From taking tuitions to Digital Marketing: this is Kalpita’s story.

Has it ever occurred to you it’s not only you who might feel scared, that it’s not only you whose heart races at 150 bpm whenever you’re about to take a life-changing decision?

Surveys say that a considerably enormous chunk of humans face the same issue.

It’s not the feelings that should prove you to be a coward or not good enough. The thing that really matters is your will to try, to face the cries and your will to fly.

Introduction to MyCaptain

Being born in Ajmer, Rajasthan, I belonged to a very typical middle-class family, but it wasn’t very me to be the conventional kind. I was never someone who wanted to live by the orthodox assumption of- school, college, marriage, and then getting old. I always wanted to be the captain of my boat and sail the sea that way, too.

I have always seen myself as someone who likes to swim against the tide and pave my own way. There have been various instances in my life where I have thought of stopping, but I’d say to myself, “well why not one last try, succeed only once, you know…”

I’ve worked for my entire life and started at an age as young as sixteen. I remember how after hours of teaching my juniors I used to earn 300Rs and how even that seemed like an achievement. Sometimes, I had to take care of my entire family and circumstances didn’t permit me to explore- but as time does, that passed and I continued to try new stuff.

 I was looking for opportunities to learn new things, and this search of mine introduced me to MyCaptain.

I was working at a job that I didn’t really enjoy. I felt like there was only one monotonous rhythm to my day there, which was something that I never enjoyed.

Doing new things and learning about new fields was always something that I have loved and MyCaptain’s Digital Marketing Pro Course fuelled my search for a fresh course.

I found MyCaptain through an Instagram ad when I was scrolling one day- who knew that it would become such an important part of my life.

Days at MyCaptain

Enrolling into MyCaptain was one of the smartest decisions that I ever took. Not only because it is something that helped me learn so much about a field that I was new to, but because it is the reason I will have the life that I will have. The course not only enhanced my knowledge but also my personality.

 The environment at MyCaptain’s Digital Media Marketing Pro Course made me feel like I was in my comfy chair at home on a chilly Monday morning and there was a friend giving me the motivation to start and conquer the day.

I always have been that one student that completes assignments beforehand and submits them early and tries to be the best in the lot. Even at MyCaptain, I always submitted assignments before time, and was a very noticeable student. Sometimes, so much so that the mentors asked me if everything was okay when I submitted one of my assignments a little late because of some personal issues.

MyCaptain for me wasn’t just an online platform that I had to use for learning something, but it was always like a fellow friend who helped me learn things, gain experiences and be happy. My mentors at the course were not just teachers who taught their mentees, just because that’s what their job was. The mentors enjoyed talking and interacting with us and, in between the happy and fun conversations, depart knowledge that would be with us forever.

The course material was not just a few pages or a lot of pages that went on straight about the content, related to the course, but it had interesting video and typed lessons. Another very interesting approach that was taken by the platform was the level-by-level process of proceeding with the course.

Every level was about one or two dedicated topics and by the time I just swirled about the material, thinking that it would start soon and that the thing I was listening to and reading was just an introduction to long video lectures, but even before I could realize, I was done with the Topic, well versed about the information that I needed, and that realization of mine, got empowered by the quizzes that we had at the end of every lesson.

It was not only the memories and fun I was taking back with me, apart from the lessons. I was also taking some very important pointers on essential but commonly neglected topics- for example, getting placed. We were engaged in the placement training part of the course, where they taught us about building a resume, and methods of tackling an interview.

What After MyCaptain?

 MyCaptain was never a captain that left his boat afloat in the sea, or in simple words, someone who would take their leave as soon as their work was done. My captain, on the contrary, was like a good friend who stuck by your side all the time.

After the completion of our course, they made us a part of the placement process. The help of the placement cell of MyCaptain made the entire process related to the placement so incredibly easy and seamless.

My resume, like that of the other mentees, circulated into the network of companies and then began the process of selection, via interviews and tasks, etc.

They invited me for an interview with one company, who, in their own words, loved my resume and my mindset, along with my way of answering the questions and facing the interview.

After a while, on one fine day, I received my joining letter from the same company. This honestly was a really proud moment for me and thanks to MyCaptain, I could crack the interview.

Ending with a Quote

MyCaptain helped me get out of a place where I wasn’t happy and it was an essential step that I took, which indeed helped me a lot, however it wasn’t as easy of a step as it might seem. I had a thousand thoughts, positive and negative, but all I understood at the end of it was that it was sometimes better to let it go.

So for anyone reading this, I would like to say,

Don’t be afraid of what is to some. We are no more the toddlers that have to be spoon-fed everything and we have to take our own steps, so just go for it and you won’t face disappointment. For all it takes, is that one more try.

Want to understand what the buzz is all about? Sign up for the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro

Top 10 Tips For Social Media Marketing Beginners

If you had to guess how much time the average person spends on social media, how long do you think it would be?

If you guessed two and a half hours, you are almost right! According to Statista, the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 147 minutes per day, up from 145 minutes in the previous year.

And from this, we can see how social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. But what is social media marketing, and where does it come from?

What is social media marketing?

When the world went into lockdown for the first time in 2020 because of Covid-19, we knew that all businesses were going to suffer. 

Airbnb, during that time, took to social media. They put up a simple post that said; the company is helping provide free or subsidised housing for 100,000 COVID-19 responders around the world. They also added that hosts will follow all the COVID-19 protocols set by the government during the stay of guests.

This post caught the attention of their readers. Airbnb managed to advertise its business online even when the hospitality industry was down. That is the power of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is creating content for social media platforms to promote you, your products, or services. The goal of any social media marketing campaign is to find more customers and drive traffic to your website.

Importance of social media marketing

Imagine that your product or service is ready. Now you have to advertise it and reach out to your potential customers promptly. What could be a better way than promoting the product on social media to spread the word quickly? Maybe you’ll understand it better in the following context:

1. Build brand awareness

You can increase brand awareness by sharing your story with potential customers on the right platform. This helps to connect with your target audience and gain more followers. More likes, comments, shares and saves on your post boost your social engagement. This helps bring traffic to your website as well.

2. Nurture relationships with your customers

Remember, customers are very important to your business. Engaging them constantly with valuable information and updates about your business helps gain their trust. You can engage with them by putting up interactive posts, asking about their pain points and feedback, replying to their enquiries and more.

3. Generate and convert leads

You can turn your leads/potential customers into your clients by engaging them. Wondering how that is? That’s because you’re advertising to people who have opted to engage with you by following your account. To meet their expectations, you can engage them by conducting contests, including links to your website and offers in the bio sections of your profiles, hosting live videos to make announcements about products, and providing company updates.

4. Keep a tab on your competitors

Social media is a vast platform where you can learn and improvise. You can learn from your competitors by analysing their content and noticing what works for them. You can even check out the ads they run to understand who they are targeting. Most importantly, it reminds you of how unique you are or what makes your brand stand out from the rest.

With so many opportunities to offer, how can you take advantage of social media? How can you build a proper social media presence fast? Let’s find it out!

Social media marketing tips

Social media is a domain that will keep evolving and set new trends every single week. But to create a social media strategy for your business, you need to follow a few basic steps that will help you stay in the game.

1. Identify your social media platform  

Conduct research and analyse where you want to promote your product. Various businesses prefer different platforms- it depends on the type of business you are running or the audience whom you want to target.

a. Instagram

Everybody loves Instagram! Guess you’ve been thinking about Instagram the whole time we mentioned social media platforms. It is not just you, but do you know there are over 2 billion Instagram users in this world?

Instagram’s audience is primarily millennials and Gen Zs. For sharing visually interesting content that includes high-quality images and videos, Instagram is where brands go. It is mainly a platform for B2C (Business-to-consumer) services.

Today, users can discover brands, browse their products, and easily complete a purchase within the app, making the app one step ahead of its time.

b. Twitter

While Instagram is more into visuals, Twitter is all about words. Being a hub for political discussions, brand campaigns and memes, Twitter is a mix of everything.

Twitter has about 436 million monthly active users worldwide. Millennials use it and are both B2B (Business-to-business) and B2C centric. Twitter is the best platform for customer service, community building and public relations.

Twitter automatically promotes tweets to your target audience. All you have to do is choose a promotable Tweet from your timeline and specify your target audience, and Twitter will do the rest of the work for you.

c. LinkedIn

If you ever have gone through LinkedIn, you will know that it is a space to network professionally where you can seek job-related opportunities.

As you might have realised, here, the target audience is mainly working professionals. With monthly active users of over 310 million, this platform is a potential goldmine for B2B brands and the rapid growth of its ad platform speaks for itself. So, service businesses and B2B product businesses get better results on LinkedIn than on other platforms. 

LinkedIn focuses on B2B relationships, business development, and social selling. It is never too late to start your own LinkedIn account and begin building networks.

d. Facebook

Founded in 2004, Facebook is the largest social media platform for B2C services. With over 2.9 billion users, Facebook is the powerhouse of advertising and brand awareness.

Facebook’s audience comprises an even spread of Generation X and millennials. 1 in 3 adults regularly consume news from Facebook, signalling the popularity of timely content on the platform.

Do you know that there are approximately 10 million active advertisers on Facebook right now? If you are looking to promote your brand on Facebook, now is the time. 

e. YouTube

YouTube is a large platform where your success is defined by the number of viewers you attract to your videos. To gain more subscribers, make sure that you create and share quality content videos.

84% of viewers have bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube. See the impact created by it on brands? Also, remember to include your website in the description so that the audience can go through it.

With over 2.6 billion users, YouTube is the world’s second-most used social platform. 55% of marketers use it. You can create videos that provide some value to your audience through tutorials, how-to demonstrations, Q&As and informational content that your audience is actively looking for. 

f. Pinterest

Pinterest is a little different from other social media platforms. It is actually one of the most ideal platforms for social media advertising. It comprises high visuals that attract the audience to save it- rather, ‘pin it’.

Pinterest boasts 400+ million monthly active users, but it may not be the right choice for every business. Here you can find everything from DIY activities to aesthetic decor to motivational quotes.

Pinterest influences people’s buying decisions. According to the platform themselves, 7 in 10 Pinners say that Pinterest is their go-to place to find products or services they can trust.

g. Quora

If you want to inquire about anything industry-related, then Quora is the right place. It is a question-and-answer website where users can answer each other’s questions about all kinds of topics.

The audience includes students, professionals, and industry leaders who also share their knowledge. It can be viewed as a unique cross between social media and research. 

In India, over 100 million users visit Quora to compare products, offer reviews, and ask questions before their next purchase. Quora offers advertisers to build credibility in the eyes of a prospect if the information the former is providing is valid.

2. Study your target audience

Before creating content, ask yourself what your audience would like to see. Creating an audience persona can help you know who you’re trying to reach. Persona can be specific to gender, age group, interests, where they work and live, etc. You can conduct surveys and receive feedback to know their preferences and pain points.

Once you get a general idea of who may use your products, you can look for them online. For instance, the Facebook audience insights tool offers endless research opportunities and helps specify your audience. 

Let’s ‌look at how Dove wins its audience’s hearts, every single time.

We know that Dove’s goal is to make women feel good about themselves. They know their content tells a story that women can relate to.

Dove found from research that 80 percent of women came across negative remarks on social media. Dove’s goal was to change that and make social media a more positive experience. As a result, Dove teamed up with Twitter and built a tool to launch the #SpeakBeautiful Effect, which breaks down body-related words people use the most and when negative chatter appears during the day.

According to Dove, their message inspired several women. As a result,

  • #SpeakBeautiful was used over 168,000 times.
  • It drove 800 million social media impressions of the campaign.

3. Create a content calendar

Social media is a place where you have to be regular with your content. Adding your plans for your social page in advance to your ‘content calendar’ will help you stay organised. It will also help you track all the contents you have shared in the past, which prevents you from posting the same content again.

It saves your time and helps with the frequency of posts too. You can create your content calendar in sheets. 

MyCaptain’s Content calendar for Instagram

4. Analyse your competitors

You can study your competitors on how they perform on social media. See what type of content works for them and how it creates an impact on their followers. Keeping track of your competitors’ work and adding your own twist to your work will help you stand out from the crowd.

Taking the example of two U.S retail giants, Walmart and Target, let’s see how they perform on a social media platform like LinkedIn.

From this diagram, it’s obvious that Walmart has more followers than Target.

Walmart’s following also grows at a faster pace. It declines slightly on weekends, which makes sense because LinkedIn is a professional platform that gets more traffic on weekdays. 

5. Be more interactive

Your followers keep you running your page and business, so it is important to keep them engaged regularly. You can make your activities more interactive by conducting Q&A sessions, adding polls, including links to feedback surveys and more. This will help you know what your followers want.

Similarly, post content that makes your audience think and ask you in your comment section or DM you.

A fun Instagram poll by MyCaptain

6. Increase engagement

Your social media engagement is determined by the number of likes, shares, retweets, comments, mentions, click-throughs, etc. It depends on the post you share and how your audience perceives the content. If you want more engagement, post content that your audience can connect with or talk about.

Always start a conversation or a discussion through your posts. Keep up with incoming responses by replying to DMs and comments/tweets, acknowledging mentions and don’t forget to follow back your industry peers, other brands and prospects.

Likewise, hashtags are another way to increase your online reach. #CreateYourStory represents Adobe’s brand hashtag. Similarly, using a branded hashtag will help you stand out. It will also allow you to track what your followers and customers are saying about your media presence and product.

7. Learn to measure results with analytics

Social media analytics is data suggested by most social media sites that give insight into what people are responding to and engaging with on your social media channels. This data is tracked to measure the growth and effectiveness of your social media channels, to improve brand awareness, profits, and return on investment (ROI).

Each social media platform has its own analytics or insights tool:

  • Facebook: Offers in-depth analytics of your business on the Facebook Insights platform.
  • Instagram: Instagram Insights show you when your audience is online, which of your posts are most popular, and your account’s impressions and reach.
  • LinkedIn: It offers basic, free data on your company page and full analytics software with a premium account.
  • Twitter: Uses Twitter Analytics, which is accessible to all users where you can learn how your tweets perform.
  • YouTube: A YouTube analytics dashboard is a valuable tool to track the performance of your videos, the behaviour of your viewers, and provides insights on how to optimise your video social media strategy.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest Analytics tool in your business account summarises your brand’s performance to get an idea of what’s working and what’s not.

Google Analytics is another tool for tracking social media results. How Google Analytics works is by collecting information about site visitors. From a website’s traffic sources to the number of hits per month, Google Analytics offers excellent insight into user’s behaviour, and collects valuable user data in real-time.

8. Use social media marketing tools

Now that your content is ready to post, how are you planning to send it out on time to the right audience? Here are some important social media marketing tools that will ease the entire process of managing your business page:

a. Buffer

If you want to schedule posts across a variety of social media platforms, Buffer is the perfect scheduling tool to use. It allows marketers like you to either customise each post to each platform or publish the same one everywhere.

Buffer started off as a scheduling tool for Twitter. Today, it supports all major social media platforms. Buffer Chrome extension helps you to add any content you find on the Web to the Buffer queue, and your posts will be shared at the best possible times. You can also track links to see which content is most popular with your readers.

b. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is one of the most powerful tools in the market. It is a tool that helps you discover the best engagement, content and outreach opportunities across social and search. Discover new keywords, trending stories, customer questions and content success, all while monitoring what’s most important to your brand.

This tool also helps you to find influencers related to your niche, discover new keywords, track your competitors and do an analysis based on their content, all while monitoring what’s most important to your brand.

c. Hootsuite

Wondering if there is a way to handle multiple social media accounts using a single dashboard? Then, Hootsuite is the best choice here! Being one of the most popular social media marketing tools, Hootsuite helps you to see all your comments and mentions in one place. You can also assign tasks to your team members, plot a social media calendar, and get updates.

Its tools integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, giving you an in-depth breakdown of your analytics and allowing you to interact with prospective customers. This will be really useful for experienced digital marketers.

d. Biteable

Visual content is very important in marketing. Biteable is a tool that helps you to create high-quality videos cheaply. It is a great resource that especially helps small businesses. 

With a lot to offer, like free video templates, footage, music, and animated scenes, Biteable is super easy to use. So why not add a professional touch and spark to your social media content by creating some short, super-shareable videos?

e. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool for brands and agencies of all scales to manage conversations and show actionable insights that drive your business to success.

This tool integrates with Instagram and includes scheduling, publishing, engagement tools, and access to analytics. You can plan and schedule your posts, monitor hashtags, and respond to comments with a complete social management solution.

9. Build influencer networks

Do you want influencers to talk about your brand or page? Then, let’s network!

When your page is ready, you can always find and follow influencers that come under your niche. Following them will give you suggestions to follow more from the same field. 

Once you have proved that you are in this for the long run, you can connect with them to ask if they can collaborate with you. Get them to talk about your brand and they might even invite you to be a part of their program, too. Here, the strategy is for their sphere of influence to see what you and your company are all about. They putting in a good word about you will help you get noticed by their followers, which includes other influencers, brands and their clients.

Watchmaker Daniel Wellington used a popular dog influencer from social media to promote their watches.

The famous brand could reach a new audience by working with a surprising partner and embracing the influencer’s playful caption technique. Similarly, you may have to step out of your comfort zone to reach a new niche but look for partners that fit your brand image.

10. Keep up with the trends

Can’t get chaand baliyan out of your head? Well, we don’t blame you cause’ it’s just how trends work!

One way to keep your audience engaged is by following the current trends on social media. This will help fuel your social media strategy by gaining more traction.

For example, when you scroll through your Instagram feed, you will see various reels with different effects and audio in the background. Instead of reading the caption, the audience gets the information through that certain reel easily.

This way, you can show what your brand is about.

It’s time to bring your A-game!

With billions of people hovering around social media, managing a business account and keeping up with the high standards can be difficult. Handling a social media account can be overwhelming, but if you are up to date with your content and strategy, then there is nothing to worry about.

A few important points you should keep in mind are:

  • Engage in the networks more suited to your niche.
  • Have a proper connection between your social media pages and website.
  • Follow the right people and be followed by the right people.
  • Share relevant and interesting content always by sticking to the rules of the different social media networks.

Now we have a challenge for you! During Halloween 2014, popular soft drink brand Pepsi came up with a post,

The text in the graphic said ‘we wish you a scary Halloween!’. The idea that the brand intended to put out was that being like Coca-Cola for Halloween would be “scary”. And if you look at the cape over the can in the picture closely, you notice that it’s Cola coca instead of Coca-cola. This is to avoid legalities. 

But it didn’t take long enough for a response, and that too from a Coca-cola fan.

The caption written by the fan on the right read, “Everybody wants to be a hero!”. This changes the idea that Pepsi isn’t wearing a “scary” cape for Halloween but is trying to be a hero—like Coca-Cola.

Here, Pepsi tried taking a dig at their chief competitor, Coca-cola, but who do you think won this? Share your thoughts below!

Digital Marketing for Freshers: Career Opportunities & Salaries 

Have you heard your brother, who is an engineering graduate, talk about the importance of digital marketing? Or do you have a senior in college who is currently searching ‘digital marketing jobs for freshers’ on their browser? 

Ever wondered why people are talking about digital marketing in the first place? Do you feel that it’s a common term that’s been used nowadays? Do you have any idea how it works and what value a career in the digital marketing field can earn you?

What is digital marketing?

You’ve seen various advertisements over your lifetime via channels like television, magazines, billboards, etc, and now, you can see similar advertisements on the internet too, especially on your favourite social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Promoting your brand to a target audience through various channels like newspapers, television, magazines, billboards, etc is called marketing. Now imagine the same brand or the product being promoted digitally? 

Yes, you are getting there.

So, what is exactly digital marketing? In simple words, it is marketing your brand through online platforms to convince your customers to buy your goods or services.

This includes blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, video marketing and more.

Few of these terms might not be familiar to you, but don’t worry because we have everything explained to you in the coming sections.

Digital marketing in India 

With COVID-19 and the frequent lockdowns, remember how we could not step out of the house? Similarly, it was difficult for companies to reach out to their consumers through traditional marketing, which includes flyers and billboards. So that method of marketing was out of the question. 

That is when many companies realised the importance of digital marketing. Slowly, these companies had to shift their operations to online platforms and focus on the digital marketing industry as well. These companies had to take major decisions that affected their entire operations. And what is a business without taking risks or not being receptive to changes? 

The number of mobile and internet users increased throughout the lockdown period, especially in India. Did you know that there were 658.0 million internet users in India in January 2022, according to Global Digital Insights?

As we go into the post-pandemic era, one of the key aspects to note is the growth of digital/internet users. We can see a skyrocketing growth of 814% in internet users in India alone within a decade where digital marketing cannot be ignored anymore.

How to get started in the digital marketing field?

Seems interesting so far? Well, let’s see how we can find you a place to get your career started in the digital marketing field.

1. A degree in marketing

Once you complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing course, you can always do an online certification course in digital marketing or go for an internship in the field of digital marketing. Pursuing a marketing course can enhance your digital marketing skills.

2. Internship

If you want to grow as a digital marketing professional, you can apply for internships. You can either do an online or an offline internship. An internship helps to gain hands-on experience under the right guidance. Another advantage is that you can build networks with people in the same field. If you are lucky enough, then your internship firm might offer you a permanent job right after your internship period.

3. Freelancing

If you have strong digital marketing skills, you can freelance as per your wishes. There are websites like Fiverr, Upwork that allow freelancers to find work and connect with potential customers. 

4. Online courses

When there are so many online courses around you, you can always learn or level up your digital marketing skills in a few weeks or less than 6 months. Right from understanding Digital marketing terms to analytics to SEO to introduction to Performance Marketing, you can learn everything in one place.

Careers in digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the top in-demand careers, according to LinkedIn and is a skill that can be picked up by anyone. You don’t need a degree specifically in marketing to apply for digital marketing jobs.

With digital marketing booming in business, the demand for digital marketing professionals is also growing rapidly. Hundreds of start-ups are rising in India where every company is in dire need of people to expand businesses quickly. This is one of the reasons why 40000+ job opportunities are opened up for digital marketers monthly in India.  

Also, the digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025, according to a Goldman Sachs report, which is three times its current value. 

The huge advantage of digital marketing is that anyone could enter the field regardless of their course stream. Be it from a science or an engineering background, you can pursue your career in digital marketing if you are interested and have basic knowledge of digital marketing. 

Career roles in digital marketing

In the world of digital marketing, everyone has their own roles to play. It depends on their area of expertise. 

If you are a digital marketer, in general, your role is to create awareness about the brand to the world, generate traffic for the company’s website or in other words, attract more website users, and bring potential customers through various digital channels. 

One thing you should know about digital marketing is that it is a broad topic, and it has many subsets. There are a lot more roles other than a digital marketer in this field. So, let’s find your area of interest by looking at the different career roles in digital marketing and how each works.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

A role of a digital marketer is to ideate, strategise and implement marketing campaigns, build a presence on social media and oversee the statistics/analytics reports. 

You should be able to design and oversee all aspects of the digital marketing department, including marketing databases, emails, and display advertising campaigns. You must be competent in all areas of digital marketing and should be able to keep up with the current trends. 

The average salary of a digital marketing manager is Rs.6,20,000 in India, while a senior digital marketing manager can earn an average of 15L per annum. 

2. SEO Analyst

SEO analysts help an organisation increase the number of people viewing its website (s) by analysing data on website performance and staying on top of ever-changing SEO trends. 

As an SEO analyst, it is your job to do keyword research that helps you stay your website on top. You must as well as be able to do systematic observations to improve performance and decision making and deliver them through statistical data analysis.

Sounds interesting? SEO analysts earn an average of Rs.19,069 per month, while SEO analyst leads can earn an average of ₹45,870 per month.

3. Content Marketer

Content marketers create all the content that is SEO-friendly that can engage the target audience. They are also responsible for increasing organic traffic (people who visit websites from unpaid sources) for the organisation through their optimised content.

A content marketer can earn an average of Rs.5,40,000 in India. With more experience, one can earn over 8L per annum.

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

Love social media? If so, you might want to know that the role of a social media marketing expert is to combine marketing and social media management to improve the company’s social media presence, engage with the target audience, and promote the brand on various social media platforms. 

They are also in charge of strategising social media campaigns by creating content ideas, budget planning, and scheduling. 

A social media marketing manager starts with an average of Rs.4,40,000 and as they soar in their career, one can earn around 10L a year.

5. Search Engine Marketing/SEM Specialist

An SEM specialist is hired in big companies to do keyword research, test ad campaigns, to achieve maximum Return On Investment (ROI) in paid search campaigns (an inexpensive and scalable form of web marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide) by collecting and analyzing data, and identifying trends and insights. 

You will be also in charge of managing the expense and budget of campaigns and estimating monthly costs. 

The average base pay for a starter is Rs.31,503, while a senior SEM specialist can earn Rs.49,757.

6. Email Marketer

An email marketer’s job is to create emails that will catch their audience’s attention and interest in their product or service. 

A person receives millions of emails and it is your job as an email marketer to ensure that your email stands out and creates an impact on them. You should also understand how to use your email to convert leads into customers. 

Email Marketing Manager salary in India ranges between Rs.2.2 lakhs to Rs.15.0 lakhs, with an average annual salary of Rs.5.9 lakhs.

Digital marketing salary in India

Does this sound exciting to you so far? Do you think you found your niche? If yes, then perfect! If not, then also it’s fine. We know choosing a career can be confusing and that’s why we are here to help you figure it out.

In this demanding and fast-paced industry, the salary package offered is sensible too. Did you know that in India, digital marketing salary for freshers is offered around 3-4L per annum?

(Source: Glassdoor)

How to earn better in the digital marketing field?

Still confused if you should pursue a career in digital marketing? Now you know that a digital marketer earns a good income. Here are five factors that can help you land a job that offers you good pay.

1. Experience 

One key aspect of getting started in the field is through interning at organisations. With good mentoring and hands-on experience, you can upskill yourself and make good connections with people from the same field. There are certification courses that you can do that add credits to your resume. With enough experience, it’s possible to negotiate a decent salary.

2. Skills

To get acquainted in this field, it is always good to have basic knowledge of digital marketing tools like SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and more. There are online courses that specialise in digital marketing to help you with upskill in the same field. Adding digital marketing skills to your resume can increase the chances of getting noticed by the recruiters.

3. Blogging

It’s always good to learn from the beginning, and to run your own blog page is not something small. Creating a blog on something you are passionate about and keeping it engaged and adding it to the portfolio can help you build credibility.

4. Job role

Your salary depends on which role you are looking to work on. There will be a hike in your pay as you keep moving ahead in your career. With years of experience, your remuneration also increases.

5. Employer

Your employer matters in fixing your salary package. If it’s a large-scale company, a fresher will have an annual package salary of 3-4L. You can also choose to be a freelancer if you wish to work independently. According to Glassdoor, freelancers in digital marketing can earn from Rs.25,000 – Rs.10,00,000 per year. 

Skill requirements in digital marketing

Now that we have mentioned skills, there are a few basic important skills that every aspiring digital marketing professional should have in their kitty.

1. Search Engine Optimisation skills

You should have a broad knowledge of SEO and how it works. Optimising content or a website to be picked up by the search engine is not something that everybody can do. 

2. Social media management skills

Managing social media is not about putting up posts, but there is a whole creative brain behind ideating and strategising an entire campaign. One should have the talent to engage the audience and build connections by enhancing own brand on social media platforms.

3. Communication skills

Not just hard skills, but soft skills are equally important for any job role. Communication is successful when the message you are trying to convey is clear to your target audience, be it written or oral.

4. Design skills

It is not necessary to know how to design, but having knowledge of basic design rules can make a vast difference in your work. A good eye on content and design details can go hand in hand at work.

5. Organisation skills

Organisational skills include practices like time management, scheduling, prioritising through to-do and to-don’t list, project management skills, multi-tasking and more are essential skills that a digital marketing professional needs.

6. Analytical skills

Analytical skills include the ability to think critically, analyse data, make difficult decisions, and solve problems. Here, efficient data analytical skills are required to analyse and interpret marketing campaigns to improve paid and organic (unpaid) campaigns.

Future of digital marketing

With each passing day, businesses are changing, the lifestyle of people is changing, you can see how the internet is available to the rural parts of our country. It is going to be accessible to many more soon and hence the opportunities in the digital marketing field are going to broaden.

Upskilling in the field of digital marketing can bring you various job opportunities. It also helps to add value to your resume. 

Now we know why digital marketing is one of the top careers and how it’s only going to gain more importance in the coming years. So, it’s never too late to start your blog or run your first digital marketing agency. 

So when are you stepping up?

We would like to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. So, drop them below and let’s have a chat!

A Visual Communication Student Starting Her Career in Social Media: This is Adhira’s Story

Do these things frighten you? Yesterday’s thoughts, tomorrow’s worries- do they stop you from doing something you’ve always wanted to do?

Wise men have said to let it be, is to let it go, and to let it go, is to let fears grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something that seemed impossible at some point is something that is applaudable.

Read the story of Adhira Ragunathan, who faced her fears and went for an option that was considered being unsafe and won.

Introduction to MyCaptain

I as a little child, remember having a thing for cameras and photos, I used to run around with my parent’s camera and take pictures and videos of the most random things around the house and had the biggest smile on my face, when I went to show them to my parents.

I always was sure that filmmaking was my passion, and that I wanted to pursue it, but it’s always easier said than done, to pursue a field which goes against the conventional idea of what a Job is.

After completing my school education, I was very sure and had a concrete take on the fact that I wanted to follow my passion. So, after a lot of push and pull off thoughts and a lot of talk with my parents, I became part of a visual communication course, after which I became the part of a Filmmaking course at Zee institute of Media Arts, Mumbai.

Although I have always had the urge of being a filmmaker and a dream of making films for a living, but I never found myself to be completely stuck inside that one bubble of filmmaking. I’ve always wanted to discover new things, and learn.

I, personally, never was a person who can settle at one thing forever. I could do one job or be a part of one field, but I always have needed to do something new and interesting even if it is on the side.

Have you ever felt like you shouldn’t do something you really want to do, well if you did, you have been in the exact place; I was in while I was searching for options, to start my journey in social media management?

It was then, when I found MyCaptain. The platform felt like the light at the end of a tunnel, unknown and unexpected, but it’s that one light gives you hope to carry on with.

I came to know about MyCaptain from one of my friends, who had previously done a course on the platform and could not stop talking about how amazing her experience was.

She always told me about her amazing conversations with her mentors and the content provided to her through the App and how amazing she found it to be. She also was very proud to be a part of the only platform that not only provided but also guaranteed working opportunities after the completion of the course.

After a few conversations with her about the platform, I gave it a go and if only I would’ve known what was to come, I would’ve enrolled into the course a long while back.

Days at MyCaptain

 Enrolling into a course at MyCaptain was one decision of my life that I would always praise myself for. The platform, for me, was like a whole new and amazing experience for me.

After trying to search for resources to fuel my endeavors, when I found MyCaptain, I was very glad about the decision I made. The platform was not like any other platform that provided you with courses and, later, with certificates. To add to your resume, MyCaptain was more of an experience than just another course.

One of my favorite parts about the course was the interaction with the mentors who we called captains and the lessons and course material on the MyCaptain App.

My mentors were not just teachers who taught me about the course but they were much more than that. I would even call my Captains to be like the SOS services, as they were always very approachable and helpful. My captain was always just one call or text message away.

Unlike on other platforms, I observed a fact that mentors at MyCaptain seemed to love their job, interact with the mentees and were not someone who just had to be there on my computer screen constantly speaking for one hour and then just go away.

The mentors at MyCaptain did never let time be a barrier for the learning. They always insisted on learning more and caring less.

Normally, when a person takes any online course, there is an initial period of excitement and enthusiasm when the course starts but with time, that enthusiasm seems to fade slowly, into nothing but just a stretch of road that you need to walk on even if you don’t want to, just so you can get out of the situation.

However, this was not the case with MyCaptain, I remember, at the beginning of my Explorer course, that I did before my pro Course (Digital Marketing Pro Course), which was called Social Media Content Creation Course, I always had a fear at the back of my mind, that maybe I am not doing the right thing, that maybe I am going way too far, just for the sake of trying, but the 1-month explorer course, cleared all my doubts about, myself.

I never got the feeling of losing the enthusiasm from the day I started the explorer course to this day, when I am placed and have a Job.

There were certain highlights about MyCaptain that distinguished it from other platforms and made it the best. One of these things was the course material.

The course material was not just a few pages or a lot of pages that went on straight about the content, related to the course, but it had interesting video and typed lessons.

Another very interesting approach that was taken by the platform was the level-by-level process of proceeding with the course.

Every level was about one or two dedicated topics and by the time I just swirled about the material, thinking that it would start soon and that the thing I was listening to and reading, was just an introduction to long video lectures, but even before I could realize, I was done with the Topic, well versed about the information that I needed, and that realization of mine, got empowered by the Quiz’s that we had at the end of every lesson.

Every single level on the MyCaptain app helped me to stay engaged with the course and kept my interest not only alive but on a constant energy boost.  

What after MyCaptain

The enthusiasm at the starting of the course was indeed a great way to fuel my endeavors, but a question always remained. What next?

There is always a fright in the mind of an average middle-class person like me while doing a course. The fright constantly talks to the mind and screams at the top of its lungs, “What if this doesn’t work?”, “What if it’s nothing but a wastage of money?” My answer to every such question was not clear until I joined MyCaptain.

MyCaptain, unlike many other platforms, was not a platform that would abandon you after the completion of your course.

After the completion of our course, they made us a part of the Placement process. The help of the placement cell of MyCaptain made the entire process related to the placement so incredibly easy and seamless.

My resume, like that of the other mentees, circulated into the network of companies and then began the process of selection, via interviews and tasks, etc.

After they circulated our resumes, I received a communication telling me I got shortlisted. I got shortlisted for the interview for three companies. This was honestly an hour of proud for me, to get shortlisted for not one or two but three companies.

I remember being extremely scared of not getting through any of my interviews, and proving my fears to be right, and the first two interviews acted like a blow of wind, that pushed my fears, further high into the skies, like it does to a kite.

Also, I remember I was not available for the decided interview date, and scared that only because I could not be there, I would lose such an amazing Job opportunity, but I was wrong and the placement cell of the company, with the help of MyCaptain’s placement team, could reschedule the interview for another date.

The first two interviews were not my best, but the important part is that I got to learn about how to tackle interviews, during our course, at MyCaptain, which eventually helped me to crack my interview for Startupmanch.

Also, my experience from the two previous interviews, along with the advice and lessons from my captain, helped me gather pointers and eventually bag a job.

The moment I got a notification saying that I got selected for the Job was one of the best moments of my life and also, I couldn’t help but notice the extremely lightened up and glowing faces of my parents who seemed pretty proud of me.

The Placement process played with my heartbeats, a lot and pushed it up to, I don’t know, maybe 1000 bpm, but with the help of MyCaptain and my Captains, could have a job in a desired field, which I will be ever thankful for.

Ending with a Quote

Solely with the help of MyCaptain, I could get a Job in my desired field and go from a graduate to a working woman, a title that is music to the ears for all the hard work and the constant help and guidance of my mentor.

For anyone and everyone reading this, I would like to insist and urge you to follow your heart.

Do things you are passionate about, and the ones that bring out the excited child from the deep histories inside you. Chanel your energy into something you like. That way, one day or another, you’ll get where you want to be and would smile back to the past and remember what are to be ‘the good old days.’

With platforms like MyCaptain, you are not alone; you are not falling into the unknown. There is a trusty friend, holding on to you, that would help you carry forward on the path, which you desire to take.

Want to understand what the buzz is all about? Sign up for the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro Course.

From Looking For A Safe Job to Getting Placed in an Exciting One: This is Muskan’s Story

People who want to live their passion give your passion, your time, effort and everything, and carry on. Do not get affected or disheartened by any cards that are stacked against you. Everything should and will eventually fall into place.

My Introduction to MyCaptain

Being born into a regular middle-class Indian family, they expected me to complete my studies and then work in a secure field. After completing my school education, I took admission into the course of Bcom (Hons) and spent three years completing my graduation, but even after graduating and getting a job in the finance department, I could never find myself happy or satisfied. I never pictured myself as a person who sat in a cubicle from 9 to 5 every day.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, there was always a feeling of restraint and discomfort, which could never satisfy my goals and ambitions. There was always that thought at the back of my mind, that this was not the field I wanted to continue in forever.

I always had a constant interest in Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing, but as these were not safe and non-mainstream career options, I never properly had time to explore these career options, and neither did I get any support. But that uphill climb with no harness was not something that could’ve stopped me from achieving my goals- on the contrary, it helped me push myself to always go that extra mile.  

I remember I was constantly looking and searching for resources that could fuel my interest and help me build a career out of something as fascinating as social media management. The appeal of getting someone interested in a brand with something as small as a minute-long Instagram reel was real. Despite my interest in these fields, I could not find resources that could help me learn about them.

What anybody in their 20s does in their free time is what I did as well- staring at my phone, scrolling through social media for hours at an end.

Suddenly one day, an advertisement for MyCaptain’s Digital Marketing Pro Course comes up as my knight in shining armour and shows me a golden opportunity to grab a course in a field I always wanted to be a part of. The aspect of guaranteed placement was like a cherry on the cake for me.

I thought to myself, why not pivot and make a career out of the so-called “time waste”, so after connecting with a MyCaptain representative, I enrolled into the course? And as it’s always good to have some cognizance as a support system with something new, I just went for it.

I hoped that this course could give me great experience and learning that I can carry out for the rest of my life, and also opportunities that could help me take my first step towards my career.

My Experience with MyCaptain

Enrolling in the Digital Marketing Pro course from MyCaptain was, I feel, one of my best decisions ever. Our mentors made sure that the course was a smooth, interactive and fun time. It never felt like I was listening to a lecture- every session felt like an older cousin or a helpful neighbour who’d seen the world welcomed me. This differed from college, where every classroom had as many benches as they could fit. 

My mentors always guided me in the best possible ways. I would never hesitate even a little before talking to them about anything. My mentors moulded me, an absolute fresher, into someone capable of getting an internship in the field.

My favourite part of the course, along with the interactions we had with our mentors, has to be the case studies and tasks we had through the journey. These were very interesting to read and work on, and the course felt like something I wouldn’t want to end.

Now, I know when you partake in a course, you usually start off with truckloads of enthusiasm, but it is difficult to sustain. Students lose interest after a point, maybe because of the routine of sitting in front of a screen and listening to a monotonous voice hour after hour. 

Similarly, when I joined MyCaptain, I was very anxious yet hopeful about the learning experience. On the last day of the course, we had a live class and there I was, sitting on one side of the laptop screen, wishing to relive the entire experience. The MyCaptain experience delighted me and not only did I learn a good deal in my field of interest, but I also took along with me something that’s very well described by Naina in “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”- a BIG suitcase of memories.

It was not only the memories and fun I was taking back with me, apart from the lessons. I was also taking some very important pointers on essential but commonly neglected topics- for example, getting placed. We were engaged in the placement training part of the course, where they taught us about building a resume, and methods of tackling an interview.

Honestly, the placement training was like dessert served to us after the main course, and just the way dessert satisfies our needs, so did the placement training. This training helped me like a staunch friend, through my nervousness at the time of placements interviews. 

Journey with the Internship/job opportunity

My journey with MyCaptain did not end with that, of my course.

One of the most important things was that they did not leave us on our own, abandoned, after the commencement of the course. A major factor that distinguished MyCaptain from all the other platforms was the fact that they assured job or freelance opportunities after the course was over.

Towards the end of the course, the facilitators and the mentors helped us with the work opportunities. The placement procedure at MyCaptain was utterly smooth. While we were being explained the placement procedures and important pointers, we joined a Slack channel that was specifically made for placement.

The placement procedure was like walking around a fair where everyone is ready to offer you jobs and internship opportunities.

The placement procedure was simplified to a whole new level, with the help of MyCaptain. When one thinks about the process of job application, we flood the mind with the nightmares of applying, submitting their resumes on various websites and keeping up with every single one of them and still not being sure about getting placed.

They regularly updated us about job and internship opportunities from a wide range of different companies. They gave us all the details from the post offered to the minimum work period, to the stipend, and even the brief history of the company. The message also came with a link through which we could apply for the role.

The process was so convenient that applying for a post never took over 10-15 minutes. MyCaptain truly was the support wheels to the process that was riding a cycle for the first time.

I saw an amazing internship opportunity with a company called QuadB, which suited me well. So, after I completed my application process with the help of my Facilitator, they shortlisted me for interviews. Post the interview rounds, I got my LOA and bagged this amazing internship as a Social media Management Intern for QuadB!

My experience at QuadB gave me another reason to praise MyCaptain, as how I am being treated at QuadB is not at all what the general ‘Internship life standards’ talk about, and say that the Interns get overburdened and underpaid, while I had a completely different experience at QuadB, where not only do I work but also learn everything about my work, from my seniors. 

Ending With A Few Words

With solely the help of MyCaptain, I went from being a graduate who wanted to do something interesting and out of the box to a person who manages the Social Media accounts of her clients. Thanks to MyCaptain, I could kick-start my career in a field that I was a complete stranger to. My jumping down the uncertain path led to such an enjoyable and smooth experience.

This is not only for me or the person reading this, but for all the people who will try out their passion and want it to be their daily bread and butter for them- It might take a week or month, maybe even a year, but give your passion time and effort and everything will eventually fall into place.

With platforms like MyCaptain, you are not in a void. There is a trustworthy friend with you that will help you on the path you wish to take.

Want to understand what the buzz is all about? Sign up for the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro Course.

Standing out from the crowd of BBA students, she chose her own path: This is Radhika’s Journey

What do you think when you wake up every day?

That hour of the clock, when the human mind is in the extremes and it’s extremely difficult to calm yourself down. Does your head swirl around with a tsunami of different feelings, or is it one thought at a time?

There are a million thoughts that always play around in the head, some good, some bad, but do you ever get more encouraged by what seems to be scary?

Read the story of Radhika Gupta, who is a person who likes to face the circumstances and strives to shine in every situation, however good or bad it may be.

Introduction to MyCaptain

When I think about how things went, I can, but no better word than a blessing. It is always a pleasure to drive through the old ways again to witness what they usually ignored, our work and the fact that we changed for better.

As a teenager it strikes my memories that I was not a person who sat all the time with a book in my hand and studying but a person who would rather record small clips while talking and pretending to talk to a bunch of people through a lens.

As a child, we all have our happy place. For me, this was it.

After completing my graduation, as a BBA (Hons) graduate from DAIMSR, Nagpur, I was at a place where the things did not seem as clear to me as I was told they would be after getting a college degree. They placed me at TCS after completing my graduation, but I never felt satisfied with my Job.

I always found myself in search of new things which I could learn and gain experience from. It was at this point in time that my inner kid’s urge to go back to what I really enjoyed sped up again. Things were no more the same as they used to be back in the day.

These were the days where an urge to influence people or work with social media was something that could be a career.

As I was searching for resources to fuel my aims and help me grow with my interest, I had my first encounter with MyCaptain.

It was at the Indian Youth Conclave Festival which was held in Nagpur, that I first came to know about MyCaptain, by a representative, who was at the fest. MyCaptain as a platform instantly caught my attention.

MyCaptain seemed to differ from all the other online platforms, because not only was this a platform with a lot of interaction, but it was the only platform that provided you with work opportunities after the completion of the course.  

After a little while of research, I joined the Digital Marketing course, under my mentor Megha Jain, whom we called Captain Megha.

Have you ever had that feeling of holding on to something just because it feels right and because it all somehow seems to fit? That was the case with me with the Digital Marketing Pro Course. This field was a non-secure and non-professional field, according to some people, and I was told many times that the field I always wanted to be a part of had nothing to offer to me.

Days at MyCaptain

After a long time of thinking, contemplating and being unsure, I said to myself, just go for it!! What do you have to fear about? What do you have to lose? And to this day I thank myself every day for taking that decision. Because if not for that decision, I could’ve been in the same place where I was, not happy about myself, which is not a great feeling to have.

The environment at MyCaptain made me feel every day, like I was in my comfy blanket at home on a chilly Monday morning and there was a friend giving me all the motivation to start and conquer the day.

MyCaptain for me wasn’t just an online platform that I had to use for learning something, but it was always like a fellow friend who helped me learn things, gain experiences and be happy.

My mentor at both the courses were not just teachers who taught their mentees just because that’s what their job was. The mentors were people who enjoyed talking and interacting with us and, in between the happy and fun conversations, depart knowledge that was to be there with us forever.

Captain Megha, who was my mentor at the digital marketing course, made the entire process of studying and learning extremely seamless.

She, like all the other captains, did not believe in the old and conventional method of teaching and learning through prescribed material. The courses focused upon the departing of practical knowledge through different mediums.

My favourite part about the course was the interaction with our captains. There were many things that made up the whole umbrella term of captain interaction.

It was not like the captains interacted with us only during the mentioned time of the live sessions, yes that, of course, was there but the mentors (Captains) never limited to that. The captains always worked that extra mile and replied to us whenever we needed. There were even fun activities conducted to keep the mood lightened.

When one enrols into an online course, it is as difficult to maintain the level of initial enthusiasm as keeping your eye from taking a glance at the welding machine just because it isn’t good for the eyes. I mean, it’s beautiful. The sparks aren’t they.

However, the courses at MyCaptain differed from the other courses and, through efforts of the mentors and the interesting course material, it never was a difficulty to maintain the level of interest, enthusiasm and attention. Here, it felt like the moment a beautiful bird catches your eye and then you want to look at it for as long as you can.

The course material and the lessons on the MyCaptain App were also a very essential factor that helped us stay involved with the course. Different assignments and activities helped in discovering and learning the actual practical perspective of the field. Although there were some technical issues, but I always wanted to make the most out of it.

What After MyCaptain 

If I am asked about my entire journey, I would like to present it with a scenario that could explain my perspective

Before enrolling for the course, I was like a newborn baby in social media. The digital marketing course gradually turned me from an infant to a toddler and then eventually into a professional.

The course not only taught us about the course, but it took us further.

MyCaptain was not a platform that abandoned the students, after giving them a certificate for completing the course, but it was like a proper guardian that guided us toward the further steps.

After the completion of the course, they made us to be a part of a placement process. They circulated our resumes to a circuit of companies, which eventually shortlisted us for interviews. Although, the process took a little while; it helped majorly in the entire process.

After applying for the position, when I got shortlisted, I couldn’t help but be extremely happy about the whole process that was made to be like a car ride by the course, as we learned about aspects related to the tackling of interviews and making of the resumes, etc.

When the word interview comes, they’re always is a mixed feeling of happiness, fear and excitement.

I always saw an interview as an opportunity to present myself. I always aimed at letting the interviewers figure out who Radhika is, and by that I don’t mean the candidate-Radhika but the person Radhika.

I always believe that it is extremely important to be honest in an interview and it’s not always necessary to hide your flaws. The thing that one should be concerned about is not ‘how much am I prepared’ but ‘how well have prepared my mental self’

One should not try to make the interviewer notice how well versed he/she is with the answers, but he/she should pay emphasis on making the interviewer believe, how eagerly is one ready to learn and give his/her best.

After my first round of interview, I got shortlisted for the second round and after I appeared for the second round, began the period of wait.

Waiting for the results of the selection process was a feeling that one gets when he is taking his car towards the airport for his first sky dive. There are constant butterflies in your stomach, a rhythm of the words what will happen-what will happen goes on in the mind and there is no other option left but to wait.

After a wait for a few days, came the fine day where I got a call confirming my selection and then received my Letter of Acceptance, stating that they accepted me for the position at Ytech Raj. It was honestly one of the happiest days of my entire life, and I just could not stop smiling.

The placement process was not something that I felt uncomfortable with, but it was undoubtedly the most thrilling part of my entire journey, with all the interviews, tasks, to getting placed.

Ending with a Quote

Only with the help of MyCaptain, I could go from a stage of what I like to call an infant in the field to getting a working opportunity in the very field I was interested in for a long-long time. The platform helped me in every aspect, from basics about the field to how to get a job in the field and it is because of the interesting and memorable journey that I could get to where I am today.

For anyone and everyone who might look for a little spark to light their fires up, I would like to tell you.

Don’t think too much and just do it. It is never a wrong time to do something you love. It takes a lot of courage to stand up against every person who says that a decision you’re about to take is only going to do you down, and that can consume a lot of time, which is perfectly alright.

 It took me 4-5 years to get started with my journey, but the moment I started; I knew it wasn’t something I would ever regret.

No one knows what could be the last day of our lives, so why even wait for what is called the right time? Just go for it and believe in yourself. All the success and happiness should come your way. If not today, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then next week, or next month, but it would. Just stand your ground and work towards what you want to be.

Want to understand what the buzz is all about? Sign up for the MyCaptain Digital Marketing Pro Course.

Defying four generations of engineers to pursue a career in social media: this is Khushbu’s story.

“As I signed up for the Digital Marketing Pro Course, I realised my interest in the field was genuine- I began picturing myself in a career so distant from what civil engineering graduates usually do. This image of who I could be, if I just gave it a chance, was frighteningly close, and very possible. Was I actually going to defy four generations of engineers and pursue something so offbeat?” 

Khushbu Thakkar is an engineering graduate who took the first step towards her interest and now is pursuing her passion in the field of Social Media. Read her story.

Tell us about yourself!

I belong to a family of civil engineers- my father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all very proud of their jobs and social status.

So it was clear to me, once I completed my 12th standard, that I would pursue a career in civil engineering. Then I would either work in my brother’s firm or prepare for government exams. My entire life had been planned out for me, to a tee.

But that was soon about to change.

How did you find out about MyCaptain?

I am a person with varied interests, and writing was one of them. Absent-mindedly, I’d scribble the ideas I had on the last page of my Structural Analysis notebook. I’d even created an Instagram account for my writing. It was a fresh change from the monotony of college life.

One day I was in class, scrolling through social media when suddenly something caught my eye- a webinar on how to improve your writing skills. 

I knew I had some good ideas, but I had to improve overall as a writer, so I thought, why not!

So I signed up for it, and I absolutely loved every minute of that hour-long session. The speaker gave us practical useful tips we could start using that could instantly improve my work.

I then checked out their website. MyCaptain stood out to me as it was a platform that had a lot of courses in both beginner and advanced levels, in creative and non-technological fields. It felt like they were a pioneer, leading the way in a world where only technology seemed to be celebrated. 

How was the MyCaptain experience?

A few weeks later, I took up their Creative Pack. There were quite a few courses I could choose from, from Creative Writing and Novel Writing to Digital Marketing and SEO. The next few months were a blur as I took up course after course, trying to imbibe information from everywhere.

I took up the Freelance Writing Course and, as posting on Instagram increased my interest in marketing and social media, I took up the Digital Marketing Course as well. 

Around this time, I was in my final year of engineering, and placement season was approaching quickly. I realised then that I did not want to sit for placements, and I did not want to work at my family firm. I wanted something that would help me get into the creative orbit, maybe into the world of social media.

Then I got a call that would do just that. 

An executive from MyCaptain was on the other end. “Would you like an opportunity to switch your course of life?” he asked. “Would you want to learn about digital marketing in-depth and get a guaranteed job in this field?” What, I thought. How is that possible? How can a platform guarantee a placement offer?

Yet that is exactly what I had been looking for, and I took up the course.

As I signed up for the Digital Marketing Pro course, I realised my interest in the field was genuine- I began picturing myself not working in my brother’s firm, in a career so distant from the four-year degree I had studied for. This image of who I could be, if I just gave it a chance, was frighteningly close, and very possible. Was I actually going to defy four generations of engineers and take up something so offbeat? Would my parents agree? What would they say?

How was the Digital Marketing Pro Course?

My will to learn everything I could in those three months only increased by the day. Once our course started, we were all added to a Slack channel, where we had access to useful reading material. We also had challenges and doubt-solving sessions, and every month we had a Minor Project that stimulated our minds and made us good collaborators.

The course itself was well-designed. I loved the case studies we had because learning about brands and their marketing strategies was amazing and inspiring at the same time. I also really liked the tasks we had to work on because, unlike any other course, these tasks challenged us, every week, to apply something new we learned in a more practical sense. 

And to my delight, the same experience I had with my mentors during the previous courses I completed was waiting for me here. Rather, it was even better- more helpful, more professional.

These mentors were not even a decade older than me, yet the knowledge they had over these fields was massive. They’d worked with huge brands, yet they were so humble and approachable throughout. I never once stuttered before asking them ‌questions. A huge shout-out to Captain Megha Jain- she was the most supportive and helpful Captain I had.

As the course drew to a close, I realised my journey so far was amazing- not only had I learnt a lot, but my confidence in myself had redoubled. I was no longer that girl, uncertain about her future. I was now setting my path in stone, in a direction I wanted and I chose.

The 100% Placement/Freelance Guarantee.

The recruitment process began soon after the classes got over and was a smooth experience overall. The Placement team at MyCaptain worked diligently and were very responsive, answering even our silliest doubts about the interview rounds and processes.

Another important part of this program was the placement training- where we were guided by experts on topics like how we could build our resume for a particular company, how we could optimise our LinkedIn accounts and even how we should communicate in group discussions.

Then interview day arrived. Despite it being my first time giving interviews, they went by frictionlessly and without much incident. I thought I did pretty well, but still prayed I would get through.

I got an internship at a web development company, where I handle their entire social media- that is six platforms including Instagram, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quora. Currently, I am interning at an organisation as a Social Media Executive. 

With the help of MyCaptain, I could switch paths and actually pursue a career in Social Media, which is something I’d wanted to do.

Signing off!

This experience with MyCaptain was like a mega buffet- I got to taste so many things, and I could go back and take second helpings of the items I loved most.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a career change, or a switch in fields entirely. This course definitely helped me set my foot on solid ground, and I am sure it will help you too.

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How to perform spoken word poetry

Before we dwell on spoken word poetry, let us get an understanding of what poetry is and the origin of poetry.

Poetry is a form of art that uses human language for its aesthetic qualities. Moreover, it can also choose to use its notional and semantic content.  

It mainly consists of oral or literary work used in such a way that the language is felt by the user as well as the audience.

Poetry uses a condensed or compressed form to convey the emotion or ideas to the readers or the listener’s mind or ear. To achieve musical or incantatory effects, poetry can also use devices such as assonance and repetition. 

More often than not, poems rely on the musical qualities of a language, word association, and the imagery produced by those words. 

Due to words being strategically used, poems are extremely difficult to translate into another language. 

How often have you heard a poem in Urdu but its literal translation in English, does not make any sense? 

These shades and nuances of meaning can be difficult to interpret in addition to causing different readers to “hear” a particular piece of poetry differently. This makes poems have only reasonable interpretations rather than definitive ones.

Now, let’s move on to spoken word poetry.

What is spoken word poetry?

Spoken word is meant to be read out loud and proud.

In simple words, the spoken word is what is meant to be read out loud. Some examples of the spoken word you might be familiar with are stories, poems, monologues, slam poetry, rap, and even stand-up comedy

As a result, the use of words and phrases that project onto the minds of the listeners like vivid images, sounds, actions, and other sensations is a must. With proper use of words, your listeners will see, smell, feel, and even taste what you want them to. 

This genre of poetry has its roots in oral traditions and performances. The spoken word can encompass or contain elements of rap, hip-hop, storytelling, theatre, jazz, rock, blues, and folk music. 

Characterized by rhyme, repetition, improvisation, and wordplay.

Spoken word poems frequently refer to issues of social justice, politics, race, and community. 

Related to slam poetry, the spoken word may draw on music, sound, dance, or other kinds of performance to connect with audiences.

Usually, there’s a time limit of about five minutes or a one-poem limit, which typically works out to 3–5 minute

If you are planning to perform soon, here are a few tips:

Tips to perform spoken word poetry.

1. Choose a subject and have an attitude.

Pick your topic and radiate confidence.

No attitude, no poem! 

The “richness” in poetry comes from the feelings and opinions of the poet. Everyone goes through their own experiences and develops a view of the world, unlike others. 

To be able to touch your audience, it is extremely important for the poet to show the necessary courage and express his/her thoughts freely. It doesn’t matter how bizarre your views are, poetry at its roots is for self-expression. 

The key here is to build confidence. We must acknowledge ourselves as writers and understand that what we have to say is important. 

2. Pick your poetic devices.

Surprisingly enough, poems that incorporate simple yet powerful poetic elements are the ones that get noticed. 

Repetition is one such poetic device that can help a writer generate exciting poems by just repeating a key phrase or image. 

Rhyming can also enrich your diction and performance. 

You can check out other poetic devices while you’re at it and learn to use them properly.

3. Research different styles of spoken word poems and poets.

Research all the way.

There’s a ton of authors that are spoken-word poets: Watsky, Kevin Coval, Sarah Kay, Phil Kaye, Guante, and so many more. 

Watching different artists use different styles might just do the trick and inspire you to write your own masterpiece.  

Hop on YouTube and explore the search bar…

4. Develop your style.

First, choose a subject that you are really passionate about. If your heart is into it, then so will your audience be. 

Second, decide how you want your poem to be presented. 

And lastly, fuse these two…

That’s the way you could solidify your confidence when you perform it if you ever do, spoken word is meant to be performed. This is what we mean by ‘style’.

5. Respond to a troubling question or idea.

Respond to questions.

Some of the best-spoken words come from a response to a question or idea that makes you think. Pick a question that makes you feel unsettled or curious. Then, write a detailed response to create the spoken word piece.

For example, you may try responding to a question like “What are you afraid of?” “What bothers you about the world?” or “Who is the most valued person in your life?”

6. Come up with a gateway line.

The gateway line is usually the first line of the piece. It may sum up the main topic and/or set the theme for the entire poem. 

The line can also introduce the story you are about to tell in a clear, eloquent way. A good way to find a gateway line is to write down the first ideas or thoughts that pop into your head when you focus on a topic, moment, or experience. 

For example, you may come up with a gateway line like, “The first time I saw her, I was alone, but I did not feel alone.” This will then let the reader know you are going to be talking about a female person, a “her,” and about how she made you feel less lonely.

7. Use repetition to reinforce an idea or image.

Repetition can help your listeners focus.

Most spoken words will use repetition to great effect, where you repeat a phrase or word several times in the piece. 

You may try repeating the gateway line several times to remind the reader of the theme of your piece. Or you may repeat an image you like in the piece so the listener is reminded of it again and again. 

For example, you may repeat the phrase “The first time I saw her” in the piece and then add on different endings or details to the phrase

8. Finalize everything.

Once again, read your piece out loud. Moreover, ensure that everything flows smoothly and that you are indeed happy with what you have created.  Perform it for a teacher or a friend. 

But remember that you are doing all this for improving. So don’t forget to ask for their honest feedback.

9. Have fun and perform.

Enjoy yourself.

After you’ve finalized everything, and you know how you want to perform it, have fun with it. 

You’ve finished everything for the piece and you can still edit it here and there if you end up being unhappy with it again.

Spoken-word is really fun and it’s a chance to put your voice out there about something you are passionate about.

Before jumping into the spoken-word form, simply write everything you love, know, agree, and disagree with. 


Because more often than not, human thoughts are like a tree. One branch will lead to smaller branches and those to the leaves and so on. 

For example, for an ode to autumn, we would write about how we love the colours of leaves, wearing beanies, bonfires, and the best part: no mosquitos. 

Plus, you have an excuse to wear hoodies and cuddle up in a blanket!

The Evolution of Event Management Companies.

Be it a star-studded wedding like Vik-Kat’s or an IPL game, there are no events that event management companies can not run beautifully. 

Event management firms organise functions or events such as annual meets, weddings, reunions, fundraisers, sports events and more.

Even if one individual owns the company, organising an event and pulling it off is a matter of teamwork and collaboration.

But with the pandemic here, did you ever wonder how these companies managed to stay in business?

Live-streaming concerts.

Event management companies during the pandemic

Like every other field, the event management industry fell short of business when COVID-19 hit the world. But as soon as the lockdown lifted, clients started approaching the firms again. 

If you take an example, pandemic weddings are a thing now in our country, the lavish events curated under the restrictions imposed by the government.

There are several events conducted online too.

According to Statista, the revenue of the organised events industry was estimated to be over 100 billion Indian rupees in the financial year 2021, up from around 66.1 billion rupees in the financial year 2018.

Maintain social distancing at events.

Current event management trends in India

Despite several events during the pandemic, the current situation forced the event management industry to move most of its operations online. 

Eventually, that led the companies to become a trendsetter in the industry.

Event management firms adopted a few methods like:

1. Live stream

Nowadays, live streaming is a common trend, especially at wedding functions. The reason behind this idea is to reach more audiences.

Since the number of guests is limited because of COVID protocols, YouTube or other streaming sites have made it easier for others to be a part of the function.

2. Engaging social media content

Like any other company, event management companies have also taken to social media platforms to promote their business. Posting fine pictures from the events one organised and updating current projects will engage the audience. The audience can even share the posts they like, leading to more views and reach for the firm.

3. Experimental Marketing

Experiment marketing is a concept that includes techniques like Virtual Reality, 360-degree photo experiences, projection mapping and more. A few event management companies adopted it to help give their clients an idea about the events they are planning by offering a virtual tour of the setup.

Event managements companies have taken to another level with their experimental marketing
Technology makes everything easier.

4. Specially designed mobile apps

These firms have designed apps that help clients connect with their event managers. Also, some apps help the client find their perfect venue for the event with a single tap. Thus, making the job easier for both the manager and the client.

Challenges faced by the event management companies

In this time of anticipation, there are barriers while planning an event.

1. Government protocols and health and safety

The event management team should make sure that they follow the rules set by the government that can change from time to time.

From the number of guests to event timing to social distancing, they must ensure that the team and the guests follow all the protocols.

2. Uncertainty of the future

The events that are already well-planned and arranged could get cancelled because of the rise in Covid cases, curfews and lockdown. The time and money invested could go to waste.

3. Getting acquainted with technology

Most of the operations have moved online ever since the pandemic hit us. So, it is important to keep up-to-date with technological aspects and the social media language that’s required for the business.

Events can be in the form of virtual conferences or zoom meetings too.
Virtual conferences are common now.

4. Day-to-day functions

To run an event, one has to pay for the vendors, caterers, photographers and more. With less cash inflow and the increase in the price of items and props, it’s challenging to pay the usual retailers. 

Future of the event management firms

The event management firms will keep growing despite the current situation. Also, people have changed and so have their lifestyles. One is likely to spend money even to organise an event at their home for their loved ones.

Now, since people are getting adapted to the fast-paced technology, it is possible to curate an event in many forms:

  • Zoom conferences
  • Virtual concerts
  • Hybrid events
  • Outdoor events
  • Small-scale live events

From adaptable planning to expecting anything, one can always devise a Plan B. Investing time and money in technology these days will only benefit the business, along with focusing on health and safety.

Event management companies should plan their events strategically.
Have strategic planning.

To look at the bright side, it will be an opportunity for the event organisers to expand their venue and audience via virtual events. It will be a great platform to showcase their hard work and creativity.

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How Do Indian Web Series Win Audiences?

Any fan that has watched ‘The Family Man’ seasons 1 and 2 must be excited for its next season even before its shoot begins.

The impact the Indian web series has created among the Indian population is fascinating. Such is Little Things; everybody got the happy ending they wished for after five years of its pilot episode. 

The shift from T.V serials to web series has grown big time through the last few years. In fact, the focus shift from hilarious household dramas to topics that are raw and real has caught many eyes.

How Indian web series explore a fresh track

Breaking away from the stereotypes, what’s unique with the web series is how the makers discuss diverse topics and issues that the people want to learn. 

They want to dive in deep to explore genres like crime thrillers, sci-fi, horror, comedy surrounding the everyday lives of Indians. We have shows like Made In Heaven and Little Things that normalise homo-sexual relationships and live-in together. 

The audience watch for its matured content and the best part is that these are uncensored, hence keeping the essence of the story.

If one wants to watch an Indian web series, there are many genres to choose from.
There’s no limit to exploring different genres.

Door to real talents

Web series acts as a platform for new talents. There are stories that should be conveyed from different parts of the country. One can create their content and easily share it on a free medium like YouTube.

Similarly, we see fresh faces who don’t have a film background. Some actors had their breakthroughs after appearing in the web series; a few among them are Mithila Palkar, Pratik Gandhi, Shweta Tripathi, and the list goes on.

There are writers like Dhruv Sehgal who add reality elements into his script. From directors to actors to editors, there are opportunities for some true talents in this industry.

Few talented actors have left their impact in movies and web series.
Stars who established their stardom in both cinema and web series.

Exceptional making in Indian web series

In making, the technical aspects are brilliant. From cinematography to music to editing, one can draw a line between a daily soap and a web series. 

Makers are focusing on both the script and the technical details nowadays. If you take Sacred Games or Mirzapur, you can see the cinematic level of articulation around each element. 

Another plus in the making is how each episode or show is aired for a limited duration rather than dragging it for years. Thus grasps the audience and keeps them on their toes till the end.

From big budget to using latest equipment web series in India have set its standards.

Covid-19 impact on OTT platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a great accelerator for the Indian SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) market. OTT video subscriptions reached almost 62 million by 2020 end, doubling from 32 million at the end of 2019. 

The closure of the movie halls and rare good content on television has forced a large part of the audience to shift to online platforms for entertainment. In search of quality content, people are ready to spend money to subscribe to their favourite OTT platforms.

Binge-watching shows on OTT platforms are a thing now.

To conclude, web series in India has taken a step ahead in this era. It seems almost tailor-made, especially for the youth. The OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hot Star, Zee 5, YouTube are a medium to access the latest web series. 

With the web series releasing one after another, the audience is waiting for new seasons and more decent plots.

So, which show are you watching next?

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