds as you keep walking on the path and with platforms like MyCaptain, it’s never difficult to go wrong with your career choices! 


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What’s the future, you ask? Hear it from Monalisa Panda, an AI enthusiast!

“Learning about computers gives me a different kind of adrenaline rush, and what better time to learn about it in depth than now? Artificial Intelligence is the future!”

Monalisa Panda, an EEE student at IIIT Bhubaneshwar shares with us the story of her journey with MyCaptain

Monalisa Panda

I fondly remember always being interested in computers and their functioning. It is something that makes my heart race! I believe we’re all moving towards a lifestyle where Artificial Intelligence will slowly take over every aspect of our lives. And, to be able to learn a substantial part of it with the help of MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop, has been one of the best things! 


My Introduction To MyCaptain

I was introduced to MyCaptain when I came across one of their ads on social media. This drove me to check out the different workshops offered on their platform. 

Seeing that they offered over 25 workshops in different fields, filled me with delight. I always had a keen interest towards Artificial Intelligence, so I immediately signed up for the same.

I was pursuing EEE, but lacked proper exposure to Artificial Intelligence to learn anything useful about it.


My Experience With MyCaptain

For the duration of the workshop, Captain Swathi was my mentor. She was always present to clear all our doubts and explain every concept to the last detail.

It is because of Captain Swathi that I can positively say that I understand the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Whenever we are starting out on a path to explore something new, it is important to have someone who will guide


Covering Milestones!

MyCaptain gave me the confidence to work on a thesis under my professor at IIIT Bhubaneshwar, on Biomedical Signal Analysis. The thesis covers topics such as detecting signals of ECG, MRI, etc. 

Another project that I took up was with Dream 11 app, wherein I’m working on the machine learning part of the workflow. The app helps create one’s own Cricket team, and gradually, we’re coming up with a website that will help predict the winners of the IPL Cricket Match. 

All the projects that I’ve worked on so far, have been possible only due the Workshop that I took with MyCaptain. I have received immensely positive and supportive remarks on this journey of following my love for Artificial Intelligence. 


A Little Something For Captain Swathi.

Before beginning the Artificial Intelligence Workshop with MyCaptain, I was trying my hand at self learning. Meanwhile, I was missing out on important topics to be covered. 

Soon after taking up the workshop, I felt even more motivated and interested to dig deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence and the reason, of course, was Captain Swathi! 

To be able to cover the doubts of multiple students in an hour, and teach them from the basics to the best takes great efforts! 


An Ending Note!

The MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop acted as a fuel to my fire; helped me aim and soar higher. I want to take a moment to thank MyCaptain for the amazingly interactive and informative workshops. 

For many of us out here who lack exposure into fields of our passions, MyCaptain is playing a major role in our lives to help us reach our desired goals!


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Keerthana’s Story of Completing Projects For Virtual Labs, an MHRD Initiative of The Govt. Under IIIT Hyderabad.

“Web Development has always been a fascinating stream for me and to be able to learn about the same on a deeper level always seemed better and brighter.”

A student of Computer Engineering from IIIT Nagpur, Keerthana made her journey with MyCaptain Web Development Workshop.




I had always been interested in learning Web App Development. I wouldn’t deny that I have been in search of platform that would help me understand it better. The fascination brewed well into exploring the tech world on a deeper level, through the Web Development Workshop with MyCaptain.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

My friends knew I was looking for a platform that would help me enhance my skills. So I was over the top, when my friends recommended the MyCaptain workshops to me. They had previously taken up workshops with MyCaptain and had wonderful experiences.

This was right after my first year of Computer Science Engineering, and so I knew I could take up the workshop in my summer vacations.

I was clear on taking up the Web Development Workshop, as it had always fascinated me. Due to the lack of proper exposure in my college curriculum around the same, I decided to go ahead with MyCaptain’s Web Development Workshop


My Workshop Experience

One thing I was skeptic about was the kind of interactions that would happen, because the sessions would be online. But MyCaptain ensured that all the mentees had a beautiful experience with such interactive captains.

I was mentored by Captain Ishpreet, who gave us insights about every single concept. I personally believe, that to make the most of a learning session, inputs are needed from both ends, i.e. from the mentor as well a the mentee. And Captain Ishpreet ensured that he put in best of his efforts to help us learn and gain knowledge in the best way possible.

Alongside the workshop, I had also taken up an internship in Web Development. Because of which I had multiple doubts in it, and Captain Ishpreet helped me with that as well.


My Journey So far!

After the workshop, I got an opportunity to work on three different projects during my internship under MHRD Government of India, at IIT Hyderabad. All these projects revolved around software development and each of them made me learn something new.

Two of these projects were based Digital Logic and Design Lab, while the third project was based on Neural Lab. I received positive response on these projects, and that boosted my confidence even more.

Captain Ishpreet had explained us all the applications of various concepts, which made it easier for me to execute my projects. Having a base knowledge of things, can really help you go a long way.


A Little Something For MyCaptain!

MyCaptain is doing brilliant work by providing a platform for everyone to explore their passions. I will forever be grateful for their efforts and the support they provide to the mentees during and after the workshop.


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From a Computer Geek to an App Developer – A Glimpse into Yash’s Techy World

Were you the kid who was always the first one to enter the computer lab in your school? Have you always looked forward to the launch of new gadgets? Then you will be able to resonate with Yash’s Story. Read onto know how he ended up developing his own app after the MyCaptain App Development Workshop

Yash Gohel

My Childhood Love : Computers

“Yash!” called out my computer teacher and there came a loud “Yes ma’am” from the little me already with one foot inside the computer lab. I used to be so excited about computers all the time that I opened my shoe-laces 15 minutes before the computer period at school, so that I could be the first one to enter my fantasy world.

Most of my friends were just into playing games like Pinball and Minesweeper back at the lab while I used to daydream about how these computer apps actually worked. How were those mines in Minesweeper so strategically placed every time? How did the Pinball so accurately moved when it hit an area? How?

For me the computer lab was something that coke labs were for Pablo Escobar(Just kidding) Although yes, I was immersed in to the sheer questions that arose in my mind when I saw games and applications working so fine on desktops.

My father was adamant on not getting me a personal computer as he felt I’ll turn out like our neighbor’s son who played GTA and Road Rash all the time. You might remember these names, right? We all have been addicted by them at some level. For me, I made sure the journey was different. While my friends played these games, I studied coding and computer languages behind creating this artificial world.

I remember the persuasion that went behind getting my first PC and I assure you if that amount of negotiation was done on an international stage a lot of international affairs would’ve been sorted. I had to get a 100 in my computer exam to show my love for computers to my dad.



My Introduction to MyCaptain

In these times while growing up I saw the age of smartphones rise from its birth to what it is today and it didn’t take me long to figure out that mobile apps were going to be the next big thing and I wanted to learn everything. I went across the internet finding a good online course to learn the same but found all their material boring and pre-recorded.

While I was doing this for some weeks I came across a friend who suggested me to to check MyCaptain’s website.

“Oh, another online tutorial” was my reaction but having nothing better to do, I checked their website. And this one actually caught my attention. It seemed really interesting once I read about the mentors and their journeys. Felt as if someone was talking in my shoes.


The MyCaptain Experience

Joining the Android App Development Workshop was one of the best decisions I ever took. Captain Prashanth ensured that all of us had a wonderful experience. He cleared all our doubts patiently and took us through the entire process of app development step by step.

Even today, months after the workshop has ended, if I reach out to him for anything, he patiently solves my queries. Initially, I was doubtful about my capabilities as everything I knew about tech so far was self-taught, but Captain Prashanth encouraged me and ensured me that I was on the right path.


After the Workshop

My journey with MyCaptain didn’t end there. After the Android App Development Workshop, I eventually went back and attended some more workshops like Entrepreneurship, Internet of Things and even Coder’s Pack.

I have even developed my first app, which is an Online Booking System. Salons can register themselves on the app and then their various customers can use the app to book their appointments for different services.

MyCaptain has played a major role in helping me hone my skills and pursue my passion.


If you are inspired by Yash’s story and want to explore the tech world for yourself, then sign up for the App Development Workshop with MyCaptain. 

Shivangi’s journey of making it to the Top 10 in the National Smart India Hackathon

You never know what the future holds for you and what you can achieve unless you take the first step towards your passion. Read Shivangi’s story to know how she decided to explore the world of web development for herself. And how she ended up in the top 10 in the National Smart India Hackathon after the MyCaptain Web Development Workshop

Shivangi Goel

“Har saal yaha chaar lakh applications aate hai, isme se sirf 200 select hote hai!”  The words of Viru Sahastra Buddhe rang in my ears as I made my way to Silver Oak College of Engineering after passing the hurdles of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The nervous excitement of a new atmosphere, new friends and at the same time melancholy of leaving behind home and comfort was evident in everyone’s eyes.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

I was graduating in Computer engineering, however my passion wasn’t it. I had come across 6-7 subjects during the first two years, but I had never really loved any of them, except one which had caught my eye -“Web Development”

I would sit around reading blogs about web development and researching on the subject. I was attracted to this field, and somehow felt it was right! One day going through some online workshop programmes on the internet, my roommate called out; 

“Haha, you plan on changing your life, sitting in an engineering college?” 

“Nah, just going through some workshops for web development, I think I’ve developed a taste for it”

“Come on. Such workshops won’t do any good. We’re a herd of engineering students, drowning in an ocean of mediocrity. Let’s order pizza and focus on the submissions next week.”

Just when I was about to give up, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of MyCaptain. I visited its website and was fascinated by the young achievers and their mentorship programmes. I knew this was what I needed to kickstart my journey towards my passion. 


My Workshop Experience

And soon began a life-changing experience – Web Development Workshop under captain Harshith. 

This was what I felt was lacking in our education system. We are taught to cram textbooks without the slightest importance to practical knowledge. Under Captain Harshith, I learned everything about web development including future opportunities and career prospects. He would happily solve all my doubts and queries at all odd hours, be it early mornings or late nights. 

After the workshop, I started feeling confident about my work and started working with all my passion. 


My Debut as a Front End Developer

I was working on a project called Instagym. It’s a concept of revolutionising gyms, where a single membership can be used across all the gyms of the country. We were a team of 7, and we designed an android app for the customers and a web app for the gym owners and admins for the same. 

I was the front end web developer in the project. I had given my everything to this project, and we decided to submit the idea in the upcoming National Smart India Hackathon. My friends were shocked to see this transformation from a shy, clueless me to a confident, smart lady.

After that, I applied for an internship as a facilitator at MyCaptain to continue working on different projects and aced it. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought about nailing a job at the same platform that made me what I am today. 

One fine day, as my friend was messing with phone, there was a notification alert. She opened it and didn’t say a word for 4 minutes. 

“You’re in the top 10 of National Smart India Hackathon”

“Yeah, right” I said laughing. 

She flashed the screen in front of me and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I even pinched myself twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I really was one of the top 10 in the National Smart India Hackathon.


At the grand finale of National Smart India Hackathon


I can’t describe the feeling of getting recognised at a national platform and see your parents beaming with pride. It was a privilege to work with the intelligent minds across the nation and learning with them. It is an achievement it itself, and is my biggest achievement till date.

Today when I look back at my younger self – a naïve and mediocre engineering student, I can’t help but smile over how MyCaptain changed my life. That’s the thing about MyCaptain. It picks up rookies like me from the ground and makes sure we come out with flying colours. That’s why I like to call it “The Red Bull”. Because, it really does give you wings.


Inspired by Shivangi’s Story and want to explore your passion?
Take the leap with MyCaptain and sign up for the Web Development Workshop.

Read the story of Chirag and his love for robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Chirag Garg, a final year EC student at Vellore University talks about his love and passion for robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and we are so thrilled to be sharing the story of his success and mentoring. Read ahead to know how he successfully conducted two projects after taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop at MyCaptain

Chirag Garg


My Introduction to MyCaptain.

On one random day, an online ad led me to the website of MyCaptain and the next thing I knew, I was engaged in researching about the types of workshops provided by them. Initially, I was working as an intern with them, where I was responsible for spreading the word about MyCaptain and their workshops on my campus. During this time, I was helping other students take the first step towards their passion. After my internship, I decided to take the leap myself and I signed up for the Artificial Intelligence Workshop


The MyCaptain Experience.

I have been working in IoT since the first year of my college and have been thinking of studying robotics in the future. I am constantly looking to learn more about the same and constantly increase my knowledge in the field. I wanted to learn about it all, from software to designing to coding and that is why MyCaptain was my go to choice for the same.

My workshop experience has really been amazing. I have always been someone who prefers application learning rather than just theoretical learning. With MyCaptain, that is exactly what you get with the most engaging and interactive content for the workshop. With the combination of live sessions, content and tasks in the workshop, it was ensured that we are able to understand all the fundamentals clearly.

My mentor for the workshop was Captain Swathi, and she helped me with all of my workshop doubts. The live sessions with Captain Swathi ensured that I was able to clear all my doubts and it also helped me in gaining confidence to apply all the knowledge that I gained from the workshop.


My Artificial Intelligence Projects

The workshop helped me understand about Artificial Intelligence, from the very basic fundamentals to all the complex concepts. This gave me the confidence to work on two different Artificial Intelligence projects.

The first project that I worked upon was a Classification Model, using Python. It could be used by to classify whether a patient has a liver disease or not. It is a supervised learning classification project and I made use of multiple classifiers such as logistic regression, decision tree, KNN. In my project, I observed that the Random Forest Classifier showed the maximum accuracy on test data.

The second project that I worked upon was a Twitter Sentiment Analysis. The project is based on feature extraction, and is used for the analysis of sentiments of tweets posted on a particular topic.


A Word For Other AI Aspirants. 

Based on my personal experience, I’m utterly thankful to MyCaptain for creating an environment of growth and learning, to help students like me, know and learn better and perform better. 

As I’ve come across other engineering students willing to take up Artificial Intelligence as a field of research, there’s a small message that I want to give out to them – once you decide to go for it, make sure to keep going forward with it. The more you know, the more you learn, and the more you practice, the more it will help you understand and perform better. Artificial Intelligence is a field of pure practical applications, and the more you push yourself towards learning and carrying out projects, the more you’ll keep growing. 

The initial push is always the hardest, but that’s exactly what MyCaptain is there for! 


Inspired by Chirag and want to explore the tech world for yourself? Then, sign up for the MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop


Read Rishabh’s Story – An Avid Learner, Accomplishing His Love For Knowledge Beyond Textbooks.

“In order to stand out, you need to do something extra, and that in my case, came through MyCaptain.”, says the Rishabh, a 2nd year student of Computer Science Engineering, in Pune. Read ahead to know how he makes his way forward by exploring the field of Artificial Intelligence, after taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop with MyCaptain.

Rishabh Karamkar

My Introduction With MyCaptain

The fascination took over when I was introduced to MyCaptain through one of the interns in the company, who had previously advertised the workshops, that eventually made me research and scroll about the number of workshops offered by MyCaptain.

Initially I was really naive about online workshops, but with time and good research skills, that led me to taking up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop, and my experience, has hands down been a great one!


The MyCaptain Experience

Being a 2nd year Computer Science student, it is highly unlikely for me to be learning about Artificial Intelligence at my college. However, this was also a field that widely fascinated me, and then MyCaptain came to the rescue. With the help of MyCaptain, I was able to explore in depth the basic and the most elaborative of all concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Learning a new subject, from the scratch isn’t a small deal. However, in my case, it was amazingly taken care of by Captain Ashish, who made sure that every concept that I learn, was deeply rooted in my system. As a learner, I was bound to lose track of my understanding at certain topics, and not once did Captain Ashish fail to make me understand and clear my doubts over and over again.

It’s always comforting to know that once you’re done taking the lectures, your Captain is always down for clearing your doubts, your queries and helping you grow with each passing session. This is something that we rarely get to witness and experience, and being at MyCaptain, and being trained under Captain Ashish has clearly helped me a lot in understanding the concepts better.

So, when we talk of online workshops, interaction stands as a major barrier, as most of the lectures are mostly pre-recorded, which leaves you with no option and choice to get your doubts cleared or answered at the earliest. This is where my favourite feature comes in – at MyCaptain, we get to have weekly interactive sessions with our Captain, who helps us out with our doubts, queries and mistakes. MyCaptain workshops are so elaborative, and are designed in such a way that they ultimately require the assistance of the respective Captains.


My Journey After Taking The Workshop

No words would ever be enough to thank MyCaptain for the achievements and milestones that I was able to cover after taking up the workshop. Being highly fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, the decision to take up the workshop turned out to be the best one, as I was successfully able to present and showcase projects based on Artificial Intelligence, at my college exhibition. The concepts and projects were widely appreciated, so much so that I am now working on writing a research paper of my own, based on my projects. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!


A Few More Words

Ending with nothing but a few words of motivation – for everybody out there, who’s my age, or younger, or older, there’s only one thing I’ve got to say – dream big! Never constrain yourself from moving in the direction of your dreams and goals. With platforms like MyCaptain, you’ll always find the right assistance required for you to grow, at any given point of time!


Want to understand what all the buzz is about? Sign up for MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop.

Saurabh’s Journey of Learning and Exploring His Love For Artificial Intelligence.

Today, we bring to you the story of a young adult, pursuing engineering and possessing the love for Artificial Intelligence. Read the story of Saurabh Sinha, a student of SRM University, and how he fell in love with the idea of Artificial Intelligence, after taking up the workshop with Mycaptain.

Saurabh Sinha

My Introduction to MyCaptain

As an engineering student, I had always been keen and interested in learning and exploring new things, be it about data science or Artificial Intelligence. However, there’s not much that I could study and explore in the field of Artificial Intelligence, as I had no exposure in that field and the existing information was pretty limited, in my university. That’s when a friend of mine suggested I go for a related workshop at MyCaptain, and that’s how it all began. I was told by my friend that taking up the workshop would be a good opportunity, and there’s no denying this fact, as it has probably been one of the best experiences for me, so far.


The MyCaptain Experience

I have always believed in the idea of learning, exploring and experimenting beyond the limits and the reach of what’s known. And, so, as I was moving forward with my projects based on data science, at the university, I was really keen about exploring the field of artificial intelligence. This is exactly what made me opt for the AI Workshop with MyCaptain, as I was very certain that this would open up a great level of opportunities, and knowledge of practical application required for my learning.

The decision of taking up the MyCaptain AI Workshop has been one of the best. From learning the basics, to learning the best of AI, I was taught everything by my amazing Captain Vedika. She made sure the workshops were interactive, filled with the right knowledge and information required to go ahead in this field. The lectures were made very interactive and equally fun. The lectures taken by Captain Vedika were quite interactive and in certain cases of doubts and queries, they were patiently answered and solved by the Captain.

The entire 30-day Workshop prepared me for my upcoming projects, helping me in inculcating the concepts of Artificial Intelligence in the best way possible. After taking up the workshop, I was able to better present the model and concepts of AI in my projects, which were much appreciated by my faculty. Had I not taken up the Artificial Intelligence Workshop this would not have been possible to achieve.


The Journey After the Workshop

I was able to take up internships which gave me an opportunity to work projects based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These projects have helped me immensely in gaining practical knowledge about the various concepts.

As a student and young adult, I’m grateful to MyCaptain and the amazing initiative taken by them, to help students across the country learn better, and learn more than what’s already out there. There’s a lot that goes into studying a particular field, and there’s also, a lot, that’s sadly not taught to us at colleges and universities and that’s where MyCaptain plays the role of a saviour, to any and everybody willing to explore and learn more.


Are you interested in bringing on your tech geek and explore the world of Artificial Intelligence?

Sign up for the MyCaptain Artificial Intelligence Workshop.

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