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Reach out to publishers and make time for writing while working with Madhura Banerjee.

Madhura Banerjee is a published writer that has 2 books of poetry to her name and has contributed to Scholastic India’s books. She has also written freelance articles and children’s fiction for The Telegraph and has had her thoughts preserved in a few other portals as well. 

She is 25 years old and is also a TEDx speaker and has conducted numerous events across India. She was born in Kolkata and currently works in Bangalore while pursuing her passion for music. Apart from being trained in Hindustani classical vocals, she plays the piano as well.

Madura Banerjee is also a Captain for our very own Creative Writing course. 

A glimpse into the session.

After a brief introduction and a lot of love from the attendees, Captain Madhura took over to talk about her life.

From writing her first poem at 7 years old to becoming a published author, we heard about how she wanted people to know about places like Kashung and Kalipur and how she could enlighten people about these places through her poems.

By the age of 21, she knew she wanted to be published so she compiled a bunch of her poems and met with various publishers. As she was a first-timer, she faced rejection but turned it into a positive by self-publishing her first book.

How to get published?

There is a lot that goes into becoming a professional writer, from coming up with ideas for your book to building a writing habit to finding agents and getting published by a publishing company.

Trying to figure out all of this at once could overwhelm anybody, even the best aspiring writers. But if you properly plan out your steps, it could make getting published a lot easier. Whatever your aspiration, the key is to come up with a plan and stick to it.

A few things to keep in mind while trying to get published.

While getting published can be a hard task, here are a few things all writers should do before trying to get published;

  1. Talk to other authors:

Getting to know your fellow writers and making connections can help you understand the industry better. It can also help you meet the right publisher for you.

  1. Put your work up on social media:

Getting your work out there before getting published could give you the much-needed headstart that you require. It can also help you make a name for yourself and you might even end up having some fans out there.

  1. Prepare yourself for rejection: 

While no one likes to be rejected, it can be inevitable in the world of writing. All you can do is brace yourself and handle it well. One rejection isn’t the end of the world, you just have to make sure to not give up on your dream.

  1. Don’t give up:

There are always going to be people that tell you that you’re not going to make it, but what do they know? The only person in charge of your life is you, so keep the hope alive and never give up.

How to get published?

The best way to get published is to network. You can make connections with people that are already in the industry and can help you take your first few steps.

  1. Expand your network:

Meeting and connecting with people in the field can help you understand what the right steps to take are.

  1. Identify your target audience:

Find out what group of readers that you want to read your work, they are the people you are designing your work to intrigue. A target audience should understand everything you write.

  1. Look for potential agents:

Find the right literary agent, take note of some books that are similar to your own and shortlist the ones you think would be the best fit for you.

4. Submit a book proposal:

A proposal helps you summarise your book, its aims, goals, main features and an explanation of the market that it’s meant to intrigue.

How to make time for writing while working a full-time job?

Making time for writing comes from a place of being meticulous and compartmentalising different parts of your life. Balancing your time also heavily influences your ability for finding time to write 

There are multiple ways to make sure you don’t miss out on ideas or forget them, one way is to jot down an idea or a plot or even a prompt the moment it comes to you.

Tips for balancing writing and a full-time job.

  1. Set a schedule for your writing:

             Find a time in your daily routine where you have the freedom to spend time on your 

             writing, make it a habit and do your best to stick to it.

  1. Prioritise your writing:

              It might seem as though there’s always something more important that you should be    

              doing, setting time aside to work on your book or on your poems should be prioritised  

              over things that can be saved for later.

  1. Keep yourself motivated:

Motivation is a huge factor in whether or not you really stick to a new way of doing things. So keeping yourself motivated to write and to find time for it, can help you go a long way in finishing whatever goals you’ve set for yourself.

  1. Set reasonable targets:

             Don’t set your expectations too high, start by setting small reasonable goals that are feasible. Writing one page or one mini poem a day can be a good way to start small and then expand your expectations.

  1. Create the perfect environment:

             Find a spot where you can focus and be left alone, make sure you have all your necessities around and easily accessible for you when you need them, this can help make sure that your mind doesn’t wander while you are focusing on your writing.

Once we heard about ways to get published and how to make time for writing while working a full-time job, it was time for the Q&A session.

All the questions were answered. The audience seemed to love that they could ask questions about their own experience and were given answers that could help them with the struggles they faced while trying to get into the industry.

Overall, it was an amazing session that taught all of us in attendance that no matter what the obstacles in front of you are, if you have a plan and if you stick to it you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Bagging a 3rd prize in a photography competition – Pushkar’s Photography Journey! 

Read the story of a 2nd year student, pursuing his undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering. His love and passion for photography drove him to MyCaptain’s Photography WorkshopRead ahead to know how he bagged a 3rd prize in a photography competition! 


Pushkar Bansal


My love for photography goes back to 2018, when my parents gifted me a DSLR. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I was drawn towards Photography! And, just in time, I found about MyCaptain Photography Workshop, to push myself further in the field.


My Introduction to MyCaptain

Back in 2018, I was struggling to find the right resources to fuel my thirst for photography. It was then a senior of mine introduced me to MyCaptain, after having taken a few courses himself, with the organisation. It’s always good to have an acquaintance back you up with something new.

My love for photography was a reason enough for me to enrol for the Photography Workshop. I owned a DSLR camera and didn’t clearly know where and how to begin working around with it. My equipment became my biggest inspiration to go forward with this step of learning through an online workshop. 

I was certain that this online workshop would give me, a hands-down great experience to remember and carry forward, for the rest of my life.


My Experience With MyCaptain

At MyCaptain, I was guided in the best of ways possible. I had the opportunity to learn under one of the best mentors – Captain Vishruth. He ensured that I learnt about photography – from the basic, theoretical concepts to the most complex and practical ones. 

I was moulded by him, wherein I learnt not just about what photography is, but how to observe patterns and angles around me. The workshop offered me the facility to personally get my doubts cleared by the Captain, and to have a one-on-one interaction with him during the live sessions. 

One of the major problems faced by students like me is to have interactive sessions with mentors, in online workshops. MyCaptain made sure to clear that out with their engaging and highly interesting lectures and live sessions with the mentors. 

In most of the online workshops that are available, there’s very little scope for practical knowledge to be both, imparted and implemented. And, photography being a practical field of study, required to be taught well with the basics of both, theoretical and practical knowledge.

Captain Vishruth made sure to clear out my doubts, every time I bombarded him with my doubts, or was unable to achieve the desired results. 


My Journey of Bagging a 3rd Prize!

Soon after I took up the workshop with MyCaptain, I got an opportunity to take part in an online photography contest, organised all over India by the Government of Punjab, in November 2019.

The contest witnessed around 4000 participants from around the country, of which 200 participants were shortlisted for the final round. 

I was the only representative from my University in the final round of the contest. To my surprise, I ended up winning the 3rd prize in the contest. Nothing feels greater than this, and the entire credit goes to MyCaptain and Captain Vishruth, for helping me gain the best knowledge in this field. 



They’ve helped me polish my passion, and I will forever be grateful to them for this. Winning the 3rd prize in a pan-India photography contest stands as a result to the amazing work the organisation is onto! 

Online features such as the India News Calling and Punjab Update have published this win. Along with this, Greater Punjab and Punjab Tribune featured my win.


Ending With A Few Words.

This goes out for all the ones who carry the fire within them of following their passion – keep hustling, keep working for it. Hard work always pays off – be it today or tomorrow. 

With platforms like MyCaptain, you’re never alone on your journey of finding the right resources. Once you find your path, keep walking forward and you will make the best of memories on it!


Inspired by Pushkar’s journey? You too can fuel your love for photography by signing up for MyCaptain Photography Workshop!

Sanchita’s Journey from being an intern to a Copy Editor of National Column at an e-Media Channel

Read the story of a second year, undergraduate student, Sanchita Sharma ! From being an intern to becoming the Copy Editor after taking up the Journalism Workshop With MyCaptain. She really has come a long way ahead in her field of passion.!

Sanchita Sharma


My Introduction to MyCaptain

Like everyone else, I was pretty clueless about what would be my career path. This was until I stumbled across an Instagram Ad of MyCaptain and turns out it was everything that I needed to get started.

I had journalism as an elective in college, so there wasn’t much exposure provided to the same. However, it was a field which really interested me. After going through the MyCaptain Journalism Workshop details which were given on their website, I decided to sign up for it. 



My Experience with MyCaptain

Being a second year student, I was pretty sure that this was a field which really interested me and I wanted to pursue it. The topics which were being covered in our college, in the elective weren’t detailed. And rather than giving a realistic perspective of how things are in the current scenario, we had to study about the practices which were followed decades ago.

I was lucky to get mentored by Captain Zinnia and Captain Shantam. They made me understand how important it is to throw the limelight on the things happening around the world. Overall, the entire workshop was curated in a manner, which helped me understand all the concepts quite easily. The combination of lessons with tasks and live sessions with the Captains, ensured that we became quite thorough with all the concepts.


My Achievements!

Throughout the duration of the workshop, I saw myself gaining more and more confidence, in turn becoming more sure about pursuing Journalism as a career. While I initially I was working as an intern at an e-media channel, after the knowledge and skills I gained at the workshop I was promoted to being a Copy Editor of the national section.

This has to be one of the highlights of my journey so far, and none of this would have been possible without MyCaptain.



A Few More Words.

I believe in diving deep into any field to truly understand how you can pursue it. Anything that I wish to achieve, I explore the core of it, to understand if that is something I really want to pursue. 

MyCaptain is a driving force for students like me. It’s very rare that we get the right exposure and information in the field of arts. And MyCaptain is extremely dedicated towards helping out students to take the first step towards their passion!


 Are you someone who is interested in pursuing Journalism as a career? Sign up for Journalism Workshop with MyCaptain!

The Love For Words and Stories Have Taken Her A Long Way – Read a Bit From Ritika’s World of Words!

Are you someone who dwells whole-heartedly in words? If yes, then we’ve got a story to share with you! 

Read through the story of a 2nd year student, Ritika Mehra, who expresses her love for words and poems in a personal blog run by her. Read ahead to know how she was able to achieve her dream of dwelling in words after taking up the Journalism Workshop with MyCaptain

Ritika Mehra

I have always been keen on weaving words together to create stories and poems. Observing things around me and describing them in way that everyone would want to read about it, is something I have always wanted to do. Storytelling is an art on its own and it takes a lot of tries to get it right.


Introduction To MyCaptain

Scrolling through Instagram led me to one of the best decisions of my life, as I came across MyCaptain ad. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew, I was already researching about the wide number of workshops offered by MyCaptain. 

For someone like me, coming across MyCaptain was a big help. Having a platform which gives you an opportunity to explore your passion, is something that we all need in this confused age. 

After scrolling through the platform for a while and checking out everything they had to offer, I decided to sign up for Journalism Workshop. The details and description given on the website, made it easier for me know what to expect out of this workshop.

Being a B.Com Student, who wanted to pursue Mass Communication, MyCaptain came in as a blessing in disguise and gave me the push needed to pursue my passion.


My Workshop Experience

I was mentored by Captain Shantam, and he ensured that we understood the fundamentals of Journalism. We used to have live interactive sessions with him and he cleared the queries of all mentees patiently. The content provided to us during the workshop was highly engaging.

Captain Shantam used to go out of his way to help us out. I distinctly remember that I once needed help with debate sessions and Captain Shantam helped me with that as well. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to come so far in my journey.



My Journey Ahead

After the workshop I was filled with confidence and I decided to keep on grabbing the opportunities that came my way. Soon, i started interning as a Content Writer and it is true, you learn more about the field when you are working than just reading about it. So far I have interned at Swacchcoin for a month, followed by which I interned at The Concept India and presently I am working as a writer with The Bachpan News.

I love weaving stories, and eventually my story also got published in the anthology, Love is Magic. These have to be some of my biggest achievement so far and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me.

I personally believe that no matter what your passion is, you always need the push in the right direction to achieve your dreams. And MyCaptain provided me that nudge.


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Tanishq’s journey of becoming a food photographer

Sometimes we all just need a little push and a little guidance to make our passion into something more. Read Tanishq’s story to know how he became a food photographer and a Zomato Connoisseur after he enhanced his photography skills with MyCaptain Photography Workshop

Tanishq Bathla

My Introduction to MyCaptain

I have never really liked the idea of studying just inside the classroom while sticking to selected curriculum. There is so much that a person can learn and explore from things around them. This is why when a friend of mine told me about MyCaptain and how they offer workshops in various fields online, I was quick to check them out. I went ahead and signed up for Photography as well as Content Writing and Blogging workshop.

I was not sure what to expect from this 30 day workshop, but I was quite excited to see how this online workshop would take place.

The MyCaptain Workshop Experience

My entire experience of this 30 day workshop has truly been quite inspiring and all of this was possible cause of Captain Vijay. He was quite friendly and he helped us whenever we faced any issues. The entire workshop was crafted in a beautiful manner which not only helped me learn new skills but the quick feedbacks from the Captain also helped me identify the places where I needed improvement.

The concept of Bokeh was very new to me and I loved exploring it while enhancing my photography skills. Another thing which was amazing about the workshop was that even my fellow mentees shared their feedback on my work. This helped me understand their photography vision and also allowed me to look at things from a new angle.

During the workshop, I had applied for the college photography team but I didn’t get selected. When I spoke to Captain Vijay about this, he made me understand that this shouldn’t stop me from pursuing photography and I could still be a photographer. That was when I realised that I should let my work speak for itself and work on building my own identity.

Building my identity as a Photographer

I always carry my camera with me wherever I go, so I could click pictures on the go. My sister had actually started posting some of the pictures that I had clicked and gave me the credits for the same on her account. This is what drove me to start my own page nukkadpeybhukkad and I started posting on it. People appreciated my work and that motivated me to work more on my Instagram page.

Today I have over 16,000 followers on my Instagram page, I am a Zomato Connoisseur and also a professional food photographer having done multiple shoots for various clients. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but in the meanwhile I am going to click my way through it all.

Are you interested in Photography and want to explore what it is all about?

Then, sign up for the MyCaptain Photography Workshop.

Read how Sanjana took the leap and changed her stream from Journalism to Psychology

It takes a lot of courage to change your stream to pursue what you really want. But there is nothing more rewarding than following your passion and doing what you really love. Read the story of Sanjana Prasad, a mentee who had always wanted to pursue Psychology but lacked proper guidance and direction for the same. However, after the MyCaptain Psychology Workshop, and with encouragement from her Captain she was able to pursue her Masters in Psychology.

Sanjana Prasad

I always had a keen interest in psychology but I lacked the basic knowledge and guidance to pursue it. And after I had entered college for Journalism I wasn’t sure about changing the stream. But even then my curiosity to learn more about human behaviour led me to constantly research about psychology quite often. Though I found a lot of information online, it was all scattered and unstructured, which didn’t allow me to have a proper starting point to explore it properly.

I was left more confused, but I didn’t give up on researching whatever I could about Psychology.

My Introduction to MyCaptain

I was quite lucky, that a friend of mine was doing an internship with MyCaptain and she informed me about the various online workshops they conduct in different fields. I asked her for the details of the Psychology Workshop and considering that I was a 30 day online workshop, I signed up for it without a second thought.

I was hoping that with this workshop I will be able to get a proper starting point and get all my queries cleared.

The MyCaptain Experience

My mentor for the Psychology Workshop was Captain Annette. She not only provided her guidance throughout the workshop but she also ensured that we were able to ask her all sorts of questions. Till this date I have discussions with her about everything psychology.

One of the major highlights of the workshop for me was that Captain Annette took extra efforts to explain the concepts to us. She gave us additional reading material, and whenever certain concepts were unclear she would curate a video to explain it better. I still have all of those videos saved with me, and whenever I am facing any difficulty with the basic concepts I just revisit those videos to understand it better.

I have started linking up various thoughts with different theories of psychology to understand why things happen a certain way. Whenever I shared these with Captain Annette we would end up having in-depth discussions about it. This not only helps me retain the concepts in a better manner but has allowed me to look at things with a new perspective.

My Journey after the Workshop

After the workshop ended, I had a much clearer idea about the field and I was sure that I wanted to pursue Psychology for my higher studies. I was still a bit hesitant, because I was pursuing my bachelor’s in Journalism and I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep up with my batchmates who had done their bachelor’s in Psychology.

Once again, I reached out to Captain Annette and she really encouraged me and pushed me to pursue what I really love. She even provided me a list of psychology books, so I could set a proper foundation for myself in the field before starting my masters.

After I finished my Journalism degree from MOP Vaishnav College, I applied for M.Sc. in Counselling Psychology in Christ University. I also plan to pursue M.Phil in Clinical Psychology followed by a PhD as well. I eventually want to specialise in either Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamics and it would all depend on the university in which I get accepted for my further studies.

A few more words

MyCaptain Workshop didn’t just help me pursue my passion, but it also gave me an opportunity to meet liked minded people. Rarely do we ever sit down and reflect on the kind of person we are, but during the workshop we had done a self-reflection task which helped me learn things about myself and also changed the way I perceived certain things in life.

We commend Sanjana for taking the leap and pursuing what she really loves. If want to explore the world of Psychology just like Sanjana, then sign up for the MyCaptain Psychology Workshop.

Christina’s journey of being recognised as a writer on multiple online platforms.

There’s no denying the fact that words heal the ones who dwell in them.

In this story, we take you through the journey of a 19-year-old, passionate and success driven girl, pursuing her B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, at the same time dwelling in words and weaving stories, to express her emotions and thoughts. Interacting with Captain Ananya Mehra during her Creative Writing Workshop, Christina is now recognised as a writer at various platforms.

Read more to know her story and love with words, philosophy and more!

Christina Sherin

My Introduction to MyCaptain.

Going back in time, I have always had a fondness for words and their enticing nature. Writing has been my everlasting hobby, since I was ten years old. As a young adult, I had endless doubts and questions in my head about where and how to begin pursuing my hobby. I found myself stuck and didn’t know how to take the first step forward. It is only with the help and guidance through MyCaptain, that I had the privilege to follow my hobby.

Just like any other college student, I was up to pursuing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science Engineering, meanwhile struggling to find a safe space and platform to publish my words. Like a classic millennial, I came across MyCaptain one day on my Instagram feed and that was where it all began! I’m pretty grateful to Instagram that way!

I was in search of a helping hand, a sort of guidance on how and where to begin the journey of following my hobby. That’s when MyCaptain came into the picture, and that led me to walking on this journey in a much clearer way.

Going through their workshops, I knew the one that I had to go for. Taking up the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop has, hands down, been one of the best and most engaging experiences of my life.


The MyCaptain Experience.

Under the Creative Writing Workshop, I was guided by Captain Ananya Mehra, who ensured that every step that I take forward was in the right direction. All along the way, the Captain encouraged me to think beyond the box, to write more freely and to express my heart out.

A person only learns through their mistakes, and so did I. The Captain, Ananya, was very patient with me all along and helped me out gracefully with every error and mistake that I encountered. Every piece of writing that I wrote, was encouraged more and more by the Captain, meanwhile also ensuring that I rectify my mistakes and errors.

I took up the workshop for a month and as a whole, it was a very engaging experience for me.

I believe, that while we’re on a journey to learning something, we’re bound to fall, have doubts and questions. At the Workshop, all my doubts, questions and dilemmas were solved and answered through live sessions, which is one of the best aspects of it. Seldom do we get to have our doubts and questions answered through live video sessions in a workshop, and that is one of the most unique factors of taking up this workshop at MyCaptain.

Coming to the part where I gained an insight into the life of being a writer – it was with the help of such engaging content and assignments, that helped me grow and explore my potential as a writer. This 30-day Workshop has helped build more confidence in me than anything else.

Before I began the workshop, I had no clue how to grow my platform on Instagram, that I’d solely dedicated for my pieces of writings. But, after taking up the Creative Writing Workshop and learning the various aspects of writing, I’m glad I was able to grow my platform exponentially!


My Recognition As A Writer.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that before taking up the workshop, I did not have enough confidence in me to showcase and express my thoughts in the form of words. It was only after taking up the workshop, learning under the guidance of Captain Ananya Mehra, that I had the courage to build up enough confidence to help myself grow potentially as a writer.

Today, I’m glad to be recognised as a writer at various platforms. Soon after the workshop, I volunteered as a State Head for Creative Writing at Inked Square, and none of this would have been possible without MyCaptain.

To any and every body out there, who’s searching for the right path to walk on, keep going. Your journey is long and your experiences will make it all worth it.

There’s always a gem within each and every one of us, and to be able to find and refine that gem, we need a gentle push, a helping hand, a guiding source, to help us reach our destination. I’m glad I found mine through MyCaptain!

Inspired by Christina’s story and want to explore the world of writing for yourself?
Sign up for the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop.

Explore the world, one word at a time — Here is how Pragati developed her love for poetry

Pursuing your passion is not always the most easy road. You have to spend a lot of time and learn new skills to keep on doing what you love. One such is the story of Pragati Sambrani, who attended the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop to explore different styles of writing and ended up falling in love with poetry. 

Pragati Sambrani

My Introduction to MyCaptain

We have always heard, if you truly want something then one fine day you will achieve it. Being keen on creative writing, I am constantly looking for ways to enhance my skills and get better at it every single day. It was a random day when I came across an advertisement of MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop on Facebook, and seeing that it was just a month long online workshop, I went ahead and signed up for it.

I had expected it to be a workshop in which we are just provided certain material and resources to go through on our own, but I was surprised and at the same time glad to find out that we would also have a mentor, more specifically a Captain, who would be guiding us throughout the month with everything that revolved around creative writing.

The MyCaptain Experience

Even though I had checked out the MyCaptain platform to see the topics that will be covered in the span of 30 days, I still wasn’t sure what to expect. Getting introduced to Captain Madhura and being her mentee has been one of the best experiences. I have always been more into free style writing and was never inclined towards poetry, probably because I couldn’t understand the depth behind it.

I always considered myself as a non-poetic person, but my interactions with Captain Madhura during the workshop changed my entire perception towards poetry and I even started writing some poetry myself eventually. The workshop also encouraged me to read more of non-fiction, biographies and auto-biographies so that I could expand my horizons more.

Getting Published Online and Launching my Blog

I was over the moon when one of my articles got selected to be published by Youth Ki Awaaz, and I can only thank Captain Madhura for the same because she pushed us to write regularly thus helping me increase consistency in my writing and gaining confidence. Now, I also have my own blog Walk Through Life, which I use to share my views on everything around me.

This workshop really helped me grow as a writer and has helped me approach writing in a much better manner than I could have ever imagined, and the best part about the workshop was having Captain Madhura by my side who explained everything so well and cleared all our doubts, irrespective of how silly they were and above everything else she made me want to explore the world of poetry.

I would like to tell everyone to just give it a shot in whatever is their field of passion, and they will be left surprised when they explore their own potential.

Want to embark on your journey of exploring the world of creative writing, then sign up for the MyCaptain Creative Writing Workshop

Words are the most Powerful Tool – Shivalika’s Story of becoming a Published Author

Someone rightly said, Art is the truest expression of ourselves.

As a kid, Shivalika never really was fond of reading and writing. But right now, not only is she pursuing a degree in English Hons but is also a published author. Interacting and learning from Captain Shashwat during the MyCaptain Novel Writing Workshop, has been a life changing experience for Shivalika.

Read her story to know how she did it all.

Shivalika Singh

Growing up I would have never imagined myself pursuing a career in writing, let alone be a published writer and have an Instagram page where I share my thoughts. 


My Introduction to Writing

I have always been an introvert and never really liked to talk about my emotions with anyone. But I had reached a point in my life, where I was feeling drained with everything that I was feeling and going through.

One random day I just decided to try and use writing as an outlet for it. I started scribbling down random quotes and whatever I was feeling at the moment. The whole point of that activity for me was to let go of those heavy emotions. After a point of time I realised that every time I wrote down what I was feeling, I felt better.

Gradually I realised that words are very powerful and once that realisation hit me, I decided to get serious about it. 


Writing for Myself and Others

A couple of my quotes and poetry had already been published in anthologies and that is when people started reaching out to me, to tell me that they relate to my writings a lot. I knew that I was doing the right thing, because I had reached a stage, wherein I wasn’t just using writing as an outlet for my feelings but it was helping the people who were reading it as well. 

The core essence of my writings has always been the same : to express my truest emotions. 

That is the same ideology I even follow with my instagram page. It is my personal belief that pain is the cost of living and it is what I have accepted and realised. It is what ensures that I write to express myself and not to impress others. 


My Introduction to MyCaptain

I have known about MyCaptain for a couple of years now and a lot of my friends have also interned with them. It wasn’t until April 2019, when a very persuasive friend of mine convinced me to join the Novel Writing Workshop. And I have to say it has been the most wonderful experience. 

Captain Shashwat has to be one of the most humble and helpful people I have come across. Even till this date if I reach out to him with any query, he is always there to help out.


The MyCaptain Experience

We had live video discussions during our workshop and Captain Shashwat always ensured that he responded to each and every query for every mentee, no matter what their question was. He provided personal attention to everyone and ensured that everyone was on the same page. 

One of the best aspects of the MyCaptain Workshop was that Captain Shashwat was approachable for all sorts of questions and that is something which usually doesn’t happen if you take up workshops elsewhere. Captain Shashwat even constantly encouraged us to share our works with him so he could review it for us.

The workshop content was quite engaging and we did very interesting assignments during our workshop, which helped us grow as writers. I have been a part of multiple writing internship programs, but I learnt more in this 30 day workshop than all of those internships combined. 


Getting my book published

After the workshop had ended, I was full of energy and inspiration. I wanted to convert my instagram page into something more and make it accessible to more and more people.

Once I had everything ready, I reached out to Captain Shashwat again to ask him, if he would be interested in writing the foreword for my book and he immediately got on board with the idea. Within an hour he had written the foreword and sent it to me.

I got in touch with Novel Nuggets, a publishing house and luckily for me they were offering free publishing for new authors at that time and I got a chance to publish my book for free. 

There are no words to describe how amazing I felt when I held the first copy of my novel, Expressiontostir in my hands. It surpasses everything else there is and made me realise that you can always achieve your dreams.

To anyone who is reading this, I would like to say that, if you want to create any form of art, be it in written format or digital format or anything that you can think of, then use it as a source to express yourself rather than as a source to impress others. If you stay true to your work, it will do wonders for you in the long run. 


Inspired by Shivalika’s Story and want to explore the world of writing for yourself?

Then sign up for the MyCaptain Novel Writing Workshop



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