Having a career in psychology can be a dream come true for many. Being able to help people overcome their mental issues is indeed very rewarding.

Psychology is not only the study of the mind but also human behavior. In other words, it is understanding the science behind why humans act, react, interact, or think the way they do under a certain situation. 

Mental health awareness has seen a huge rise in India. As a result, psychology courses in India are being offered by many and we mean many institutions both online and offline. 

We suggest reading more about pursuing a mind-boggling career in psychology, how to become a psychologist, as well as the various fields of psychology before enrolling in any of these courses. 

Its always better to know the direction you want to be heading towards before you start taking a step.


Why study psychology in India

Choosing to study psychology in India may seem like a bad idea especially considering the fact that most Indians are brought up to ignore mental health. 

But things are changing for the good. Mental health awareness has seen a rise of nearly 80% in tier-2 cities. As a result, the need for mental health specialists is also on the rise. 

More and more Indians are becoming open to seeking help as well as are taking their mental health seriously. 

You definitely would have started seeing more people meditating in the park near your house 

But hold on… the rise in demand for psychologists isn’t the only perk to study psychology in India. 

Psychologists in India start by earning an average of INR 4 lakhs per annum and can earn much more with a private practice, expertise, and experience. 

Despite the need to study extensively, the above factors make it all worth the hard work as well as make psychology one of the most promising and rewarding career in India. Making it a valid option to study by enrolling in colleges for psychology in India. 

Top colleges for psychology in India

There are many colleges you can choose to study psychology in India but we have made a list of our own to help you focus on only the good ones. 

Here it is…

While selecting colleges for psychology in India, make sure to keep these factors in mind…



Institutions and universities in India need to be accredited or recognized by a statutory body of the government like the University Grants Commission (UGC) or AICTE or NCHMCT or RCI or BCI or NAAC or any other accreditation. 



One great tip before taking the step towards creating a career in psychology, you should take a look at the previous year’s records and alumni. Contact people that have studied or are studying and ask them questions relating to campus placements and internship opportunities.


Teaching quality

One of the most important factors to keep in consideration is the quality of teachers that the institution has. You can take a look around the directories of the university or college to find the professors and then look them up on the internet. 

You can again ask the current or previous students about the teaching staff and the quality of education provided at the institution



There are various agencies and organizations like CollegeDunia and MHRD ranking of colleges that rank these institutions. Rankings take in a lot of factors and so they can only provide a general idea about an institution but nonetheless are a good way to shortlist the colleges. 


International exposure

Make sure to check whether the college offers international exchange, study abroad or study tour opportunities. Moreover, check whether they have international campuses. 

You can find information regarding all of the above by visiting the study abroad or student exchange section of the institution’s website. 


Online psychology courses in India

The age that we live in is a digital one so why not study what you love while sitting in your house, wearing pajamas. 

Moreover, they are quick, fun, and some are even interactive and gives real-life project like MyCaptain’s online and LIVE psychology workshop

We’ve compiled a list of online courses that you can enroll in to study psychology. But before you do, know this that these courses can only either help you get started or educate you on a particular topic. 

These typically shouldn’t be your answer to “how to become a psychologist or make a career in psychology.” 

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at the list


This course highlights the most interesting experiments within the field of psychology as well as discusses the implications of the studies of the human mind and human behavior. You will not only understand the brain but also the cognitive abilities it supports like learning, memory, perception, attention, and consciousness. 

The course is approximately 33 hours long and is meant for beginners.


This program consists of four courses that introduce you to developmental, social, and clinical psychology. They can help you better understand the human mind as well as how it drives behavior.

The four introductory courses include:

  1. Social psychology
  2. Developmental psychology
  3. Clinical psychology
  4. Psychological research methods

You will learn about:

  • Psychological disorders and how they are treated
  • Why we act the way we do in certain settings and situations
  • How our bodies and minds develop from birth until later in life
  • Methods behind psychological research and how to interpret and report research


This course will help you provide first aid to people in case of an emergency or psychological-trauma. You will be learning the RAPID model – Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition.

In addition to the above, enrolling in this course will help you help your loved ones overcome mental issues, learn reflective listening, and much more. 

It’s a five-week-long course and takes about 7 hours to finish. 


Here’s one that will help you take a step in the right direction in creating a career in psychology. 

This is a 30-day-workshop that allows you to get mentored by young achievers and professionals of the fields. You will be able to interact with them LIVE and join the community of like-minded mentees. 

Here’s an overview of the workshop:

  • Decoding Human Personalities
  • Where is Psychology used in daily life?
  • Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Applying Psychology in the Workplace
  • Understanding different types of Personality Disorders and Therapy
  • Making your future in Psychology

To know about the online workshop, click here: https://www.mycaptain.in/workshops/Psychology


The last in our list is one made for complete beginners and helps you build a solid foundation towards positive psychology. 

You will learn how to integrate resilience interventions in personal and professional life. The course is filled with quizzes, videos, as well as lessons that will help you develop skills such as research methodology, goal settings, gratitude, and resilience. 

Here are the key points of the course:

  • Master strategies as well as tools that enable individuals and organizations to thrive.
  • Discover key theories and research in the field of positive psychology as well as opportunities for application.
  • Apply key concepts from Positive Psychology to your personal and professional life.