Social media has grown to such huge heights and being able to engage your Twitter followers has become the top priority.

Content that is not high quality can end up getting ripped apart and pushed to the side.

Twitter is important for building a community of your own.

Increase traffic to your profile by tweeting tips that you must engage your Twitter followers while getting them through their day.

What is Twitter Engagement and why is it important?

Twitter is a social media site, and its primary purpose is to connect people to share their thoughts with a big audience.

Twitter engagement refers to the ways that people can interact with your brand and posts on the platform.

So it includes likes, retweets and replies but also brand mentions, follows, embedded media and links, just to name a few.

In other words, it indicates how popular your brand is on the platform

Here are some tips that will help you increase engagement with the communities on Twitter,

1. Grab your audience at the right time.

Timing is one of the most crucial factors that determine how well a Tweet performs or how many people engage with it.

That’s because Twitter sees around 200,000+ Tweets every day.

It is important to get the Tweet out at a time when people are active for a higher chance of it being seen.

2. Tweet Tweet Tweet.

Tweet consistently.

It is recommended to Tweet consistently, but sending out 15 tweets within the hour may be overwhelming to your followers and will probably be considered spam.

So, It is suggested to schedule the Tweets throughout the day while spacing them by at least 30 minutes.

3. Ask and answer questions.

Asking followers a question is the best way to engage them, but if you want your followers to engage with you, you need to engage your followers.

Answer their questions, share knowledge, participate and consider even engaging in chats.

4. Use hashtags.

Hashtags are important to get your tweets where they need to go.

Just like many other social platforms, using hashtags correctly can help get your tweets out and to the masses, all while increasing your follower count. 

The best way to use hashtags is to look for trending hashtags that fit your editorial plan. Try to include them in your tweets.

When you engage your followers using hashtags, your tweets will be visible to audiences interested in the hashtag, which will end up increasing your reach. 

5. Tweet valuable content.

Without posting valuable content, it is a challenge to engage your followers or stand out from the crowd.

It involves tweeting information that is highly relevant, informative, and educational.

Apart from regular tweets, you can share other types of content like infographics, podcasts, webinars, current events, or even how-to guides.

When you have Twitter you will want to get more likes, comments, retweets, and followers. But you will also have to learn to engage your Twitter followers to keep them hooked.

6. Make the most of visual elements

Visual elements can help get the followers attention.

As any Twitter user knows, the best way to grab your followers attention is a a photo or a video that stands out on the platform in the midst of all the text Tweets.

The more visible your Tweet is, the more likely it is to engage your audience.

In fact, if your Tweets include a GIF, those Tweets get more engagement than those without.

Some influencers have also taken it up as a challenge to try and grow their follower count as well as their engagement rates.

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