The majority of the well-known, big, as well as established brands, spend a large amount of money on online advertising

Anyone who hears this would surely be wondering why such a big company wants to spend a lot of their profit money on ads. 

It is very interesting to hear the reasons for doing so.

They are the same as for those businesses who are small or who are just getting started. Or we might call it the startup strategy. 

In this article, we will take a look at the top reasons why you should be running online ads for your business. 

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While maintaining a traditional ‘brick and mortar storefront’, businesses now also allow their customers to purchase their products online. 

As a result, this helps them make a sale around the clock, giving the customers to buy from within the comfort of their homes. 

Once the online stores are created, among other things, online advertising is used to direct visitors to their websites. Online advertising is a great way to get leads as well as boost sales 

Moreover, it will also contribute towards improvement in brand recognition. 

Lastly, serving ads online is a great way to grow internationally as the internet is, well, everywhere. This will also help you take your business to international grounds.



Have a glance at your hands – you are probably holding a phone right now. 

Moreover, if you look around you, you will notice the astounding amount of people using a smartphone or other type of mobile device.

There has been a rapid increase in the number of people using mobile devices. Moreover, there has also been an increase in how many of those buy something online via their smartphones.

If you are not marketing your products to those people, you will surely miss out on a lot of sales.

Would you even take time to look at a pamphlet while scrolling through your feed?

A simple thing to realize is that the world is becoming digital and online advertising is the way to go. 

Business owners who say “they do not need to be online to succeed” are likely to see their competitors steal their business. 

Technology is the king nowadays, and if it appears that you are outside this frame, your business is likely to be viewed as archaic. 

As a result, start-ups get a chance to grow rapidly and take a slice of the market. Furthermore, most start-ups also realize how important running online ads really are. This gives them an upper hand over the traditional businesses that don’t run ads over the internet.


The popularity of online shopping means to us that there are now a lot bigger competitions out there in every single niche. 

Not only is online advertising fun and exciting, but also a creative way to engage with your audience. For instance, so many new start-ups end up having a great social media following during their initial year.

Making your advertisement more and more creative and the presence of catchy phrases is a simple step to advance your business.

For example, even if you own a business that is successful and well established, you still have a responsibility to let your customers know what you are working on. 

This is especially true if you are about to launch a new product or service. You could either create a massive hype within the market or wait till people find out about your product.

The modern customer lives for the “hype” of the product. 

They want to know about a product before anybody else and want to be the first to have it. 

With digital advertising, you can take advantage of that part of human behavior and make a name for yourself despite the heavy competition. 


This is probably the biggest reason why digital marketing is such a huge field right now. It is also one of the two biggest reasons why digital ads are preferred over traditional ones by modern marketers.

As you might know that marketing doesn’t really have a lot of room for guesswork. Every campaign is designed after analyzing data.

And when it comes to measuring data as well as your advertising success, digital marketing wins it all!

With all the campaigns running online, you get to keep track of the various digital marketing metrics. With these metrics, you can get an accurate measure of ROI and other forms of data. 

As a result, online advertising helps you define the areas of improvement and work to make things better for your future marketing efforts. 

Through the use of the analytics tool, marketers can check for different ad contents and manage how audiences react to each campaign. 

Moreover, you can check, 

  • the number of visitors on your website
  • the number of page views
  • the average time spent on your website by each user
  • bounce rates 
  • conversions 
  • analyze your growth over time. 

You can get the best results by simply analyzing and optimizing your marketing strategy according to the above aspects.

5. Targeting and re-targeting

Remembered when we said that the above was one of the two main reasons why digital ads are doing so well? 

Well, this is the second reason. 

With easy to measure and track data, digital marketing provides you with new ways to target your audience and gives your company great exposure to the business around the globe and build your brand recognition. 

Running online ads allow you to precisely target a set audience that will be most interested in your product or service. With just a few clicks, you can choose to target those whose interest, age, gender, education, profession, etc., match your ideal customer. 

Moreover, with various digital marketing strategies, you can easily retarget your audience.

For example, through blogs, you can reach out to those potential customers who like to read a lot. Similarly, with social media ads, you can reach out to those potential customers who like to scroll on Instagram a lot. 

But don’t worry, planning your digital marketing strategy is not that complicated. You just need to define your goals, tactics, and your target audience.

Most successful businesses not only have well-defined strategies but are also continuously spending on these strategies. 

E-Marketer forecasts that by 2020 the digital ad spending will reach 23 billion dollars. If you do not work on building digital marketing strategies, you are at the risk of being left out.


As consumers, these days we are looking for more digital content and wish to make each of our purchases unique. Search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, and BING are the most popular channel for search. 

So, it is also important that you make your company rate high in searches. Your content needs to be equipped with catchy phrases as well as attractive designs.