Do these things frighten you? Yesterday’s thoughts, tomorrow’s worries- do they stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do?

Wise men have said to let it be, is to let it go, and to let it go, is to let fears grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that seemed impossible at some point is something that is applaudable.

Read the story of Adhira Ragunathan, who faced her fears and went for an option that was considered being unsafe and won.

Introduction to MyCaptain

I as a little child, remember having a thing for cameras and photos, I used to run around with my parent’s camera and take pictures and videos of the most random things around the house and had the biggest smile on my face, when I went to show them to my parents.

I always was sure that filmmaking was my passion, and that I wanted to pursue it, but it’s always easier said than done, to pursue a field which goes against the conventional idea of what a Job is.

After completing my school education, I was very sure and had a concrete take on the fact that I wanted to follow my passion. So, after a lot of push and pull off thoughts and a lot of talk with my parents, I became part of a visual communication course, after which I became the part of a Filmmaking course at Zee institute of Media Arts, Mumbai.

Although I have always had the urge of being a filmmaker and a dream of making films for a living, but I never found myself to be completely stuck inside that one bubble of filmmaking. I’ve always wanted to discover new things, and learn.

I, personally, never was a person who can settle at one thing forever. I could do one job or be a part of one field, but I always have needed to do something new and interesting even if it is on the side.

Have you ever felt like you shouldn’t do something you really want to do, well if you did, you have been in the exact place; I was in while I was searching for options, to start my journey in social media management?

It was then, when I found MyCaptain. The platform felt like the light at the end of a tunnel, unknown and unexpected, but it’s that one light gives you hope to carry on with.

I came to know about MyCaptain from one of my friends, who had previously done a course on the platform and could not stop talking about how amazing her experience was.

She always told me about her amazing conversations with her mentors and the content provided to her through the App and how amazing she found it to be. She also was very proud to be a part of the only platform that not only provided but also guaranteed working opportunities after the completion of the course.

After a few conversations with her about the platform, I gave it a go and if only I would’ve known what was to come, I would’ve enrolled into the course a long while back.

Days at MyCaptain

 Enrolling into a course at MyCaptain was one decision of my life that I would always praise myself for. The platform, for me, was like a whole new and amazing experience for me.

After trying to search for resources to fuel my endeavors, when I found MyCaptain, I was very glad about the decision I made. The platform was not like any other platform that provided you with courses and, later, with certificates. To add to your resume, MyCaptain was more of an experience than just another course.

One of my favorite parts about the course was the interaction with the mentors who we called captains and the lessons and course material on the MyCaptain App.

My mentors were not just teachers who taught me about the course but they were much more than that. I would even call my Captains to be like the SOS services, as they were always very approachable and helpful. My captain was always just one call or text message away.

Unlike on other platforms, I observed a fact that mentors at MyCaptain seemed to love their job, interact with the mentees and were not someone who just had to be there on my computer screen constantly speaking for one hour and then just go away.

The mentors at MyCaptain did never let time be a barrier for the learning. They always insisted on learning more and caring less.

Normally, when a person takes any online course, there is an initial period of excitement and enthusiasm when the course starts but with time, that enthusiasm seems to fade slowly, into nothing but just a stretch of road that you need to walk on even if you don’t want to, just so you can get out of the situation.

However, this was not the case with MyCaptain, I remember, at the beginning of my Explorer course, that I did before my pro Course (Digital Marketing Pro Course), which was called Social Media Content Creation Course, I always had a fear at the back of my mind, that maybe I am not doing the right thing, that maybe I am going way too far, just for the sake of trying, but the 1-month explorer course, cleared all my doubts about, myself.

I never got the feeling of losing the enthusiasm from the day I started the explorer course to this day, when I am placed and have a Job.

There were certain highlights about MyCaptain that distinguished it from other platforms and made it the best. One of these things was the course material.

The course material was not just a few pages or a lot of pages that went on straight about the content, related to the course, but it had interesting video and typed lessons.

Another very interesting approach that was taken by the platform was the level-by-level process of proceeding with the course.

Every level was about one or two dedicated topics and by the time I just swirled about the material, thinking that it would start soon and that the thing I was listening to and reading, was just an introduction to long video lectures, but even before I could realize, I was done with the Topic, well versed about the information that I needed, and that realization of mine, got empowered by the Quiz’s that we had at the end of every lesson.

Every single level on the MyCaptain app helped me to stay engaged with the course and kept my interest not only alive but on a constant energy boost.  

What after MyCaptain

The enthusiasm at the starting of the course was indeed a great way to fuel my endeavors, but a question always remained. What next?

There is always a fright in the mind of an average middle-class person like me while doing a course. The fright constantly talks to the mind and screams at the top of its lungs, “What if this doesn’t work?”, “What if it’s nothing but a wastage of money?” My answer to every such question was not clear until I joined MyCaptain.

MyCaptain, unlike many other platforms, was not a platform that would abandon you after the completion of your course.

After the completion of our course, they made us a part of the Placement process. The help of the placement cell of MyCaptain made the entire process related to the placement so incredibly easy and seamless.

My resume, like that of the other mentees, circulated into the network of companies and then began the process of selection, via interviews and tasks, etc.

After they circulated our resumes, I received a communication telling me I got shortlisted. I got shortlisted for the interview for three companies. This was honestly an hour of proud for me, to get shortlisted for not one or two but three companies.

I remember being extremely scared of not getting through any of my interviews, and proving my fears to be right, and the first two interviews acted like a blow of wind, that pushed my fears, further high into the skies, like it does to a kite.

Also, I remember I was not available for the decided interview date, and scared that only because I could not be there, I would lose such an amazing Job opportunity, but I was wrong and the placement cell of the company, with the help of MyCaptain’s placement team, could reschedule the interview for another date.

The first two interviews were not my best, but the important part is that I got to learn about how to tackle interviews, during our course, at MyCaptain, which eventually helped me to crack my interview for Startupmanch.

Also, my experience from the two previous interviews, along with the advice and lessons from my captain, helped me gather pointers and eventually bag a job.

The moment I got a notification saying that I got selected for the Job was one of the best moments of my life and also, I couldn’t help but notice the extremely lightened up and glowing faces of my parents who seemed pretty proud of me.

The Placement process played with my heartbeats, a lot and pushed it up to, I don’t know, maybe 1000 bpm, but with the help of MyCaptain and my Captains, could have a job in a desired field, which I will be ever thankful for.

Ending with a Quote

Solely with the help of MyCaptain, I could get a Job in my desired field and go from a graduate to a working woman, a title that is music to the ears for all the hard work and the constant help and guidance of my mentor.

For anyone and everyone reading this, I would like to insist and urge you to follow your heart.

Do things you are passionate about, and the ones that bring out the excited child from the deep histories inside you. Chanel your energy into something you like. That way, one day or another, you’ll get where you want to be and would smile back to the past and remember what are to be ‘the good old days.’

With platforms like MyCaptain, you are not alone; you are not falling into the unknown. There is a trusty friend, holding on to you, that would help you carry forward on the path, which you desire to take.

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